Trick or Treat from the Tarot: 6 of Pumpkins

Today being Halloween, it was a great reason to break out a deck in my collection, created with this day in mind! Today’s Tarot card comes from the Halloween Tarot, created by Kipling West and published by U.S. Games.

Really being in the Halloween spirit today, I “felt” like pulling not just one card, but two cards today (after all, I don’t use this deck most of the year). The first card I pulled was the Ace of Ghosts, which I posted on my Facebook page earlier (and you can check out by going here).

The 6 of Pumpkins (also known as the 6 of Pentacles), from the Halloween Tarot.

The 6 of Pumpkins (also known as the 6 of Pentacles), from the Halloween Tarot.

The second card was the 6 of Pumpkins, which is also known as the 6 of Pentacles in the standard Tarot deck.

I love how appropriate the image on this card is; it not only accurately depicts an aspect of Halloween, but also keeps with the theme of the card. As we look at the image, we see a woman, dressed as a witch, giving out candy to the trick-or-treaters that have come to her door. The theme of the card also reflects this aspect of Halloween: giving and receiving.

The 6 of Pumpkins tells us that in our relationships (the 6 is a reflection of the Lovers, and can indicate relationships) we will, at times, be a giver, and at other times, be on the receiving end of someone else’s giving. Both roles are important, in the grand scheme of things—there can be no receiving without giving, and no giving without receiving. The 6, being an even number, suggests balance. This is a caution to us about playing the role of always being the person who gives, and has difficulty receiving from others; it also cautions us to not just be the “takers,” meaning the people who are only willing to take what others give them, yet they are either incapable or unwilling to give of themselves.

The Lovers card also reflects the Law of Attraction, a topic I have talked about here in previous blog posts. The Law basically states that “what we place our focus and attention on is what we get more of.”

Looking at the image on the card again, we see that one trick-or-treater is receiving candy, while the other stands by, waiting for his or her turn. One could possibly say that the “cat” is experiencing flow and abundance, while the “ghost” is experiencing lack and scarcity. The “cat” is known as a witch’s “familiar,” which is the spirit that supports the witch; going with that idea, the Law talks about “like attracting like,” which means that a vibration attracts another vibration it is “familiar” with. This trick-or-treater then sees the manifestation of abundance thinking. The “ghost,” in comparison, could be waiting and wondering if there will be enough candy for him or her. Haven’t you ever had that thought, the thought about whether there will be enough to go around? (I have to admit that I have this thought when it comes to candy for the kids on Halloween: Will I have enough candy for all the kids that come to the house? I have to catch myself, and know that I will attract the experience of not having enough based on that thinking!) The “ghost” then sees the manifestation of scarcity thinking.

We can learn from the “witch” as well. She is in the position of giving out the candy, deciding who gets what, and how much. Some may get more, some may get less. One deciding factor may be the costumes that each trick-or-treater wears in her presence. Have we ever made a decision about who we will either give or not give to based on an appearance? Going bigger and grander, she illustrates the Source, holding all the candy in the Universe (all the Good that Life has to offer), saying that the Universe is an abundant place (if we choose to think It is), and that there is more than enough for everyone—it really boils down to a matter of distribution. The principle here is that when we choose to be giving, we will receive. When we choose to withhold (which is usually rooted in some form of fear), we can set ourselves up to experience lack in the future.

One thing that can influence things is our ability to be grateful. When given candy, what is it that most trick-or-treaters will say? Two words: “Thank you.” Expressing gratitude, when we are in the flow, will allow us to experience more to be grateful for. If we are stuck in scarcity thinking, one thing we can start doing is expressing gratitude for what we currently have. For our “ghost,” he or she could express gratitude for the candy already received in his or her bag, setting the stage to receive more because the focus has changed.

No matter what position we take on the card, each one gives us some perspective about our lives.

Halloween is all about tricks and treats. In the spirit of the 6 of Pumpkins, I’m going to focus my attention on the treats—because what I place my focus and attention on grows.

Happy Halloween! No tricks—just treats!


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James Himm Mitchell, the Dreamer and Visionary of LifePlan Coaching & Consulting, LLC, works as an intuitive life coach, with a focus on personal growth and development. His specialties are Dream Decoding, Oracles (Tarot, playing cards, and Lenormand), and Energy Medicine (Reiki), and he uses those modalities coaching individuals to create the tools and develop the strategies that transform their lives.
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