the HIMM Dream Journal: The Return Home, Part Three

Once again, the reaction to the continuing installments of the dream “The Return Home” has been immediate. I am enjoying the enthusiastic responses people have been sending to me on the ‘net, as well as in person. It is gratifying to see the work you love to do reach an audience in such a positive manner.

The response made me extremely eager to get the third and final installment of the interpretation of this dream posted. Without any further adieu, here is this last part of my dream:

Dream Title: The Return Home

The dream changes. I am now at a table with some other people. We have been given a series of assignments. One of the assignments is to interpret a dream. I go around the table and ask if anyone has had a dream they want to share. No one has one. I tell them about a dream I had just this morning. I relate the dream about looking for my apartment by going door-to-door. I then ask for the symbols in the dream. A young woman, to my right, says “doors.” I ask her what doors mean to her, and she says “opportunities.” I tell her to think about the function of doors, and she says, “Doors open and close, and some go both ways.”

Interesting segment, wouldn’t you say? What makes this part interesting is that it incorporates the earlier parts of the dream as a dream I had that morning. This is a phenomena known as dreaming within a dream. When it takes place, it suggests that the dream within the dream is the actual message for the dreamer.

But that is not to say to dismiss the rest of the dream as being unimportant. In my opinion, there is no part of any dream that is not important–or else why would it be a part of the dream?

So, let’s take a look at this part of the dream. The first symbol is a table, and can suggest work or activity. Being given a series of assignments suggests the location of the dream is a classroom or some form of learning environment. The setting indicates this part of the dream is about me learning about myself as a means to improve my life. The assignment, being to interpret a dream, can be suggesting that dreams are meant to learn from so that my life is improved.

I have assumed a leadership type of role in the dream, as I go around the table asking who has a dream to share with the group. I just had this thought as I typed the word “group.” I am getting the impression that this part of the dream is an encouragement to head up a dream group (I did facilitate a weekly group at my church a few years ago), as a vehicle to help others learn about what their dreams are trying to tell them. The dream is showing a potential challenge with the group not having anything to share. The solution would be, if I were to start a group again, to find ways to encourage participation. One way would be to share a dream I had (much in the way I am doing here now…isn’t that interesting?).

At this point, one of the people at the table, a woman, sitting to my right (which is indicative of the future) points out the symbols of doors in the dream. Going with the association technique, I ask her what comes to mind when she thinks of doors. She says “opportunities,” which is one of my meanings for doors. I then ask her to consider the function of doors. This is another technique you can use when working with a dream symbol. If it is an inanimate object, stop and consider what the object does in waking life. Thinking about its function can lead to some insight as to what the symbol might mean in the context of the dream. The response is an interesting message to decipher: “Doors open and close, and some go both ways.” This can suggest being open to opportunities that come to me in life. We may also have to be in a place to make our own opportunities. It can also mean that there are times in life when doors will open and doors will close. There’s that expression “when one door closes, another one opens,” which could be appropriate here. Lastly, there is that saying that, at times, we have to be the one to close certain doors, metaphorically, as those chapters, stages, and phases of our lives come to an end. And there are those times when we have to open certain doors, again metaphorically, to begin new chapters, stages, and phases in life.

So what to do with all that information (I know that’s what you’re thinking to yourself!)? When the dream has been analyzed to the content of the author-dreamer (in this case, me), the next step is the personal application of the dream.

The first thing I can do as a result of this dream is to continue working with future dreams, as the dreams are lessons for life and living (the class environment and interpreting dreams as an assignment). Another thing I can do is to find a dream group to be a part of, or to create one on my own as a way of sharing a common interest with other people.

That is the external work I can begin doing. There is also inner work that the dream is suggesting I do. I could begin to explore my “place” in the world (looking for my apartment), and the work that is involved with that (woman going door-to-door with magazine subscriptions). Being existential, I always seem to ask these questions at certain points in my life: What am I here to do? What is my purpose? What am I called to do? How do I serve the world I live in?

I also need to examine how my past affects my present (leaving the couple, and my luggage being left at their house), and what beliefs from the past no longer serve me in the present.

And there you have it. That’s my process.

Please keep the comments coming, both in text form and in person; I love hearing what you have to say. It means a lot when people take the time to comment on work I love to do.

Until the next post…here’s to sweet dreams!

Love and light,



About James Himm

James Himm Mitchell, the Dreamer and Visionary of LifePlan Coaching & Consulting, LLC, works as an intuitive life coach, with a focus on personal growth and development. His specialties are Dream Decoding, Oracles (Tarot, playing cards, and Lenormand), and Energy Medicine (Reiki), and he uses those modalities coaching individuals to create the tools and develop the strategies that transform their lives.
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