Your Week in Tarot: Week Ending March 8, 2015

It’s Monday–new weekly Tarot forecast day! Yay!

If you’re here with me for the first time (welcome), or you’re dropping in again (welcome back!), here’s how I conduct this particular reading:

I take the entire deck (this week I’m using the Lo Scarabeo Tarot by Mark McElroy & Anna Lazzarini) and separate it into three piles: the first pile being the cards of the Major Arcana; the second pile being the Court Cards (which I also call the People cards); and the third pile being the remaining Minor Arcana cards.

Then, I pull one card from each pile, which will represent different aspects of the week:

  • The card from the Major Arcana, which is the suit that represents the lessons we are learning through the experiences of life, represents the Theme for the week.
  • The card from the Court Card pile represents a particular Approach we are encouraged to consider adopting for the week.
  • And, the card from the pile of the Minor Arcana, which are the cards that speak to our daily activities of everyday living, represents a Possible Challenge we might face through the course of the week.

Our cards for this week are:

  • Theme: The Hierophant
  • Approach: King of Wands
  • Challenge: 9 of Pentacles
Your Week in Tarot: The Hierophant, King of Wands, and 9 of Pentacles, from the Lo Scarabeo Tarot, by Mark McElroy & Anna Lazzarini.

Your Week in Tarot: The Hierophant, King of Wands, and 9 of Pentacles, from the Lo Scarabeo Tarot, by Mark McElroy & Anna Lazzarini.

The Hierophant-Lo Scarabeo TarotThe Hierophant, our theme for the week, is asking us to consider how our daily lives are really our spiritual teachers. We can, at times, get so caught up in the idea–the belief–that our greatest spiritual teachers are outside of us, in the form of other people (and sometimes that is the case), but our greatest spiritual teacher is Life itself.

Life is always giving us the opportunity to examine, and re-examine, our beliefs, and to learn which of those beliefs are actually our own, and which have been taught to us from others.

The Hierophant is sometimes shown as a man speaking in front of an audience. He is sharing his beliefs, his wisdom, with those who wish to hear what he has to say. Those in the audience, on some level, must share a similar belief system—or, are at least open to hearing what his life experiences have taught him—and perhaps learning from those experiences.

So, for this week, first consider how you might be like The Hierophant. What do you believe? What have you learned from your own life experiences? Who is your “audience?” Are you sharing with people who resonate with your beliefs, and gaining (or seeking) their approval—or are you meeting with their disapproval?

Whose words and teachings are you following? Whose beliefs and experiences resonate with you—and why? And—are you just merely listening—or, as they say in Christian spiritual circles—are you a “doer of the Word?”

King of Wands-Lo Scarabeo TarotThe King of Wands, the approach Tarot is encouraging us to consider adopting this week, is the card of the spiritual leader (keeping with The Hierophant), the business leader, the politician, and the entrepreneur. No matter the position or title, the King of Wands brings passion and devotion to his (or her) work.

This card asks us to consider the idea that we are powerful, creative, spiritual beings. As spiritual beings having a human experience, this card urges us to take what we have learned from life (maturity) and use that as fuel (passion) for our creative self-expression (the suit of Wands being about our public and private image and identity).

The King of Wands is a reminder that we are not “becoming someone.” Rather, we are allowing the masterpiece that is within each of us to be revealed–when we choose to get out of our own way.

The suit of Wands is about intention and action. So, this week, I invite you to consider how you might step more fully into your own power–and take the step.

9 of Pentacles-Lo Scarabeo TarotWith the 9 of Pentacles, we see what form the Possible Challenge may take this week.

When the 9 of Pentacles rests upon you, the message is that your accomplishments have created a rich, safe, stable, and secure life.

The woman on the card represents a self-made person; she is self-sufficient and financially independent. She tells us we all have the ability (the suit of Pentacles represents our resourcefulness) to attain (the number 9) this level of independence.

The bird on her hand represents the teaching, training, instruction, and guidance (again, tying to The Hierophant) we need to learn—and apply (Pentacles also being about practical application)—to create that type of life.

This card says it will take dedicated training, discipline, hard work, and self-mastery to attain the life that many see as an alluring dream.

The 9 of Pentacles is telling you that life, right now, is quite good. You have worked hard for what you have. So, for today, as Barbara Walters said on her daytime TV show, right before she retired: “Take some time to enjoy the view.”

You have every right to appreciate, enjoy, and indulge in all the wonderful things you have accomplished and attained.

On the other side of the coin (in some decks, the suit of Pentacles is named Coins), since this card is associated with gain, as you go through the experiences of this week, ask yourself, what you’ve gained from each one–for that will be the value of those experiences–and making them valuable lessons.

And that wraps up our reading for this week. I look forward to sharing this space here with you again next week!

Until then…have a Tarot-tastic week!

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