the HIMM Tarot Reader: Restoration to Optimum Well-Being

I was so excited by the response to my post regarding my experience with burnout, and the recent dream I had concerning the healing taking place, that I wanted to share the Tarot reading I conducted about it.

The deck I used for the reading is the Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck, created by psychic medium John Holland and published by Hay House. The deck is different from the standard Tarot deck, as it’s a combination Tarot and oracle deck.

An oracle deck is a deck of cards that have uplifting, positive messages on them, and are great for intuitive readers.

This particular deck has removed the Court Cards of a standard Tarot deck, as well as all the number 10 cards, and replaced them with Chakra cards. Chakras are the seven energy wheels that are aligned with the spine of the human body; the first being the Root Chakra at the base of the spine, going to the last, which is the Crown Chakra, which is at the top of the head.

The reason I explain this is this was the reason behind my selection of the deck. I wanted to see if any Chakra cards would appear in the reading, as this would highlight a particular body area associated with the burnout I am experiencing. Moreover, it would indicate the potential energy imbalance I could send Reiki to, as part of my healing treatment.

The Reading of the Cards

I conducted a simple three-card spread, asking this question: What can the Tarot-Oracle tell me about my restoration to optimum well-being?

The three cards I drew are as follows: Wisdom (card 5); Patience (card 14); and Transformation (card 13).

I also felt an intuitive prompting to pull another card, calling it the “surprise element” card; this card was Red 3 (which is the Physical suit), and has the keywords on the card Recognition and Reward.

Coaching-by-the-Cards-Burnout-ribbonThe first thing I noticed about the three cards was that they are all cards from the Major Arcana.

Cards from the Major Arcana carry more weight in a reading, typically, and especially so when they’re the Ruling Majority in a spread, such as this. They’re an indication of spiritual lessons and principles being taught and learned and applied to the situation at hand. They reflect the seriousness of the question being posed. There’s a higher level of awareness being addressed here.

Also, this can mean that there are conditions and circumstances beyond the control of the questioner (in this case, me) about the situation.

Lastly, Major Arcana cards in majority can mean that any actions taken or decisions made will have long-term consequences and ramifications here.

I take all this in, as it lets me know that I need to consider (the Tarot is not about shoulds and oughts; its job is to provide information and insight, and let you choose the best course of action as a result) the seriousness of the burnout, in that it has spiritual implications, and is here as a teacher, showing me something I need to learn about the way I’m living life.

Also, this lets me know that there have been external circumstances and forces, beyond my control, that have played a major part in the state I find myself.

I am wise enough to also know that I have made certain choices in this that have led me here, and I accept responsibility for my part.

The second thing that caught my attention is that the numerology of the first two cards are the same: 5. The Wisdom card is numbered 5, while Patience, numbered 14, reduces to 5 (14=1+4=5).

Repeating numbers can be important, and having 5 repeat means that there is an element of change involved in the situation.

Also, 5 is the number associated with karma, which is the spiritual path that involves learning lessons from physical and material experiences.

Again, the implication is that the experience of burnout is a lesson I am learning for my spiritual growth and evolvement.

I then went on to interpret the individual cards:

The first card, in the position I usually label as “something about the situation” in question, is Wisdom, which is traditionally known as The Hierophant.

This card is about knowledge and higher learning. So, the implication, again, is that there is something to be learned about the burnout experience.

In the image on the card, a man holds a book in his hand. The book symbolizes knowledge, and information sources; it can suggest possessing knowledge and/or information that will be shared with others.

It can also mean “going by the book,” meaning following certain established rules and regulations. It can also mean following conventional wisdom or advice, and taking a traditional approach.

This card is a reflection of what I’ve done recently, in that I have been reading up on burnout, to become more familiar with this type of dis-ease.

The second card, in the position I refer to as “something that needs consideration, or an action step to take,” is Patience, which is traditionally known as Temperance.

This is the card of a spiritual healer (which is a great card for Reiki practitioners, such as myself), so there is a healing taking place with the burnout.

This card is about combining and blending things. I see this as the combination of the traditional (along with Wisdom) and the alternative, in terms of coming up with ways to treat the burnout. I’ve started a regimen of supplements such as Echinacea and Goldenseal, along with St. John’s Wort and vitamin B-12.

Since this is a card of an aspect of the situation I need to consider, I had a pun on the word “patience,” which became “patients.” The Wisdom card refers to  higher learning, and I have gone back to college recently to get my Master of Arts degree in Psychology (and Patience refers to Arts and Sciences), specializing in Health and Wellness.

This pun makes me consider treating myself as a client if the client were seeing me in a professional capacity. There’s an expression that goes like this: “Physician, heal thyself.”

I’m also considering seeing my general physician, as well as making an appointment to see my acupuncturist, who treated me when I experienced Bell’s Palsy, which is a facial nerve paralysis (a story for another time, perhaps).

In looking at the image on the card, the words “growth process” came into my mind.

The last of the three cards, in the position of “possible outcome,” is Transformation, also known traditionally as the Death card.

Transformation is about change, and that some aspect of the situation is coming to completion.

Simply, the burnout will, at some point, be gone, and I’ll be changed by having had the experience.

Being a card of elimination, it can mean that things will be eliminated (cut out, removed) from my life; those things would be things that were negatively contributing to the state of burnout I found myself in.

The surprise element card, Red 3, or Recognition and Reward, has the image of a man, standing on a raised stage, taking a bow. He’s wearing a medal around his neck, and has a spotlight shining down on him. It appears as if he’s won the top honor in a contest or competition of some kind, which is indicative of recognition and achievement.

This card is a work-related card usually, in the sense that your work is being noticed.

When I first looked at the image on the card, I heard the Madonna song “Take a Bow” in my head; that’s just how my intuition works sometimes.

It can mean that the burnout has reached a certain stage or level, and will not progress any further; I have taken the necessary steps to repair the “damage” done, and the reparations will be gradual, just as how the burnout reached the stage/level has (gradually).

As with my interpretations of the cards that refer to schooling, this card is about gaining certification or a diploma in a specialization. In my case, I am close to being certified as a Reiki Master-Teacher, as well as working on my Master of Arts degree in Psychology (an aspect of this card is becoming a master at one’s craft, just like getting a master’s degree).

Cards from the Red suit are the same as the suit of Pentacles in the traditional Tarot. As such, cards from this suit are connected to the physical: career, money, material possessions, and health (physical health, which is connected to the physical body).

This aspect of the card is not lost on me.

The Physical cards can also be about resources, foundations, and structures, but also about what we place value and worth on (these are more intangible aspects of this suit). With that, this card is asking me to consider the value and the worth of having and being at optimum wellness.

I also think that the cards that suggest education (Wisdom and Red 3) are telling me that what I learn from this experience will be something I will teach to others in the future.

Closing the Book on the Reading

I want to thank you for taking the time to read about my situation and to see how I read the cards for myself. I’ll keep you updated on how this plays out. In the meantime, I look forward to your comments, as usual. I really do enjoy hearing what you think.

And, if you have a question or concern that you would like to gain some insight using the Tarot, and think the HIMM Tarot Reader would be a great forum for it, send me your submissions by e-mail at

Love and light,

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