the HIMM Tarot Reader: Confused About Friendship

Hello and welcome to the first entry of my Tarot column, the HIMM Tarot Reader! In this column, I’ll be addressing questions and situations with the Tarot. The column is in a “Dear Abby” format, which means no actual names will be used.

The Situation Being Presented to the Cards

With that said, let’s look at the situation submitted by a reader:

Dear James,
This is my situation:
I have a person in my life, who I considered to be a friend, that is acting strangely toward me. I haven’t spoken to or seen this person in some time,because I have been busy working both a full-time and part-time job, as well as launching my own business.
This person sent me a veiled e-mail recently, and left me wondering if I’d done something that I am not aware of. I sent a reply for clarification, but as of yet, have not heard anything. There’s a part of me that doubts I will.
This is my question:
What, if anything, am I to do in this situation?
I have had readings done in the past, and some of the readers have asked for astrological information. If you need such information, my sign is Pisces, and my birthdate is 3/7/67.
I hope you can help me in this matter.
Yours truly,
Confused About Friendship

Tarot Responds to the Situation

Dear Confused,
Thank you for sharing your situation with me. I am sorry to hear of your
confusion regarding this friendship.
I have drawn three cards to see what advice the Tarot can give you concerning
this situation. I have used the Universal Waite Tarot for this reading.

confused about friendship-reading 1. Information about the situation:
Knight of Cups

2. What you might consider, or an action you might take about the situation:
The Devil

3. A probable outcome:
Page of Pentacles

Knight of Cups-Universal Waite TarotIt’s very interesting that you were so inclined to provide me your astrological information. The Knight of Cups is a card that is associated with Pisces. Since you are Pisces, I will say this card indicates you are directly connected to this in some capacity. For me, the Knight of Cups is an intuitive fellow, so I will say that you are not off-the-mark about your feelings (intuition) in this matter.

The Knight of Cups is also known as a person who says one thing, but means another. Since he is also associated with bearing news, this may be a reference to that “veiled” e-mail you mentioned. This could suggest there is a “message” your friend is trying to send you through his actions (Knights are associated with action), as well as his words.

The Knight also is a person who is interested in divination, so it seems natural for you to consult the Tarot about this.

the devil-universal waiteThe Devil, being a Major Arcana card, carries extra weight in the reading. There is a major lesson to be learned here.

Since you gave me your birthdate, I used numerology to calculate your Birth Numbers, and to match those to their corresponding Major Arcana cards. In your case, your Numbers are 6/15. Your cards are the Lovers and the Devil. When your Birth Cards show up in a reading, it indicates the situation in question is part of your spiritual growth and evolution. In your case, there may be a karmic layer to your friendship with this person.

The Devil card is a card that suggests there is something beneath the surface here. It can suggest there has been a misunderstanding or misconception about something. This card suggests the truth is not being fully disclosed.

In terms of what you might consider, you might want to think about whether this is a healthy relationship or not. The Devil card warns against being abused, and this behavior from this person could be considered abusive. You might also consider that your friend is acting this way because he doesn’t really know any better. He might be acting out prior conditioning based on how he has been treated by others. The Devil warns of the possibility of blaming and scapegoating, so consider this a possibility if you were to press him for an answer.

In terms of what action you might take, the Devil card is telling me that you simply should not obsess about this. You have done your part by your request for clarification, and judging from what you’ve indicated, there is definitely a need for it.

Also, don’t see yourself as the victim here, as the Devil warns against a victim mentality. This can manifest itself as such: you tell people of this incident, with the preface of, “You won’t believe what so-and-so did to me!” You do both yourself and this individual a disservice. While I am on this line of thought, don’t gossip maliciously about this person to others.

Lastly, don’t needlessly blame yourself or burden yourself with unnecessary guilt, since you are still, really, “in the dark” here. Until you get confirmation, you are running on pure speculation.

page of pentacles-universal waiteThe Page of Pentacles, as a probable outcome, indicates you will chalk this up as a “learning experience,” as this card is associated with study and learning.

Since Pages represent news and messages, you may also get a message at some point. I am going to suggest that it will come when your friend is good and ready to send it. Don’t be sitting by the computer waiting for that e-mail to come. It seems to me that you have plenty to keep you busy; put your focus on those things instead.

This Page is a reader, and I see this as a pun for a psychic or Tarot reader, if you will. I see this as a validation that you have taken the right course of action by consulting the Tarot.

This string of cards is telling me to tell you that you may receive an omen or premonition of some kind (the Page), as your intuition is quite strong (the Knight). You possess a strong extra-sensory ability (also known as ESP; this is an aspect of the Devil card), and the Page, especially, is asking you to pay attention to the signs.

When a Page is present in a spread, I like to draw an additional card over it. This is because the Pages are bearers of news, and the additional card will represent the Page’s message to you.

the world-universal waiteThe card I have drawn is The World, the last card of the Major Arcana. This is a card of   endings; a situation has reached its conclusion, and it might be time to “move on.”

There is a new level of awareness you will gain as this situation reaches its resolution. Karmically (connected to the Devil), a cycle is ending, a debt being paid. I see this as saying this relationship is coming to its end. Ask yourself what you have learned from it (the Page) and go on with your life.

Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to read the Tarot for you about this matter. I hope it has proven to be useful to you.

Best wishes,

In Closing…

And there you have it. You have just seen how I read the Tarot in context to a question or situation, using a short three-card spread. And, just as I hope it has been helpful to Confused, I hope you found it informative as well. I would love to hear what you think.

Until the next time…

Love and light,

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