The Lenormand Meets “Days of Our Lives,” Part 2: The Portrait of Will Horton

While doing my

While doing my “storyline style” of reading the Lenormand about Will Horton’s marriage, some intriguing patterns prompted me to explore further.

In the first episode of this drama, I combined two of my guilty pleasures—the Lenormand Oracle and “Days of Our Lives”—by doing a reading about the character Will Horton and his marriage to Sonny Kiriakis, which is in a state of crisis, because Will slept with Sonny’s ex, Paul.

I sat down with the cards and did what I call the “Storyline Style” of reading the cards, one by one, each new card adding a new element to the story on the table.

Sonny (The Man, on the left) and Will (The Gentleman, on the right), from the Malpertuis Lenormand.

Sonny (The Man, on the left) and Will (The Gentleman, on the right), from the Malpertuis Lenormand.

I had designated particular cards to represent Will, Sonny, and Paul. If you recall, the reading had turned up both Will’s card and Paul’s card—but not Sonny’s. Sonny was absent from the story. Uh-oh…

Out of curiosity, I turned over the remaining facedown cards on the table to see where Sonny was hiding. A startling revelation: Sonny’s card was actually next to Will’s the entire time!

And then I noticed that Sonny’s card, Will’s card, and the card that represented their daughter, Arianna, were all next to one another in a row.

Will Sonny Arianna-Malpertuis Lenormand

The Horton-Kiriakis family: Sonny (The Man), Will (The Gentleman), and their daughter, Arianna (The Child).

Intrigued by this, I turned over the cards beneath each of them to create what is called a “Portrait Spread,” which is a box of nine cards. The center card is Will’s card, because Will is the focus of the reading.

So these are the cards that make up Will’s Portrait: The Crossroads, The Moon, and The Bouquet (top row); The Man (Sonny), The Gentleman (Will), and The Child (Arianna; middle row); The Scythe, The Lilies, and The Mountain (bottom row).

Will Horton's Portrait Spread. Cards from the Malpertuis Lenormand.

Will Horton’s Portrait Spread. Cards from the Malpertuis Lenormand.

What additional information did these cards give me? Check out the video below:

If you prefer to read all about it, here you go:

The columns of Will’s Portrait represent the past (far left column), the present (middle column), and the future (far right column). Sonny, to the left of Will, places him in Will’s past. I note this in addition to the fact the card was originally facedown, and not a part of the larger reading.

Crossroads Man Scythe-Malpertuis LenormandThe cards above and below Sonny are The Crossroads and The Scythe.

The Crossroads, as I said in the previous video post, is a card that can suggest being at a crossroads and needing to make a choice of some kind.  The Crossroads can suggest options and alternatives.

The Scythe is a card that can indicate something painful, some type of hurt, wound, or injury, and a swift course of action. In relationship readings, it can suggest a break, a split, or something being cut/severed.

On the show, when Sonny found out about Will being with Paul, he went to confront his husband. On the way, Sonny was attacked and stabbed. He was rushed to the hospital and had to have emergency surgery. (The Scythe can indicate a dangerous situation as well as surgery.) After he recovered, he left town suddenly (Scythe, with Crossroads, which can mean a departure) so he could decide what he was going to do (Crossroads).

The line reads, “The choice (Crossroads) Sonny (Man) made to ‘split’ suddenly.” (Scythe)

Also, “A choice (Crossroads) affects Sonny (Man), causing him great pain.” (Scythe)

Moon Gentleman Lilies-Malpertuis LenormandThe Moon, which is positioned above Will, is a card that points toward work and career. Will’s work as a writer plays a big part in the story, as he is trying to make a name for himself (Moon is a card for fame and recognition), and has been a source of contention between Will and Sonny.

Below Will is The Lilies, which can represent wisdom and experience.

For Will, the line of cards suggests he (Gentleman) sees (Moon; seeing is a form of recognition) what the lesson (wisdom) of having this experience (Lilies) is for him.

Bouquet Child Mountain-Malpertuis LenormandIn the column that represents the future, The Bouquet is a card that can indicate a surprise, a gift, or an invitation. It can also mean something is pleasant, beautiful and wonderful.

The Child can indicate something new, small, or in its early stage of development.

The Mountain indicates blocks, challenges, and obstacles; something is either coming to a halt, or experiencing a setback or delay. Whatever the case may be, The Mountain suggests that there is something that will take a long time to overcome.

The line, as the future, reads, “A surprise (Bouquet) leads to a new (Child) challenge (Mountain).”

My guess: Sonny will find out that Will has been plotting to get Paul to leave town—in addition to the surprise (Bouquet) of Paul’s paternity (Child being Paul) when that is revealed—which will also be a result of Will’s scheming.

The upper and lower rows can also be read.

Crossroads Moon Bouquet-Malpertuis LenormandThe row of Crossroads + Moon + Bouquet reads as “Choices (Crossroads) involving work (Moon) lead to an emotional (Moon can also indicate emotions) surprise (Bouquet).”

Scythe Lilies Mountain-Malpertuis LenormandThe row of Scythe + Lilies + Mountain reads as “A split (Scythe), the result of a sexual experience (Lilies), is a challenge that will take a long time to overcome (Mountain).”

It’s cool to see how the cards have depicted what’s already happened as they hint at what’s to come.

In this next—and final—chapter of “The Lenormand Oracle Meets Days of Our Lives” drama, I perform a method called “Counting Round,” pulling some cards from Will’s Portrait designed to give us the final answer to the question as to whether or not the Horton-Kiriakis marriage can be saved.

Stay tuned…

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