the HIMM Dream Journal: Walking on Water

Hello and welcome to another column of the HIMM Dream Journal. This time, I interpret a dream submitted by a reader.

Here’s her dream:

Dream Title: Walking on Water

I had this beautiful dream last night.

20090908_walking_on_water_lake_erieI dreamt that I was walking (if you can call it that) through a sea, it was beautiful blue water with a very white foam. The sun was an exquisite golden-orange.

I remember asking this man that was by my side how could this be possible that I was over the water at such a high speed, I mean it was at a very fast pace (turbo like). He told me not to worry, to just keep on going.

 Then he took me to this lady and told her to take good care of me, to give me special treatment. Then this lady gave me three small patchouli soaps, and a small bottle of rose oil. She said it was free; there was no charge. Then she excused herself by saying she had to go. She had an upset stomach.

What do you make of it? Thanks.

Walking on Water: the Interpretation

When I read your dream, I was fascinated with it. What a cool dream to have had!

My interpretation of your dream is that it’s about your spirituality. This is provided by the symbol of the sea, as well as the color blue (a color linked to spirituality, and one’s approach to it).

In the post, you write that you’re walking through a sea. I see this as being your spiritual journey through life. The sea can also reflect our emotional life, and this could also indicate you’ve “walked through” a lot of emotional situations in your life. If this is true, the positive of this is that you’ve been able to keep going; these situations haven’t stopped you from progressing through life.

This is further reinforced by the white foam of the sea. White is the color of hope and confidence. It’s also the color of enlightenment. So, you’re able to keep going in life because you have hope and you’re confident.

As far as your spirituality is concerned, you’ve become more aware (enlightened) as a result of these circumstances. You see the beauty in life more and more (you write that the blue sea is beautiful).

I believe the man at your side to be one of your spirit guides. He’s walking with you, and I see this as saying that your guides are with you as you move through life.

Traveling at “turbo” speed is saying that, at this time, you’re rapidly developing on a spiritual level. You may be concerned about this, which is reflected in your asking the man about it. You’re being told not to worry about this.

This can also suggest that if you tend to worry about things in life, you’re being encouraged to stop this (which goes back to being more hopeful and confident). Your guide is telling you to keep going at the pace you are going. Each one of us goes through our spiritual journeys at the pace/speed we’re supposed to; this is yours.

Next, your guide brings you to a lady, and tells her to take good care of you. This is two-fold. First, you’re being introduced to another guide. Second, the instruction for her to take good care of you is your guide’s way of saying that you need to take good (better) care of yourself.

The male guide tells the female guide to give you special treatment. There’s a pun here in the word “treatment.” This pun, along with the symbol of the sun, indicates that you have the gift of being a spiritual healer. The sun being golden in color reinforces this. Gold is a color that is linked to spiritual healing.

She gives you three small patchouli soaps and a small bottle of rose oil. The number 3 is a number of commitment, and says that you’re being asked to commit to this with your body, mind, and spirit.

Soap is for cleansing and purification, so these attributes may be a part of your process here. The bottle is a container, and can suggest that you are keeping this gift “bottled up,” and that you need to use it (bottles can suggest a denial of our spiritual gifts).

The word rose for me is symbolic of love; you may be asked here to operate in life with more love (suggesting this too is being bottled up). You may want to explore what the properties of patchouli and rose oil are said to do; you may need to incorporate them in your life in some way.

These may also be the items you’ll be using in your own healing work at some point.

Also, the fact that the items are small can suggest that you aren’t givng this the attention it needs to have. This can suggest this needs to become a larger part of your life in some way.

She gives you the items free at no charge. This is the best part of this dream. This is saying that you have no karmic debt attached to using this gift. Using it comes at no “cost” to you.

The way the dream ends is interesting. She has to excuse herself by saying she has an upset stomach. An upset stomach is linked to our digestive system, so this can indicate a problem with your own digestive system, and it manifests as an upset stomach. Another thing connected to this is the other color you use to describe the sun: orange. Orange as a color is linked to our digestive system. It is a stimulant, and is said to be a color that heals the digestive system.

Since this is a color in the sun, which represents spiritual healing, it makes sense.

Summing Things Up with Walking on Water

So, to sum up, this dream is telling you that you have a spiritual healing ability. You need to take better care of yourself, especially your digestive system, so that you can be a better spiritual healer for others.

Again, I would look into patchouli and rose oil, and possibly using them in some capacity.

Keep going through life, and try to do it with more hope and confidence, and less worry (which is easy to say, and challenging to do, I know).

I hope this interpretation was helpful to you in some way.

I’m curious to know what this reader does with the information provided in this interpretation. I will share any comments from her in a future post.

Over to You: Do You Have a Dream?

If you’re interested in having your dream interpreted in this column, please feel free to e-mail me at Looking forward to reading those dreams!

Love and light,

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2 Responses to the HIMM Dream Journal: Walking on Water

  1. Jake says:

    Clearly explained in detail.

    • James Himm says:

      Thanks, Jake! Glad you enjoyed the interpretation. I’ve learned to leave no stone unturned when it comes to a dream. Sometimes the biggest “a-has” come from the most minute details!

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