Your Week in Tarot: Week Ending February 15, 2015

It’s Monday–which means it’s time for a new weekly Tarot forecast!

As you know, here’s how I conduct the reading:

I take the entire deck (this week I’m using the Original Rider Waite Tarot) and separate it into three piles: the first pile being the cards of the Major Arcana; the second pile being the Court Cards (which I also call the People cards); and the third pile being the remaining Minor Arcana cards.

Then, I pull one card from each pile, which will represent different aspects of the week:

  • The card from the Major Arcana, which is the suit that represents the lessons we are learning through the experiences of life, represents the Theme for the week.
  • The card from the Court Card pile represents a particular Approach we are encouraged to consider adopting for the week.
  • And, the card from the pile of the Minor Arcana, which are the cards that speak to our daily activities of everyday living, represents the Most Likely or Most Probable Outcome—if we adopt the approach suggested by the preceding card.

Here are our cards for this week:

  • Theme: The Sun
  • Approach: Page of Wands
  • Outcome: 8 of Cups
Your Week in Tarot: The Sun, Page of Wands, and 8 of Cups, from the Original Rider Waite Tarot.

Your Week in Tarot: The Sun, Page of Wands, and 8 of Cups, from the Original Rider Waite Tarot.

The Sun-Original Rider Waite TarotThe Sun, representing our theme, is said to be the best card in the deck, outshining all other cards. It is a card of clarification—things become clear. Clarity comes when we choose to become more conscious about ourselves and how we move through and experience our lives. What are you willing to see more clearly this week? What situations are you willing to “clear up” this week?

The Sun is a card of personal freedom. What would you be willing to do this week, as a step toward your own sense of freedom? The Sun suggests you have the energy to take that step.

The Sun is a card of achievement. It’s a card that asks you to look at all the achievements in your life—those things that have brought you moments of great (personal) happiness and satisfaction (meaning you accomplished those things for yourself—not with the expectation of making others happy with you). The Sun wants you to know those were your moments of “brilliance” and “radiance.” And this week, there may be more moments to come!

Page of Wands-Original Rider Waite TarotThe Page of Wands, being the approach we are being encouraged to consider adopting, is asking us to greet this week with eagerness and enthusiasm.

This card can mean a new opportunity will come to you, or you may receive good news either in the mail, a phone call, or e-mail.

The Page of Wands is a card that suggests believing in yourself. When new opportunities come our way, they also come with new challenges. Pages can indicate learning stages of development, and it is said that our greatest “growth spurts” come about through the things that challenge us. Believe in yourself enough to know that if a challenge comes your way, you are ready to take it on. This is the time for you to “make it happen,” as Mariah Carey once sang.

If you believe in yourself, and have confidence in yourself and your abilities and capabilities, you will attract people who will share in your belief and your confidence (The Sun).

8 of Cups-Original Rider Waite TarotWith the final card in this week’s reading, the 8 of Cups, we see the result of the cards that have come before.

The 8 of Cups can suggest going on a spiritual quest, a search for meaning in one’s life. This can mean literal travel, but most often, spiritual quests are taken by going within. Either way, this means that you will be “going it alone,” that it is a trek for you and you alone. You may be moving into unfamiliar territory, into spaces and places you have never gone before.

This journey will require you to leave the past behind–and with that, some people, places, circumstances, and conditions that no longer serve and support you–in fact, those very things may now be draining you. This is a time of release that will help to improve your overall well-being.

This is your time. Give yourself the space–and the permission–to decide what you need and want, and if it can be found where you are at in life right now. If not, this may be your time to make some important, much-needed changes. And some of those changes may require you to move on.

This week we get a bonus card! When a Page appears in a reading, it can suggest news and messages the Page has for us. When this happens, I pull another card to see what the news or message is.

Our Message card for the week: 3 of Wands, also from the Original Rider Waite Tarot.

Our Message card for the week: 3 of Wands, also from the Original Rider Waite Tarot.

Our message card (which I pulled from the remaining Minor Arcana cards) is the 3 of Wands. This week will be a week to explore your options and broaden your horizons!

When you see the 3 of Wands on your horizon, you may be waiting for your ship(s) to come in. You are beginning to see the results (the number 3) of the work you have put into a situation–but there may be additional elements you still need to wait on.

This is a wonderful card for practitioners of the Law of Attraction, as the 3 is the number of abundance and manifestation–it is a time of increase. From the perspective of the Law of Attraction, the message of the 3 of Wands is of development. It is a card that asks you to consider the energy you are putting out—and for what purpose.

We see the end result by using our creative power of imagination (the 3 is the number of creativity, and creativity comes from our imaging faculty). This would be a good week to clear out those thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that are no longer producing results (again, a nod to the 8 of Cups).

No matter the situation, prospects for the future look very promising.

And that wraps up our reading for this week. I look forward to sharing this space here with you again next week!

Until then…have a Tarot-tastic week!

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