Dreams: My Career Guidance Counselor

In my last blog post, I commented on how a dream was giving me a message about the latest phase in the evolution of my life’s work. The dream, on the surface, seemed to be about my work with Reiki (at the time of the dream, I had just taken the first class in my Level 2 training). Even though I work with my own dreams regularly, I had the intuitive prompting to send the dream to my “mentor” Michael Sheridan, a man I learned a great deal from, as he works with dreams also. Michael and I had corresponded over the years, and I always gained such value in his analysis of dreams. And this time was no different. I attached my notes to what I thought the dream was talking about, and he confirmed what I had gleaned. He also mentioned the spiritual gift of counseling, which many of you have read about in past columns of the HIMM Dream Journal. At the very end of the interpretation, he mentioned that life teaches the counselor about the ability and how to use it. And then he mentioned it, the aspect of my work that I did not see coming. He said that an option to use the gift presently, if I weren’t getting the training to become a professional counselor, would be to become a life coach.

Now, when I first heard this a year ago, I somehow didn’t hear that part. It reminded me of my first dream that foretold my first job in my metaphysical career. As many of you may recall, dream analysis is the foundation of my work. Everything that I have pursued professionally has been as a result of having a dream that communicated that to me. I began with having dreams in which people would relate a dream to me and I would tell them what it meant. The dream that first provided guidance to my career evolution was a dream in which I was reading and studying playing cards, which led to me reading the Tarot in 1999. I had the dream in 1998, and it took me six months to purchase my first Tarot deck. After that, though, my love affair with the cards was borne. Thus began my first business, Dreams and Visions, in which I provided dream interpretations and Tarot readings for clients.

During this time, I was often asked at my corporate day job to go into management, many times dismissing the idea without any consideration. But, I would often think about it, as the offers and suggestions would happen repeatedly. I’m a big believer that when something happens repeatedly, the Universe is trying to get your attention in a big way, and we’re not getting the message (these could be considered waking recurring dreams, as their sleeping counterparts often mean the same thing–that the message of the dream is not being understood and applied to life). I had two dreams that told me about going into management that I clearly remember to this day. In one, I was drifting in the air, on my back, with my arms and hands behind my head, and legs crossed. As I drifted along, I came to road work being done. There were large orange signs with the word DETOUR on them and flashing lights. They were pointing to the right, and I floated along in the direction of the detour. This dream was telling me that if I went into management (the color orange symbolizes career), it would be a detour, something that would get me off my path temporarily. In the second, I was in my place of work at the time. I was climbing a ladder. As I moved up the rung, I began to feel sick. I stepped down, getting off the ladder, and was instantly better. Another telling dream, as climbing a ladder is symbolic of climbing “the corporate ladder” we talk about in big business; it’s a sign of promotion and advancement. The part about getting sick was a health warning, and that the damage would be repaired (healing) by stepping back down. That is just what happened. I took the detour and moved up the ladder. Circumstances beyond my control (and some things that were) created my period of burnout that I mentioned in my dream The Christmas Tree.” As a result, I transitioned out of management so I could devote more time to my growing practice.

When the Reiki dream came, I took that as a sign to incorporate Reiki into my practice. I then created The Reiki Treatment, in which I offered Reiki treatments to the public, as both a service and the means of educating people about energy work and healing. I advanced (the ladder dream is coming to mind here…hmmmm…) to Level 3 and received my teaching certification (Level 3A) at the top of this year.

I then wanted to merge the two businesses into one, and that is how HIMM came into being, as those of you who have read the very first blog post will remember.

I had my psychology dream, the one in which I am a psychologist-in-training, as I am taking courses toward my Master of Arts in Psychology in waking life. It was shortly after this dream that I began contemplating how to gain experience in the field so I would be prepared to secure work once I had my degree. And that’s when I was “prompted” to get the CD with the dream on it and listen to it again. And this time I heard the life coach part quite clearly. I knew I had to learn more about it. Once I did, I sought out a training and certification program to attend. I found one, and this past July, I became a certified life coach. I wanted to coach using all the modalities I have been utilizing all this time, and the following weekend, I trained to become a certified Professional Career Intuitive Coach, having worked with author and career intuitive Sue Frederick. I recently received my certification!

I began a professional practice called LifePlan Intuitive Life Coaching. There will be a blog titled The Planning Stage,” that will talk about my work as a life coach, much like this blog talks of my work with dreams, Tarot, and Reiki. If there are any concerns about this blog disappearing, have no fears. I just have more to talk about, more things to share. I still have “plans” (no pun intended, but kinda cool anyway!) for this blog, and more content about dreams and Tarot (and some Reiki) that I want to present. Please keep reading, as I have enjoyed all the encouragement and support this blog regularly receives. I am deeply grateful the blog (and my work) has found an audience.

So that has been my journey with dreams as my career guidance counselor (thus far). And thanks to all of you who have journeyed with me, whether you have been with me since the beginning, or you’ve come at some point along the way; it matters not, you are all welcome!

If you are thinking or feeling that your dreams are trying to tell you what your next career move is, or you think you would like to know more about my intuitive career coaching (which can help you discover your true and great work), you can contact me by e-mail at james@himm-online.com and james@life-plan-coach.com.

Love and light,



About James Himm

James Himm Mitchell, the Dreamer and Visionary of LifePlan Coaching & Consulting, LLC, works as an intuitive life coach, with a focus on personal growth and development. His specialties are Dream Decoding, Oracles (Tarot, playing cards, and Lenormand), and Energy Medicine (Reiki), and he uses those modalities coaching individuals to create the tools and develop the strategies that transform their lives.
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    • James Himm says:

      Dear Balin,
      I like “happy accidents” like these. Thank you for staying on the site and browsing, after you stumbled upon the blog. I’m glad you liked what you came across, and that you will be subscribing. Thank you so much!
      There will be another posting in the near future–stay tuned!

      Best to you,

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