The Lenormand Meets “Days of Our Lives,” Part 3: Will Horton’s Line of Five

Doing Will Horton's Lenormand Portrait Spread prompted me to extract cards to produce a bottom line reading, called the

Doing Will Horton’s Lenormand Portrait Spread prompted me to extract cards to produce a bottom line reading, called the “Line of Five.” Here, I begin by “Counting Round” the Portrait for the cards that will make up the answer.

Previously, in this drama of The Lenormand Meets “Days of Our Lives,” I did a Portrait Spread for the character of Will Horton, exploring the question of whether or not he could save his marriage to Sonny Kiriakis.

Will Horton's Portrait Spread. Cards from the Malpertuis Lenormand.

Will Horton’s Portrait Spread. Cards from the Malpertuis Lenormand.

At the end of that video/post, I shared that there was another technique I would use to serve as the bottom line answer for this question—and bring this drama to its denouement.

The technique, which I learned from divination expert Caitlin Matthews (in her wonderful book “The Lenormand Oracle Handbook”) is called “Counting Round” and produces a reading known as a “Line of Five.”

To get Will Horton’s “Line,” we take his Portrait, and starting with his card in the center, count two and remove the second card each time, for a total of five cards.

What do these cards tell us? Check out the video below:

If you prefer to read all about it, here you go:

So, Will’s “Line” will consist of these cards, in this order: The Gentleman, The Scythe, The Mountain, The Moon, and The Man.

Will Horton's Line of Five Lenormand reading.

Will Horton’s Line of Five Lenormand reading.

The Mountain-Malpertuis LenormandIn this reading, we have The Mountain as the focus card, because it’s in the middle of the line. As I’ve said in the past, The Mountain indicates blocks, obstacles, challenges, setbacks, and delays. It says that whatever the situation, it will take a long time to overcome.

Scythe and Moon-Malpertuis LenormandThe topic in-depth is represented by the pairing of Scythe + Moon, which is read as an emotional (Moon) disconnection (Scythe).

Gentleman and Man-Malpertuis LenormandThe outer cards, which can represent the summation, are Gentleman + Man, which are Will and Sonny, respectively. These cards offer no additional information because they represent the people the reading is about.

Gentleman and Scythe-Malpertuis LenormandThe cards representing what’s influencing the situation are Gentleman + Scythe. This pairing points to Will (the blade of the scythe is pointing at Will) as the reason for the disconnection between he and Sonny.

The Scythe, being a card of pain and hurt, acknowledges that, while Sonny is hurting from Will’s actions, Will is also causing himself hurt and pain. The Scythe is a card of removal, and with the blade pointing at him, it suggests that, because of his own actions, he may have removed himself from Sonny’s life.

Moon and Man-Malpertuis LenormandThe cards that represent the most likely outcome are Moon + Man, which I see as telling us that Sonny (Man) has been hit emotionally (Moon) from this blow (Scythe) from Will (Gentleman)—it’s like a knife in the heart.

The Moon-Malpertuis LenormandThe playing card insert on The Moon is the 8 of Hearts, also known as the 8 of Cups in Tarot. This aspect of the card indicates a departure, and leaving the past behind. It can mean moving on from a situation that has been emotionally painful—and moving on alone.

As a timing device, it can suggest an emotional decision will be made in a month’s time (The Moon and the 8 of Hearts represent a full lunar cycle, which is a month). So, it will be interesting to see where things go from here in the next month.

Scythe and MountainMountain and Moon-Malpertuis LenormandTaking the pair of Scythe + Mountain, I read it as a disconnection (Scythe) that will take a long time to overcome (Mountain). And the pair of Mountain + Moon can be read as an emotional (Moon) challenge (Mountain).

So, the bottom line here looks like Will has possibly cut himself out of Sonny’s life and that Sonny will choose to move on. The Mountain, as the central card, suggests that the challenges facing this couple may be just too much to overcome.

Being a soap opera, expect more setbacks and delays to come.

lenormand and days of our livesAnd, with that, our reading—and our series The Lenormand Meets “Days of Our Lives”—come to their conclusions.

I will post future updates letting you know how things develop.

And if you happen to be a “Days” watcher, I’d love for you to join in the fun, sharing your thoughts and keeping me in the know (as I don’t get to tune in to the show everyday).

And be on the lookout for my next Lenormand “storyline style” reading, which will focus on the budding relationship between Elizabeth Webber and Jake Doe (who is really Jason Morgan!) on “General Hospital.”

Stay tuned…

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