the HIMM Tarot Reader: the Card of the Week [3]

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the third installment of the new column for the HIMM Tarot Reader: the Card of the Week!

The Card of the Week is a column that is intended to serve as a resource for people beginning a relationship with the Tarot, as well as for those who just have an appreciation and enthusiasm for the Tarot, wanting to understand the process an intuitive uses to read the cards (I explain to clients that every Tarot reader approaches and reads the cards differently, and explain my process).

Tell-Me Tarot, published by U. S. Games, 2008

The go-to deck I am using for this column is The Tell-Me Tarot Deck, as I did in previous columns, when the cards were the Sun and the Emperor, respectively. The cards in this deck have the meanings written at the bottom of the cards, which can be useful to a beginner Tarot consultant.

For the question posed to the Tarot, I am asking this one: “What does the Tarot wish to share with us for the column this week?”

Page of Cups: Altruism (+): Now is the time for emotional and spiritual revival. You are a creative, intuitive, and giving person.

 The Meaning of the Page of Cups

The Page of Cups is the first card to appear from the Minor Arcana in this column. The Minor Arcana in Tarot is divided into four suits, which are said to relate to our life’s everyday activities. The suits are Wands, which represent our business and spiritual activities; Swords, which represent our mental activity (thoughts and communication); Cups, our emotional activity (feelings, relationships, spiritual depth, intuitions); and Pentacles, which represent our physical activities (resources; the material and the tangible). So, the Page of Cups, being from the suit of Cups, relates to an emotional or spiritual experience.

Another important aspect of this card is that it is a Court Card. There are sixteen Court Cards in a deck, four for each suit: King, Queen, Knight, and Page. These cards are also known as People Cards, because they can represent actual people in our lives; another name for these cards is Approach Cards, as they can indicate an approach we might consider taking regarding the situation being addressed in the cards.

As a person, the page can represent a baby or a young person, because the page carries with it a sense of immaturity, or not having a lot of life experience. This is the card of a person discovering an artistic talent or ability, or the card of the budding intuitive or psychic. Either way, this card says this person is very sensitive.

As an approach card, this card suggests a learning stage of development, or seeing the potential in a situation. It can mark the beginning phase or chapter of a new life experience, and having a child-like sense of wonder. This card is about those all-too important first impressions we give other people.

In addition, pages can represent receiving some kind of news or a message, of either an emotional or spiritual nature. If I sense that is the case in a reading, I will draw another card to clarify the news or message, which is a tip I learned from Tarot reader John Mangiapane, in his book “It’s All in the Cards.” I decided to draw this clarifying card, to see what further message the Tarot wanted to give me. The card I drew as the Message Card is the 9 of Wands, another Minor Arcana card; the message on the card:

Nine of Wands-Stand By (-): You have many past achievements. Now you feel confused and pause. Proceeding will allow you more success. I look at this card as a card that means being on guard, and is a time of waiting and preparation. It’s a card that can mean not to allow anyone to mess around with you.

The Page of Cups (with the 9 of Wands) in Action

Little did I know the card would be put into action in my life so quickly after being drawn. I actually drew this card yesterday morning, Sunday, March 18. On my agenda for the day was to attend a baby shower for a teen-aged mother of a friend of mine. This was after I got out of church for the day. I was not able to attend my regular monthly Tarot group meeting, as it would have been a scheduling conflict. The group meets at my church, and I was able to see two young women, who had to be in their late teens, attending their first meeting (they were coming in as I was leaving).

When I left the shower, I decided to stop at the mall, and go to the bookstore. I’m in the New Age and Personal Growth section, nose in a book on Numerology (“Glynis Has Your Number,” by Glynis McCants), when I can sense a young teenage girl looking at me, to my right, at the end of the aisle. My antennae were immediately raised, and I kept my nose in the book, aware of her presence. She motioned for her friend, another girl, to come over, so now there are two of them staring at me. Nose still in my book. They whistle and cat call at me, and I continue to have my nose in the book, ignoring their childish behavior, thinking they will just move on if I don’t play along. They decide to split up; the friend of the initiator decides to go around and they are now approaching me from each end of the aisle. I let them get midway, and without raising my head from my book, I said loudly, “Don’t you young  ladies have anything better to do with your time than to mess with me?” I turn to my right, facing the girl who started this whole thing. Her friend, at this point, was gone. She stands there innocently, and says, “I have a YouTube channel.” Really? Seriously? She and her friend were going to pull a prank on a stranger so they could broadcast it on YouTube. I looked at her, shook my head back and forth, and walked further down the aisle, and resumed my book browsing. The girl left. When I pondered the “lesson” for having the experience, I remembered the cards, and their message.

I share this story so you can see how to apply the cards into your daily experiences. When you relate to the cards in this way, you create your own meanings for them.

In closing, just as I did in the previous installments, I offer these affirmations for your consideration this week for the Page of Cups:

  • I am open and receptive to new and emotionally positive relationships.
  • I acknowledge my own innate creativity.
  • I trust my intuition, and allow it to further develop.
  • I am receptive to the guidance and the messages from Spirit.
  • I am in the process of becoming emotionally and spiritually mature.

If you enjoyed viewing the Page of Cups card from the Tell Me Tarot, you can gain more information about the deck at

See you next week with another card of the week!

Your “Positive Intuitive,”



About James Himm

James Himm Mitchell, the Dreamer and Visionary of LifePlan Coaching & Consulting, LLC, works as an intuitive life coach, with a focus on personal growth and development. His specialties are Dream Decoding, Oracles (Tarot, playing cards, and Lenormand), and Energy Medicine (Reiki), and he uses those modalities coaching individuals to create the tools and develop the strategies that transform their lives.
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