Live Long and Prosper

As you know from some of my previous posts, I’ve gotten into reading the Lenormand since the end of last year. Pulling cards in the morning is a part of my daily practice and allows me to get more proficient in my reading ability.

I pull three cards as a “daily draw,” asking the question, “What will happen today?”

Today, I pulled The Grave, The Tree, and The Ship, using my Under the Roses Lenormand.

The Grave-The Tree-The Ship-UtR Lenormand

The Grave, The Tree, and The Ship, from the Under the Roses Lenormand.

The Tree, being the center card, tells me the focus is on health, life, connection, and growth, as these are some of things I associate with the card.

In my previous post about a reading I did concerning being on Instagram, The Grave was present—and also the first card. As you may recall, The Grave is a card that can indicate something coming to an end, an illness, limitation, restriction, and confinement.

The Grave and The TreeLenormand is best read in pairs and triplets, so I first combine The Grave and The Tree. Grave + Tree can mean someone being sick (Grave = illness and Tree = health); a long-term (Tree) illness (Grave); and a long life (Tree) comes to an end (Grave). I have to admit, seeing this in the cards unnerved me a bit, but I recorded it in my journal anyway.

The Tree and The ShipNext, I paired The Tree and The Ship. The Ship is a card that can indicate travels, journeys, and transportation. It also has a foreign flair to it. With the combination of Tree + Ship, I noted life (Tree) goes on (Ship); a spiritual (Tree) journey; and a life (Tree) journey (Ship). The Ship, connected to things foreign, allows me to also see foreign (Ship) connections (Tree) and family (Tree being the “family tree”) abroad (Ship).

The Grave and The ShipAnother combination comes from a technique called mirroring or reflecting, which is formed from the cards flanking the center card. Here, I have Grave + Ship, which can be read as the end (Grave) of travel (Ship) or the end (Grave) of the journey (Ship).

After reading all the combinations, I string the cards together to form a sentence: The end (Grave) of a life (Tree) journey (Ship).

Going further with the cards, I see The Ship as someone passes on; someone makes his/her transition. The Tree then tells me it may have been health-related, and that the person lived a long life, and may even have lots of family and/or connections. With The Grave, again I come back to the idea that the passing comes from a long-term illness.

The Stars-UtR LenormandI add up the numbers of the cards to give me the Essence card, which may help to shed light on who this might possibly be—and the connection this person has to me. The cards are numbered 8 (Grave), 5 (Tree), and 3 (Ship); so 8 + 5 + 3 = 16. The 16th card in the deck is The Stars. The Stars can mean inspiration, so I consider this to say the person was an inspiration of some kind to me. I also noted that this being a card of the media, the person could have been in the media in some way.

For further clarification, I look to the playing card inserts. I add up the numbers of those cards: 9 (of Diamonds) + 7 (of Hearts) + 10 (of Spades) add up to 26. The 26th card in the deck is The Journal. Some of my meanings for this card are secrets, mystery, knowledge, and teaching. I also see it as being a reader, which also includes a reader of cards. The Journal (also known as The Book) can mean hidden knowledge when the image of The Journal/Book is closed; in this deck it is open, so I see this as public knowledge, or being an “open book.”

The Journal-UtR LenormandFor me, as a reader, I see it as confirmation of the reading itself. When I connect this with The Stars, I get the feeling that I will read (Journal) about this person online (The Stars can mean the internet). At this point, I am reminded The Stars can represent a network, so I see this as a “network of stars,” that the person was possibly a celebrity on a network show of some kind.

The final advice is provided by the 10 of Diamonds, the playing card insert on The Journal. This card, for me, can indicate wealth and prosperity. It can represent someone with a rich history and a long career (this is a card of a company, corporation, or family-owned business). This is a card of inheritances and legacies, so it can suggest this person has left behind something of value for future generations.

I stepped back, still wondering who this person might be. Well, I didn’t have to wait long to find out.

I went to the computer to check my e-mail, as I needed to resize a photo I was going to post on Instagram that I had e-mailed myself (which turned out to be an epic fail, but that’s another story for another time). When I opened up the homepage of my e-mail service, I saw a picture of William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, Kirk and Spock of “Star Trek,” with a caption beneath that read Nimoy had passed away.

Oh my gosh, I thought, this is it.

Reading the post provided by CNN, I saw that his passing was health-related: the cause of his passing was chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, as reported by his granddaughter, Madeleine Nimoy. Nimoy was 83 years old.

I am saddened by this news. I didn’t consider myself a “Trekkie,” but Spock was, by far, my favorite character of the “Star Trek” franchise (followed by Brent Spiner’s “Data”).


Leonard Nimoy as Spock, my favorite character in the “Star Trek” universe.

As a child, I felt an immediate connection to someone who didn’t always understand the emotions of those around him, and thought emotional displays, more often than not, as “illogical.”

And being a shy and introverted child, I sometimes felt like an alien in this world (sometimes I still feel that way).

Spock spoke to that for me, making me feel a little less lonely—and how could anyone not dig the “mind meld” and “Vulcan grip”—are you kidding me?!?

The 10 of Diamonds is a wonderful tribute card to both Leonard Nimoy and his invaluable contribution of Spock to all of us—Trekkie or not.

It quotes Spock perfectly: Live long and prosper.

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