The Year of the Chariot

Our Universal Year Card, the Chariot, from the Rider-Waite Tarot. The Rider-Waite Tarot is published by U. S. Games, Inc.

Our Universal Year Card for 2014, the Chariot, from the Rider-Waite Tarot. The Rider-Waite Tarot is published by U. S. Games, Inc.

In my work helping clients crack their “career code,” I use the numbers in their dates of birth to uncover the great work their souls have come to accomplish in this lifetime. As a result of that work, I have posted both here and over at my business blog my explorations into the science of numbers we call numerology. Most of those explorations have focused on particular individuals and their numbers.

We all go through personal year cycles when the calendar year changes, but did you also know that we collectively share a similar experience? We do, and that is called the Universal Year. This is derived when we take the numbers in the current calendar year and add them together, reducing them to a single digit.

Since this is the beginning of a new week in a new year, I thought it would be fun to share the vibration of the New Year, an experience we will all have as a whole, since, on a spiritual level, we are all one, and what one experiences, we all experience.

Taking this year, 2014, we calculate the Universal Year Number as follows: 2+0+1+4=7. So, our Universal Year Number for 2014 is 7. The 7 highlights an intellectual and spiritual focus. It is a number related to self-awareness and personal insight, and the metaphysical sciences. It encourages solitude and taking a sabbatical from the physical world for study. As a year cycle, it is a quiet and introspective year, and we are being encouraged to allow the changes of life to occur naturally rather than trying to force things. We are being asked to trust our intuitions, for they are very powerful during this vibration.

As a student and practitioner of the Tarot, I like to bring in aspects of the card from the Major Arcana that corresponds to the Universal Year Cycle, and call it “The Year of….” In this particular case, our card is the Chariot, the seventh in the Major Arcana (this Arcana represents our life lessons and spiritual and psychological influences at work in our daily life experiences). So, 2014 is “The Year of the Chariot.”

When the Chariot pulls up into our lives, we are being encouraged to consider our life direction. Where do we want to go? How will we get there? When will we know that we have arrived? The Chariot urges us to realize that life is about both the journey and the destination.

As we see in the image, our Charioteer rides alone, the emphasis of the 7 being on solitude. Sometimes, in life, we have to go through experiences alone–no one can accompany us (which, most often, is a spiritual journey). This also says that we are responsible for both where we are in our lives in the present moment, as well as where we want to be in the future. You can’t be the passenger in your own life experience. When we blame other people for where we are in life, we have given them the reins, allowing them to control where we go and wind up. If that is true for you, this is the year for you to consider why that might be (the 7 being about self-awareness and personal insight) and how you can create positive ways to get back in the driver’s seat.

Lastly, this card is all about forward movement, advancement, progression, and being on the right track. But look at our image once again: our Charioteer has no reins to move the Sphinxes; the movement here is a mental process, which reflects the metaphysical characteristics of the 7, which is that everything in life first begins with the thought. It reinforces the idea that our thoughts create our experience.

So, I leave you now to consider where you want to go, and how you will get there. Just like our daily travels, we don’t just hop in the car and go (well, most of us don’t, anyway); we have some idea where we want to go, and the route we will take to get there. And part of that process, just like we learned when we were taught how to drive, is to take a moment and consider where you are at in the present moment. You know, that time we check our surroundings and the interior workings of the car, as we strap in and start the ignition. Look around you, and appreciate that previous journeys have brought you where you’re at now. Ask what you learned, being grateful for the learning opportunity, as you wave bye-bye in the rear view mirror, on to the next exciting leg in the road trip of your life.

Your fellow traveler in the journey of life,


About James Himm

James Himm Mitchell, the Dreamer and Visionary of LifePlan Coaching & Consulting, LLC, works as an intuitive life coach, with a focus on personal growth and development. His specialties are Dream Decoding, Oracles (Tarot, playing cards, and Lenormand), and Energy Medicine (Reiki), and he uses those modalities coaching individuals to create the tools and develop the strategies that transform their lives.
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