Today’s Tarot: That’s Gonna Leave a Mark…

The 3 of Swords, from the Robin Wood Tarot by Robin Wood.

The 3 of Swords, from the Robin Wood Tarot by Robin Wood.

When our Tarot card for today, the 3 of Swords, cuts into your day, it may be accompanied by a painful experience.

Swords are reputed to be the suit of challenges, problems, and troubles, and it’s no wonder with images like the 3 of Swords. In the image, we see a heart pierced by three swords amidst a gray, cloudy, rainy background. Obvious meanings associated with this card are pain, hurt, and heartbreak.

Those feelings can be attributed to a break-up, separation, or divorce, which are situations associated with the 3 of Swords. I have also come to see this card as an indicator of severance in job/career-related questions, as well as a move that leads to one’s independence—but it will be a painful process.

The 3 swords can be a reference to situations that involves a “third party” and lies and betrayal play a part in that.

Playing on the image, in health-related matters, this card can suggest being “under the weather.” In other health-related situations, this card can suggest heart-related conditions (the most common being high cholesterol) and experiences that may require minor surgery (I had this card come up when someone I knew was having dental surgery).

And speaking of surgery, this card suggests that no matter the situation, it’s going to leave a mark of some kind, just like most surgeries leave a scar. It just depends on the severity (a word that contains the root of “severance”) of the condition leading up to the operation. The more severe the condition/situation, the greater the scar will be.

But all scars heal more and more with time.

So, for today, consider what severe storms you’ve weathered that you’re still affected by (the light rain indicates the emotional release that still may need to occur). You may still be uncertain (the gray clouds) as to why you had to experience such a painful situation, and that’s okay. In time, though, consider the possible silver lining to this dark cloud, because it is there. And you’ll see it when you’re ready.

And that scar will be just a mark—the visual reminder of an experience that you survived, learned from, and grew from as a result.

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