the HIMM Dream Journal: The Return Home, Part One

I’m the type of guy that seems to thrive on being busy most of the time. People say that I push myself too hard. I usually brush off the comments, until my body starts talking to me. Usually the language is in the form of a cold, which is what I was sidelined with not too long ago.

I have conditioned myself to try to find the good in all things, and here it was no different. One good thing was the cold enabled my body to get some much-needed rest that I was consciously unwilling to give it. Another thing was that it was able to have me recall a dream, something I hadn’t been able to do because I wasn’t getting many hours of sleep a night.

Dreams, to me, are such wondrous things. They are visual, symbolic narratives that have the ability to teach us things about our lives that we are not consciously aware of, to enable us to improve our lives on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. I have had significant dreams that have acted as signposts  at various stages of my life. So, for me, dreams are a valuable inner resource that aid me in the outer.

In this blog, I want to be able to post a dream and show the steps I use to interpret it. This is much in the same vein as my column on my Dreams and Visions site (, the Dream Advisory. In that column, I would post a dream submitted to me, as well as use some of my own, and interpret them.

So, for this first journal entry, I am using the dream I recently had. The dream is rather lengthy, so what I am going to do is post it over the next few installments, and interpret it a bit at a time. Having said all that, this is the opening segment of the dream:

Dream Title: The Return Home

I have just returned from a cruise with a married couple. We are in their home, in their bedroom. We are making up their bed, which has blue sheets and a multi-tonal blue comforter. I leave to go to my home. Before I do, the woman points outside, and tells me it is snowing. Showing disbelief, I look out the window. I am not happy about this. I tell her I am from New Jersey, and I’m done with snow. I leave going to my apartment. I arrive at my building, and I realize that I have left my luggage at the married couple’s house. I decide to go and get it at a later time.

When looking at a dream, I first start with its location. The interpretation of the location can determine the dream’s subject matter. In this dream, the location is a bedroom. This can mean one of two things: first, the dream can be about my ability to be intimate (meaning close) to others; and second, it can be about my spiritual side. Once the subject matter is determined, the other symbols in the dream will serve to reinforce it in some way.

The married couple can represent aspects of me, as the first rule of dream interpretation is that everything is a representation of the dreamer. Going with this, the couple represents my masculine (rational, thinking, analytical) side and my feminine (intuitive, emotional, feeling) side. Being married suggests a balance of these sides in waking life.

The couple can also represent my parents. In this respect, the dream touches on the fact that I am not close with my parents (remember, the bedroom is a place of intimacy, the ability to be close); this is what is known, in dream psychology, as overcompensation. It places me in an environment which people I am not related to in order to point this out.

The bed becomes a symbol that reinforces the intimacy factor. Making up the bed with the couple can suggest an inability to “make up” with my parents in waking life (which, unfortunately, I cannot). The bedding, being shades and tones of blue, is important. Colors have meaning in dreams. Blue is a color that represents an attitude toward life, and spirituality. In regard to parents, this is the primary relationship we have in life, and as such, can be how we form and maintain relationships with men (based on our relationships with fathers) and women (based on our relationships with mothers). Colors can also indicate a chakra, which is an energy wheel that is part of the human aura. Blue is connected to the throat chakra, which is the chakra that is about the ability to communicate. Not being close to my parents would affect the ability to communicate with them. This is further indicated by the comforter, which suggest some level of “discomfort” in relating to my parents (again, a form of overcompensation).

The woman points outside. The woman is my emotional, feeling nature. Pointing is indicative of something being pointed out to me. Pointing outside is saying that something about my nature (outside) is being pointed out for me to see. The woman tells me it is snowing. This suggests the dream is taking place in the winter. Winter carries with it the association of being cold, and suggests that I am emotionally cold. There is the symbol of a window, which is about my outlook (looking outside from the window). Snow in a dream can suggest emotional suppression of feelings, which is why the woman is pointing this out to me. In this sense, she is what is known as a healing agent, showing me an aspect of myself that needs healing.

Another color is introduced here, as snow is white. White, in the context of snow, can suggest being critical and judgmental. The woman pointing out the snow can suggest that these are qualities I picked up from my mother in life. Along with being critical and judgmental, white is a color that can indicate being a perfectionist, and setting standards very high for others as well as yourself. This is an aspect I can readily attest to. I refer to myself as a “perfectionist in the process of recovery.” In the dream, I am showing disbelief about what is being pointed out to me, which is saying there is some disbelief to the qualities that the snow indicates. This makes sense from a perfectionistic perspective, as I would not want to see any character flaws, let alone think I have any. The next emotional reaction is that I am not happy. This is telling me that being critical, judgmental, and a perfectionist will not bring happiness to my life.

Telling the woman I am from New Jersey is a nod to my past, as I was born there. I relocated from New Jersey to South Carolina 16 years ago. (Here is a funny aside: when I left New Jersey, it was during a snowstorm, and I told myself I would never have to deal with this again. Wow…what a way to have that come back to me!) Mentioning New Jersey in this regard is a reference to a former “state” of consciousness, and once again says that this is all a part of my past with my parents. Telling her “I’m done with snow” is positive as I am saying that I am done with being like this in life. I have been shown this aspect of myself, have seen it, and no longer want it in my life.

Leaving to go to my apartment reinforces my emotional nature, as the apartment means I separate myself from my feelings (“apart”). This means that in life I may come across as being too logical, and “in my head.” My brother used to tease me in this regard by calling me “Spock” and “Data” from the Star Trek franchise, two individuals who were logical and questioned things relating to feelings and emotions.

This part of the dream ends with the realization that I left my luggage at the couple’s home. Luggage is symbolic of baggage I am carrying around from the past. This is also known as karma, for those who subscribe to such belief. Leaving the luggage at the couple’s house says that I am leaving the baggage I picked up from my parents behind, that I no longer need it at this point in my life.

There you have it. For what may seem a small part of a dream, it had a wealth of information in it. You now have some knowledge of my interpretation process, as well as some insight into me and how I tick. I hope you found the process both interesting and informative.

If you are interested in submitting a dream to be examined in this blog, you can send it to me by e-mail:

In my next installment, we’ll pick up the dream where we left off. Until then…

Love and light,


About James Himm

James Himm Mitchell, the Dreamer and Visionary of LifePlan Coaching & Consulting, LLC, works as an intuitive life coach, with a focus on personal growth and development. His specialties are Dream Decoding, Oracles (Tarot, playing cards, and Lenormand), and Energy Medicine (Reiki), and he uses those modalities coaching individuals to create the tools and develop the strategies that transform their lives.
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