The Petit Etteilla and I Talk “Black Panther”

Since the time of my last post with the Petit Etteilla, I was able to schedule a private session with Björn Meuris, a teacher and expert who specializes in traditional cartomancy (particularly Lenormand and Petit Etteilla), to help me better understand the system.

I recently asked the Petit Etteilla about going to see the movie “Black Panther.”

In my session, one of the things he encouraged was to continually practice; he suggested pulling cards, allowing them to tell me “the story,” as well as reading with them to answer actual questions.

Earlier this week, my brother and I planned to see the movie “Black Panther.”

Keeping with the advice I was given by Björn, I thought I’d pull some cards before heading out to the theater, asking if I’d enjoy the movie.

The cards I pulled, from right to left (the way the Petit Etteilla is read), were: King ↓, Jack ♣↓, 8♠, 8↓, and Ace .

I was immediately struck by Jack ♣↓, pointing out my brother (one of its meanings is “brother”), making the King ↓ represent me.

Then I noticed 8♠ being “sickness,” and my brother recently had a minor bout of the flu the week before.

With 8↓ being “sorrow” and Ace being “written communication,” my first thought was that he would possibly text me, telling me that he wasn’t feeling well, and was sorry to not being up to seeing the movie.

And then I looked at the line again and saw this: “A man (King ↓) and brother (Jack ♣↓) are careful (8♠ being “prudence”) to end (8↓) in solitude (Ace ).”

Immediately I knew this to mean that my brother and I were to stay through to the very end of the movie, even if it meant we were the only two people left remaining in the theater.

So, what happened?

My brother did make it to the theater. We watched the movie. As the credits rolled, and people were leaving, he asked, “Are you staying?” I replied, “The cards said we’re to stay until the very end.”

The credits stop to play an additional scene. Then they resume. At the very end of the credits, another scene comes onto the screen. And at this point, my brother and I were the only two left in the theater.

I couldn’t wait to get home to update my journal!




P.S. There were also “meeting cards” (King ↓ and 8♠) that mean “abuse.”

I didn’t know it at the time, but when I updated my journal, the line was also telling me a bit about the plot in the movie, with “abuse” being a part of it.

Good thing I didn’t pick up on it; it would have been a possible spoiler alert!

With that in mind, I won’t reveal that additional message right now, so I don’t spoil it for those of you who haven’t seen the movie yet, and are planning to.

Perhaps at a later time—maybe when it comes out on DVD…

For more information about private lessons with Björn Meuris, you can check out his site here.

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Oracle Outlook: Lenormand Reading for February 19-25, 2018

You might have noticed I didn’t post an Oracle Outlook last week. It wasn’t that I didn’t conduct one; I was able to shoot the video, but wasn’t able to transcribe it for the blog.

A family member became ill (the doctor thought he had a minor case of the flu), and he needed my attention early on in the week. By the time we got all his tests done and back, and got him settled at home again, it was the middle of the week, so I let the post go.

My schedule has returned to normal (is there really such a thing as that?), and I’m back in the saddle to post this week’s reading in this space. Assisting me this week is the Piatnik Lenormand (made in Austria and published by Piatnik).

As I do every week, I took the deck in hand, shuffled the cards, and I asked what we might expect in the upcoming days.

The video below reveals the cards in the reading:

If you prefer to read the post, here it is:

The cards for the week are: Snake, Mice, Fish, Moon, and Stars.

Focus of the Reading

The focus card this week, which is in the middle of the line, is Fish.

If you’ve been eagle-eyed, you might have noticed that a number of readings since the top of the year have centered on money, and this week is no exception, as one of the keywords associated with Fish is money.

As the center card, Fish can suggest focusing on cash flow (financial transactions), and how money circulates in our lives through our everyday activities (Fish is a card of circulation).

If not about money in the literal sense, another possibility with Fish is that we “go deeper,” exploring the concept of abundance, and how to tap into the power to create wealth (in all its forms, not just in money).

With the playing card inset of the King of Diamonds, Fish can represent a person; typically I think of an entrepreneur with this card, so there may be a focus on self-employment, and how an entrepreneurial pursuit is generating cash flow and/or a steady stream of revenue.

Looking at the Line

Opening up the line this week, we have Snake, a card of complication.

Snake is a card that suggests entanglements and complexities, and that working through them could be a long and winding process. Paired with Fish, we have the possibility of a financial complication.

Snake is also a card of consequences, and as the opening card in the line, it can imply the consequences of a prior decision of action may be starting to play out.

And just like the King of Diamonds with Fish, here Snake has the Queen of Clubs as its playing card inset. So, we have the possibility of a situation (an entanglement, perhaps?) involving a man and a woman.

Taking into account the directional cues of the King and Queen, it appears that the man is trying to talk to the woman—is she listening to what he has to say or is she ignoring him and his words?

Moving to the next card, we have Mice, a card of stress and worry.

If we consider Snake + Fish to suggest a possible financial complication, Mice could then be saying that the result of that is stress and worry. Mice + Fish could be read as financial stress or worries about money to further reinforce that idea.

Mice is also a card of loss, and suggests the loss is gradual; Snake + Mice + Fish could be read as “the complication/consequence of a gradual loss of money.” And that could potentially be gnawing away at the persons involved (remember the Queen of Clubs and King of Diamonds?), as Mice can suggest things that eat away at people.

Another possibility that comes to mind with Mice + Fish is stress (Mice) that deepens (Fish, which can mean depth and deepening). This might be a message to be aware of the stressors in our environment (Mice can represent pests and nuisances) and consider how we can reduce them (Mice being loss can also imply reduction).

Looking at the playing card inset on Mice, we have the 6 of Clubs. If we go back to the possibility of a conversation happening between the King of Diamonds and Queen of Clubs, the 6 of Clubs would be the topic of conversation.

For me, Clubs is the suit of work and business, so that might be what’s discussed. The problem (Snake) might have to do with someone’s level of responsibility (or irresponsibility) and needing to work the problem out. This would make sense, given that the King of Diamonds can represent an entrepreneur.

Moving to the other side of Fish, we first have Moon, the career card in the deck; seeing this in the line reinforces the entrepreneurial aspect of Fish, and the business communications and responsibilities highlighted by the 6 of Clubs.

Moon is also a card of recognition; given the complication aspect of Snake, Moon could be suggesting it’s time to recognize it—especially if it’s deepening (Fish).

And that bring us to Stars, rounding out the line on a positive note.

Stars is a card of clarity, so with Moon being about recognition, Stars shows the result of that recognition: clearing up the complication mentioned with Snake.

The clarity could be in the form of insight, guidance, and clear direction. For me, Stars is a card of life coaching, so one could be inspired (Stars is inspiration) to work with a coach to move through the complication presented by Snake.

Since I mentioned business, another possibility is that an entrepreneur (King of Diamonds) may be considering a career (Moon) in coaching (Stars), based on his reputation (Moon) for being inspiring (Stars) to others, offering guidance and direction (Stars).

Wrapping Things Up

In closing, the overall feel of the line is that there’s a possible complication that needs to be cleared up (Snake + Stars).

There may be stress with both money (Mice + Fish) and career (Mice + Moon) as a result of the complication.

If other people are involved (Queen of Clubs and King of Diamonds), there may be a need to have a conversation (6 of Clubs) in an effort to work things out (Clubs being effort and work). If that is the case, it’s important to frame the conversation in such a way that the words don’t fall on deaf ears, so everyone can be on the same page, and with a clear sense of direction (Stars). In that way, everyone’s needs are honored and recognized (Moon).

As a result, there’s a good possibility of seeing the light at the end of tunnel (Snake being a long and winding process, and Stars being clarity.

It may just be a matter of learning to go with the flow (Fish), and seeing where it takes you (Stars).

Wishing you the best,




For personalized readings, visit my Lenormand Readings page over at to get all the details.

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The Petit Etteilla Wants to Get In On Valentine’s Day

As I’ve been sharing in the last couple of posts, I’ve started studying and working with the Petit Etteilla.

One of the easiest ways for me to develop a bond with a deck or deck system is to conduct a daily draw, seeing “what’s in the cards” for the day. In the case of the Petit Etteilla, I’ve been drawing 3-5 cards, answering the question, “What will happen today?”

Today is Valentine’s Day, and I sat with the Petit Etteilla to pull my daily draw. As I sat with the deck, shuffling the cards, I had a thought of the 7 of Hearts, particularly the word “desire.” I had the thought in connection to Tree from Lenormand, as the 7 of Hearts is attached to that card.

Then, a thought about the 8 of Hearts floated into my mind, and the thought was around one of the interpretations I have for the 8 of Cups in Tarot: a woman with blonde hair.

I finished shuffling the cards. I cut the deck, fan out the cards, and pull three. Keeping them facedown, and arranging them from right to left, I turn them over: 7 of Hearts↓, 8 of Hearts, and 8 of Clubs.

I marveled at the appearance of the two cards I was just thinking about. And the forename of the 7 of Hearts↓ is “desires,” while for the 8 of Hearts it’s “blonde girl.”

And while that was definitely cool to see, it was looking at the possibilities for reading the line that I realized the Petit Etteilla wanted in on Valentine’s Day: “Desires for flowers, either giving or getting, in the art of pleasing.”

So, I thought I’d get creative (8 of Clubs being “art”) and share that the Petit Etteilla is wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day—in the way that it can.

Much love,


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Petit Etteilla: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

In my previous post, I shared how the Petit Etteilla, said to be the original Lenormand deck, came into my life.

And since then, I’ve been thinking about the experience with a bigger picture sensibility, contemplating the nature of my work with Petit Etteilla.

So, I thought to put that question to the cards (as I’m known to do), asking, What’s the nature of my work to be with Petit Etteilla?”

The Reading

I drew a Line of 5, reading the cards from right-to-left: 7 of Hearts, 10 of Clubs, 8 of Clubs, Ace of Hearts, and 9 of Clubs reversed (↓).

Each card has a forename (top line of text) and a surname (line of text beneath top line), and from what I understand (according to my notes), you choose either the forename or the surname as one part of the overall message for the line.

Looking for the words that seem to best fit the context and question, here’s what I chose:

  • 7 of Hearts: thoughts (la pensée)
  • 10 of Clubs: the future (l’avenir)
  • 8 of Clubs: art (art)
  • Ace of Hearts: Mars, which can also mean the person struggling/making efforts (Mars)
  • 9 of Clubs ↓: a gift (un present)

Stringing the words together, the line reads, “Thoughts about the future of the art, the person will be making efforts with a gift.”

So, the Petit Etteilla is validating the space I’m currently in, regarding my bigger picture, down the line thinking with the opening words in the line (thoughts about the future of the art), as well as giving me encouraging guidance in the second half of the line (the person making efforts with a gift).

And, I couldn’t help notice how cheeky the Petit Etteilla was in referencing itself as both art and a gift.

Modern Twist on a Classic

Taking a moment to look at the line more in the way I read a full deck of playing cards, I noticed a few things:

The focus card, 8 of Clubs is the work card, meaning the work you do; here, in this position, “work” is the focus of the reading (and I actually used the word in my question).

Along with the 8 of Clubs, both the 9 and 10 of Clubs appear in the line, making the suit of Clubs the ruling majority, again emphasizing work and business, but also effort and making progress.

In addition to those associations, Clubs can also refer to teaching and learning, and I’m presently learning the Petit Etteilla—learning to “work” the system.

The secondary suit is Hearts (7 of Hearts and Ace of Hearts being the remaining cards in the line), speaking about my relationship with Petit Etteilla.

The 7 of Hearts can refer to a pleasant surprise, and the 10 of Clubs is a card of a journey; these cards validate the way Petit Etteilla came into my life.

The Ace of Hearts is the home card, and with the 8 of Clubs also meaning conversations, this pair talks about my having conversations with the Petit Etteilla at home, and by doing so, I begin to feel more “at home” with the deck system.

And the 9 of Clubs is a card of good luck, suggesting that progress—through effort—will be made. The 9 of Clubs can also mean a gentle force urging you on to accomplishment, that fate is taking a gentle hand and nudging you in the right direction.

And those aspects of the 9 of Clubs fit with the larger context my question was framed in.

Either way you look at it, the Petit Etteilla and I have some serious work to do.

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Getting a Gift of Cartomancy

In previous posts, I mentioned that I’ve declared 2018 the year I would work more with playing cards personally, as I’m coming up on the 20th anniversary of the dream that set me on the path to becoming a card reader.

On July 7, 1998, I had a dream in which I was reading playing cards for myself, studying the cards on a table and taking notes. I woke up from the dream mystified, as I’d never worked with a deck of cards like that in my waking life.

In researching the symbolism of playing cards in dreams, I discovered that playing cards were related to Tarot cards, and that set the stage for me to begin exploring Tarot. And the rest, as they say, is history.

And as I immersed myself in Tarot, I had a follow-up dream, again with playing cards, and I realized I was supposed to also read actual playing cards too. And that was reinforced again when I took up Lenormand a few years ago, because traditional decks have playing card inserts, which I found totally captivating. And I wanted to find ways to work with them when reading Lenormand, so the interest in reading playing cards was sparked again.

Interesting things can happen when you make a declaration. In this case, a woman recently messaged me on Facebook. We weren’t “friends” on FB, so I didn’t know who she was when the message landed in my inbox. She wanted to let me know that she watches the video presentations of my readings, and asked if I ever read with the Petit Etteilla, a French cartomancy system said to be the original Lenormand.

I replied that I’d heard of the system, but I hadn’t delved into it beyond knowing about it. And then she made the offer to send me a copy of the Petit Etteilla in English (it’s traditionally in French, and only translated into English a few years ago)—for free, her gift to me.

Petit Etteilla–both in French and in English

I thanked her for her generosity, and gave her my address. Within a few days, I was surprised to see a long, narrow box in the mail. In it, she had not only sent me a copy of an English translation of the Petit Etteilla—but also a copy of it in French, along with a drawstring bag, and some handwritten notes about the deck! The handwritten notes turned out to be very important, as there is little written about the Petit Etteilla in English.

How magical is it, that, just as I declare to deepen my playing card reading practice, a woman—who I never met or spoke to before—would offer to send me a French deck of playing cards?

The only thing I could say is that it was a sign.

So I spent some time looking over the notes to get some understanding of how to work with the cards, but I’m also a believer that experience can be the best teacher, so I decided to lay out a Line of 5 to read.

The Reading

For the reading, I asked, “What can I do to learn how to work with the English Petit Etteilla?”

I shuffled the deck, making sure some of the cards were reversed (the system requires reversals). With the cards facedown, I cut the deck, fanned the cards, and drew 5 cards at random. The cards are placed right-to-left, and that’s how they’re to be read.

I drew, from right-to-left: Ace of Diamonds, King of Diamonds, Etteilla, Jack of Hearts, and 7 of Spades.

The first thing I noticed was the Etteilla card in the middle of the line. The Etteilla card represents the Questioner (Le Questionant), and is the deck’s way of saying things center on me, saying I play a central part in my learning to work with the system.

And this was random. You can’t make this stuff up.

The cards have writing on all four sides of the cards, and different meanings are taken into account when the cards are upright, reversed, or in multiples.

For the Ace of Diamonds, the meaning is a letter or written communication. For the King of Diamonds, the meaning is a significant man. Pairing these cards, they say that written communication from a significant man is going to help me learn to read the Petit Etteilla. And then, with the Questioner card coming right after, the message then becomes written communication from a significant man comes to you.

And it occurred to me what my kind gift-giver said in the notes she enclosed: She told me the papers were notes she’d taken when learning from her teacher—a man. And this man is well-known in Europe for his work with different systems of cartomancy.

When the Ettteilla card appears, you’re to take the word next to the letter E on the card to its left.  The word of the Jack of Hearts next to the letter E is superstition.

I was perplexed by this word, and had to sit with it for a bit. And then I decided to look the word up in the dictionary for some ideas:

  • A belief in the supernatural
  • Practice based on belief

That helped me form this message: the practice of believing would help me in learning to work with the Petit Etteilla.

And the final card, 7 of Spades, has the meaning of hope. Paired with the Jack of Hearts, the cards are saying to believe and remain hopeful. I worded the ending in that manner because I personally read Spades as challenges and the 7 of Spades can mean setback and stagnation.

So my summation is written communication from a significant man comes to you, and through practice, you will gain hope. Basically, sticking with the notes I have (for now), practice doing readings with the cards, and remaining hopeful will be the things that will help me learn to work with the Petit Etteilla.

And the word superstition is a nice one to bring this to a close: In essence, I have to believe in the magic of the cards.

Oh, I think I can manage that…

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Oracle Outlook: Gypsy Witch Playing Card Reading for February 5-11, 2018

This week I felt led to work with the Gypsy Witch Fortune Playing Cards (published by U. S. Games Systems, Inc.) for the reading, as I haven’t picked it up since using it for the final reading of 2017.

So, I’m taking the deck in hand, shuffling the cards, and asking the general question, “What do we need to know about the possibilities for the week ahead?”

This week’s video reveals the cards for our reading:

If you prefer to read the post, here it is:

The cards for the week are: Ace of Spades, 8 of Diamonds, Jack of Hearts, 6 of Spades, and 9 of Clubs.

Focus of the Reading

The focus card this week, which is in the middle of the line, is the Jack of Hearts.

One possibility with having a face card in the middle of the line this week is that there could be a situation in which a person plays a central role or part in how that situation unfolds; it could also suggest that the situation actually focuses on this person.

As a person, the Jack of Hearts can be a young person, either a young man or a young woman. Being from the suit of Hearts, this person may be a close friend or a relative. Hearts also being the suit of love and relationships, the Jack could be a suitor or love interest.

If not a person, the Jack would represent news and messages; connected to Hearts, this could be news or messages about love or a relationship (and he does have what looks like a quill pen in his hand, as if to write a love letter or sonnet).

Jacks can also represent thoughts, so another possibility would be thinking about a relationship or loving thoughts.

Book is the divinatory symbol on the card, which can refer to education, teaching, learning, and knowledge. With the Jack of Hearts, Book can make this a knowledgeable person, someone well-read and educated, even a student.

For me personally, I see Book as a reader, and a deck of cards, so this person might even be a card reader. As a personal message, Jack of Hearts and Book is a person who’s focused on divination; this makes me want to pay attention to how this reading unfolds.

Looking at the Line

Opening up the line this week is the Ace of Spades. When I see a Spades card start off a line, I tend to read it as a problem on its way out. With that in mind, the Ace of Spades can point to a potential end stage of a problem or difficulty.

And since I mentioned the word “mind,” that’s also another meaning of the Ace of Spades. Keeping with that, the Ace of Spades can mean a decision, suggesting that we have to make our mind up to put an end to a situation or experience.

Conversely, the Ace of Spades can also indicate the beginning stage of a new problem or difficulty, and with that in mind, I point out the divinatory symbol on the card, Rapiers (or Crossed Swords).

Rapiers can indicate indecision, which is an interesting conflict with the Ace of Spades meaning decision. This could suggest the possibility of a decision needing to be made, but there’s an undercurrent of indecision with it.

If we consider the Ace of Spades to be a potential conflict, Rapiers would reinforce this idea, suggesting a disagreement, a clash of ideals, or differing opinions.

With a Heart at the “heart” of the line, we have the possibility of an emotional difficulty or problem (Spades + Hearts = emotional difficulty).

Moving to the next card, we have the 8 of Diamonds. My first association with a Diamond card is money, and the 8 of Diamonds can refer to budgeting, which is a carryover message from last week’s reading. Going with that, the 8 of Diamonds can also represent accounting, and with Book, it could also mean bookkeeping.

When the 8 of Diamonds talks about money, it usually means financial limitations and restrictions. This would make sense, since Spades + Diamonds = financial difficulty.

The 8 of Diamonds can also represent the eyes, so it could mean to keep our eyes on how money circulates (the 8 can mean circulation, and money circulates in the economy) in and out of our lives, and budgeting would help with that.

The divinatory symbol on the card is Broken Glass, and I read this as something having been shattered. In the image, the glass looks like a mirror, so it can suggest that an image we held of a person (the focus card pointing out a possible relationship) has been shattered, perhaps as the result of the conflict pointed out by Rapiers coming before this card.

If a situation, Broken Glass might suggest a change in how we’re seeing (8 of Diamonds being eyes) a situation or experience; if about money, let’s say, then a possible message is to shatter an image of seeing ourselves as being “broke” financially.

Moving to the other side of the King of Hearts, we have the 6 of Spades.

The 6 of Spades can turn up to suggest that a situation is coming to an end once and for all, and with that, it’s time to move on. This reinforces what was said with the Ace of Spades, about the possible end stage of a problem or difficulty, as well as the idea of making one’s mind up.

In terms of difficulty handling a problem, another card from the suit of Spades could suggest ups and downs contributing to that difficulty. The 6 is a number associated with responsibility, making the 6 of Spades potentially an issue of being irresponsible a part of the problem. If other people are a part of the problem (Rapiers), someone may not be accepting responsibility for his or her contribution to either the problem—or the solution.

And that could lead into another meaning I have for the 6 of Spades: a difficult conversation. There may be a need to discuss a problem or difficulty. With Book coming before, it might imply the conversation is about sharing knowledge with another person, perhaps talking about what’s been learned or “uncovered.”

The divinatory symbol here is Mice, and can indicate loss, which is gradual in nature. A possible scenario might be that a problem with money has been uncovered through bookkeeping or accounting, showing a gradual loss, perhaps due to some irresponsibility, and the decision is now being made to end the situation once and for all.

Mice can also indicate stress and worry, so whatever the problem being pointed out by the 6 of Swords is stressful and worrisome.

But all is not lost with the final card in the line, the 9 of Clubs; the number 9 can mean gain or attainment and the suit of Clubs can refer to progress being made. As the suit of work, when a Clubs card comes after a Spades card, it means that a problem is going to be worked out—but not without some effort.

The 6 of Spades is a card that can indicate moving away, and the 9 of Clubs can mean a journey; a possibility here is that after a situation is resolved once and for all, the end result could be that someone makes the decision to move on.

The 9 of Clubs is also a card of distance, so there’s the idea of moving on by creating distance between people. And this would be an ideal point to bring in the divinatory symbol on the card, Park.

Park can represent the outdoors, so if there’s a possible move or journey, Park could be highlighting an actual change in scenery or environment (think the great outdoors).

Park also represents the public, so it can point out a group or community (other people), as well as society at large. With that in mind, Book + Mice + Park could suggest stress or worry surrounding knowledge becoming public; these cards could be read as, “Knowledge (Book) about a loss (Mice) becomes public (Park).”

Wrapping Up

Summing up the line, it looks like the may be some ups and downs (Spades) with emotional rewards (Diamonds + Hearts), but the problem (Spades) can be worked out (Clubs) with some effort (Clubs). The first step would be to make the decision (Ace of Spades) to end the matter once and for all (6 of Spades), which would create the space (9 of Clubs) to move on (6 of Spades and 9 of Clubs).

And with that, I’ll bring this week’s reading to a close.




For personalized readings, visit my Lenormand Readings page over at to get all the details.

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Answer Spread: Finding My “Soul” Deck

I first heard this idea of a “soul deck” from fellow cartomancer, Kapherus, when he referred to Hessler’s Enhanced Playing Card Deck as his in a blog post.

It got me to thinking about the deck I would consider my “soul deck.”

Cards from the Prince Karte No. 402 deck originally published by Dondorf.

For the longest time, I had my eye on the Prince Karte No. 402, a vintage deck of playing cards originally published by Dondorf in the 1920s and 1930s.

I first saw this set in a blog post by another cartmancer, Madame Nadia, and I was immediately taken by its beautiful court cards.

She mentioned in the post that she had found some reproductions of the deck, so I set out to land a copy of my own.

I soon discovered one of two things: The deck was either hard to find, or the copies that I did find (which were mostly on eBay) were way out of my price point (or at least what I’d be willing to spend on a deck).

So, I put the search for Prince Karte No. 402 to rest and moved on.

After some time, I discovered a deck by Rick Davidson called Origins: Shadows of History, in which the artwork was inspired by playing card decks circa 1567. The project was on Kickstarter, so I immediately backed it, and once it got funded, I patiently waited for my copy to arrive.

If I were to pick a deck in my collection at that time, Origins would have been close. Notice what I said there: Close.

And that’s because, one day, toward the end of last month, I found it. The deck.

I was “randomly” doing an internet search on vintage playing cards when I came across a site named “Rare Playing Cards.” I thought I’d check it out and see—just by chance—if a copy of Prince Karte No. 402 was amongst the inventory.

So I’m searching, looking through a number of pages, coming across some interesting decks of all types, and that’s when I came upon the Uusi Classic deck.

Cards from the Uusi Classic deck by Uusi.

One look and I fell in love with it instantly. The pip cards were yellowed to give them an antique, vintage look and feel.

But it was the court cards…oh my gosh. They were hand-painted, done in a Renaissance art style that made me think of the Prince Karte No. 402.

And the best part? I could afford a copy. Sold!

The deck arrived just yesterday (February 2, 2018), and I haven’t been able to put it down for long. I watched TV last night while holding the deck in my hands, shuffling the cards, touching them, looking at them. I’ve got it bad for Uusi Classic.

It feels as if this is my “soul deck.”

So I thought I’d ask the cards directly, using the Answer Spread (currently one of my favorite spreads): “Is the Uusi Classic my ‘soul deck’?”

The Reading

In response, I drew 3 of Clubs, 5 of Hearts, Jack of Spades, 4 of Hearts, 6 of Hearts, and 5 of Spades.

The 3 of Clubs and 4 of Hearts represent aspects of the situation.

As part of the situation, the 3 of Clubs talks about an opportunity for growth and development, as well as the beginning stages of an endeavor that progresses gradually.

The 4 of Hearts following is known as the “marriage bed” card, and can mean the formation of a serious relationship, that a foundation is being laid to build on in the future. I tend to read this card as one of intimacy and closeness, and sharing a future together.

The pairing of Clubs + Hearts could be read as “working on a relationship.”

Very interesting to see at the start of the reading.

The 5 of Hearts and the 6 of Hearts answer the question.

The 5 of Hearts can mean wishes being fulfilled and a dream comes true, so this is very nice to see as part of the answer to the question. I also read the 5 of Hearts as holding hands (a hand has 5 fingers), and I do have to hold the deck in my hands when reading with it (and I’ve been doing a lot of that already).

And the answer gets better with the 6 of Hearts, which not only means a love affair—but a karmic relationship as well. It’s the karmic relationship aspect of the 6 of Hearts that specifically answers the question of Uusi Classic being my “soul deck”; it goes right to the heart (I couldn’t help myself).

Having two Hearts as the answer to the question is a definite yes.

A couple of interesting notes here:

The first is that the 5 of Hearts can represent female energy, while the 6 of Hearts can represent male energy. So my relationship with Uusi Classic is yin and yang; we balance each other out.

The other thing worth noting is the influence of the pair, which comes from adding 5 + 6, for a total of 11. 11 is a master number, and a spiritual one at that, which fits nicely with the idea of a “soul deck.”

But the number 11 is also made up of two 1’s, and in that regard, it can suggest two individuals coming together—one-to-one.

And then the 11 reduces to 2, the number of relationship, partnership, and compatibility.

This just gets better and better.

The Jack of Spades and 5 of Spades provide additional information to be considered.

At first glance, seeing both cards from the suit of Spades (challenges, problems, blocks, and obstacles) wasn’t thrilling, especially because the previous cards were so positive.

I considered the Jack to represent my thoughts, since I’m the only person involved in the situation/question. But this Jack would suggest thinking about a problem or difficulty, or there being a problem with my thinking, with regard to my idea of Uusi Classic being my “soul deck.” And that didn’t sit right with me.

But here’s a thought that did: The Jack of Spades can turn up to represent a rival. And then this thought popped into my head: Jacks can represent news and messages; the Jack of Spades can suggest bad news or messages that are troubling.

So, I kept those thoughts “under my hat” (the Jack has a hat on in the image), as I moved to the pivot card, 5 of Spades.

My first thought of the 5 of Spades was separation and divorce (my immediate go-to meanings), but I also considered the idea of handling (another 5) a problem or difficulty.

And then it came to me that the 5 of Spades can also mean having to stand on your own two feet—leading me to come up with the word “standalone.”

And then the pair came together and made sense: The deck, as the Jack of Spades, was delivering a message that might be difficult for me to “hear” in the moment—and that was, while the Uusi Classic is indeed my “soul deck,” it knows it will have to compete for my affections (Jack being a rival), and that it would be challenging for me to break away from my other decks (5 of Spades) and read with it exclusively (5 of Spades being independence).

This makes me love the deck even more, because it gets me. It really gets me.


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