Your Week in Tarot: Week Ending May 31, 2015

I hope you enjoyed the Memorial Holiday weekend! I spent most of the weekend with family: immediate, extended, and chosen. It was a wonderful time–but it also pushed this week’s post back a day.

So, instead of my opening with the usual “Happy Monday” (which I still said in the video, which was actually shot on Monday), I will say instead, “Happy Tuesday!” And being two days into a new week already—let’s just dive right in to this week’s Tarot reading!

For this week’s reading, once again I’ll be using The Odyssey Tarot by Jean Hutter.

Here’s this week’s reading by video:

If you prefer to read the post, here it is:

Our cards for this week are:

  • Theme: The Sun
  • Approach: Page of Wands
  • Challenge: 4 of Pentacles
Your Week in Tarot: The Sun, Page of Wands, and 4 of Pentacles, from the Odyssey Tarot by Jean Hutter.

Your Week in Tarot: The Sun, Page of Wands, and 4 of Pentacles, from the Odyssey Tarot by Jean Hutter.

When our Theme card for the week, The Sun, rises and shines upon you, this is a time for the happy dance! In my Tarot circles, we look at the Sun card as the “happy happy, joy joy” card. I consider this to be the best card in the deck, and when it appears, it basically indicates everything good that could happen to, and for, you.

The Sun-Odyssey TarotThe Sun is a card of happiness, satisfaction, personal freedom, and clarification. Things always are clearer in the light of day The Sun is about conscious awareness.

The Sun card is also about achievement and success, and can suggest being successful in the arts, as our Lady in the card’s image might be a writer or poet.

The Sun primarily focuses on inner happiness. It concentrates on the bliss that comes from your emotional and spiritual world.

For this week, make a list (again referring to our Lady friend on the card) of all the things in your life that make you happy, the things you have accomplished and achieved, the things that have brought you a sense of personal satisfaction.

Then, look at your list, sit back, and smile serenely. The Sun is the card of your personal brilliance and radiance—what makes you shine. That is your list. Bask in the glow of all your wonderfulness.

Page of Wands-OdysseyWhen you receive news that the Page of Wands, our Approach card for the week, has blazed into your reading, you are embarking on a new and exciting phase of your life. This card can mean a new opportunity will come to you that you will be eager and enthusiastic about.

You may receive good news either in the mail, a phone call, or e-mail.

Lastly, this card suggests believing in yourself. When new opportunities come our way, they also come with new challenges. Believe in yourself enough to know that if a challenge comes your way, you are ready to take it on. This is the time for you to “make it happen,” as Mariah Carey once sang.

If you believe in yourself, and have confidence in yourself and your abilities and capabilities, you will attract people who will share in your belief and your confidence.

So…what are you going to make happen this week?

When our Potential Challenge card, the 4 of Pentacles, is among the stack, it can suggest being possessive, trying to tightly hold on to what you’ve got. You’re working hard to reach your goals, but your achievements (going back to The Sun) aren’t bringing you that sense of satisfaction.

4 of Pentacles-OdysseyThis card can be encouraging you to not be afraid of change, and to be on guard about clinging to the status quo because it’s all-too familiar. This card can suggest holding on to things because it creates a sense of security—and change can bring out all our insecurities, which we can consciously and unconsciously try to avoid at all costs. When this card appears, it asks you to consider being open to new ideas and the opinions of others.

When the 4 of Pentacles comes your way, your fixed ideas about security and safety may be holding you back from fulfillment (The Sun), but change is way too scary.

Since The Sun is also a money card, with the 4 of Pentacles, you may not be the extravagant type because you don’t want to waste money (this card is about conservation and being conservative)—you want to make every penny count. You may believe that a certain amount of selfishness (this card carries the image of someone who is greedy or a miser) concerning both your time and money (two of the most valuable commodities we desire) is needed to build a solid financial foundation.

The 4 in Tarot, for me, is about foundation and creating a framework. In its more challenging sense, this number can also be about limitation and restriction, as its symbol is the square—or a box. How might you be boxing yourself in by living an existence of only limitation and restriction all the time? What small way might you begin to loosen up a little bit, so you can enjoy some of the good things in life (The Sun)?

This week, be willing to find your inner comfort zone, and also be willing to think outside the box.

This week, we get a bonus card! When a Page appears in a reading, it can suggest news and messages the Page has for us. When this happens, I pull another card to see what the news or message is.

Our Message card (which I pulled from the remaining Minor Arcana cards) is the Ace of Swords.

Our Message card for this week: the Ace of Swords.

Our Message card for this week: the Ace of Swords.

When the Ace of Swords is being handed to you, it signals that a triumph, a victory, and success coming your way!

Aces herald the beginning of a new chapter, stage, or phase in your life. Seeds are being planted that have the potential to grow into something wonderful. For me, the Ace of Swords can suggest the beginning stages of a new lifestyle, and part of that could mean a job or career change.

This particular Ace often means a new thought, idea, or concept suddenly coming to you that gives you clarity, that presents the answer or solution to a problem you’ve been experiencing (which complements The Sun card nicely).

Being a Metaphysician, I see this as an idea in Divine Mind—the One Mind. It is said that all ideas already exist in Divine Mind, and it’s just a matter of “pulling down” those ideas.

And since I mention problems, the suit of Swords is a suit that is known to represent challenges. The Ace of Swords, in this sense, could suggest a bumpy start on the way to things becoming clear, or leading to that triumph, victory, and success—so, like the ballerina on the card, it’s a matter of walking that fine line!

Also, Swords can represent the way we communicate, and that words are double-edged: they have the power to both harm and heal. How will you use your words this week (keeping with the idea of the Page of Wands being a messenger)?

The Ace of Swords, being a card of Truth, asks us to stand in our truth—and to be truthful—without intentionally causing harm to others. Because the Truth is that what we inflict on another will be inflicted on us.

And that wraps up another weekly reading! Wishing you a Tarot-tastic week!

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