The Lenormand Looks In On “Larias”

Okay…so I first did this with Will Horton and Sonny Kiriakis from “Days of Our Lives.” Then I did it with Elizabeth Webber and Jake Doe/Jason Morgan on “General Hospital.”

And recently, I went and did it for a third time.

If you’re new here, you may be wondering just what “it” is. And what does “it” have to do with couples from soap operas?

Back at the table with the Lenormand, exploring the romance of yet another soap couple.

Back at the table with the Lenormand, exploring the romance of yet another soap couple.

What I’ve been doing is using my Lenormand Oracle for readings on these fictitious couples as a way to gain some experience, focusing on people other than myself all the time, with the cards.

Plus, these are storylines I’m actually following on these shows (yes, soaps have been one of my guilty pleasures for years), and thought it would be fun to see what kind of sneak peek the cards would allow me.

A storyline on the Finnish soap, "Salatut Elämät" (Secret Lives), piqued my interest--and set the stage for another of my "Storyline Style" readings.

A storyline on the Finnish soap, “Salatut Elämät” (Secret Lives), piqued my interest–and set the stage for another of my “Storyline Style” readings.

Because I’ve been regularly posting my Tarot videos on my YouTube channel, I get lots of recommended videos to watch. That’s how I found clips of a soap named “Salatut Elämät,” which is Finnish (it takes places in Helsinki, Finland) for “Secret Lives.”

A fellow YouTuber, who goes by the handle “missfinlandia88,” started posting clips of the show featuring a couple, Elias Vikstedt and Lari Väänänen, two young men falling in love amidst a lot of complications (it is a soap, after all—Finland’s one and only, which has been running for 16 years now). I’m guessing this was recommended to me due to my posting Lenormand readings about a gay couple on this side of the globe (the United States).

The couple that's become a phenomenon on YouTube: Lari Väänänen (played by Ronny Roslof, left) and Elias Vikstedt (played by Petteri Paavola, right) on "Salatut Elämät."

The couple that’s become a sensation on YouTube: Lari Väänänen (played by Ronny Roslof, left) and Elias Vikstedt (played by Petteri Paavola, right) on “Salatut Elämät.”

This poster’s dedication and diligence to regularly posting these clips has helped to create a sensation called “Larias” (a hybrid of the names Lari and Elias), making the characters and the actors who play them (Ronny Roslof and Petteri Paavola, respectively) immensely popular.

I started watching, and got hooked on their story. And because of that, I thought I would do another “Storyline Style” reading on “Larias,” to see what the Lenormand might reveal, and as a way for me to continue to get in some more practice and experience with the cards.

The video below presents more on the situation, the players in the drama, and the reading itself:

It will be fun to see how things play out from this point on with the storyline on the show (as I continue to get caught up on what has happened in the past with older clips).

And I already have an idea for my next couple, shifting from daytime dramas to one in primetime…

As they say on the soaps, “Stay tuned!”

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