An Update on “Larias”

Watching the season finale of Salatut Elämät had me

Watching the season finale of Salatut Elämät had me “going back to the videotape” for an “instant replay” of the reading I did on the “Larias” storyline.

At the top of the month, I posted my third “Storyline Style” Lenormand reading, all of which have centered on the romances of soap opera couples of interest to me. This particular reading focused on Lari Väänänen & Elias Vikstedt, dubbed “Larias,” from the Finnish soap Salatut Elämät (Secret Lives).

Well, I recently watched the season finale clip posted by missfinlandia88 on YouTube, and the show dropped a bomb as a cliffhanger that had me covering my open mouth in shock—partly because of the story, but also because the Lenormand picked up on it!

(If you watch the show, but have not seen the clip I’m referring to yet, stop reading this post right now—this is your spoiler alert warning!)

A little bit of a set-up: There’s been another storyline going that has involved a young woman named Sanni, who is Kalle’s younger sister; Kalle, you may recall from my reading, is the man Lari is slowly moving into a relationship with, since Elias has left Helsinki to be with his mother in Brussels.

Sanni had a baby, and there was a question of paternity between two of Lari’s friends, Janne and Tale. In time, it was determined that Janne was the father of Sanni’s baby, Ilja.

This set-up is relevant because of what was revealed in the clip…

In the clip, Kalle, in confidence, tells Lari that it now turns out that Janne may not be baby Ilja’s father after all. And Sanni was already pregnant when she and Tale got together, so he is not the father either. 

“Baby Daddy” Drama: Lari (Ronny Roslöf) suspects he may be baby Ilja’s father.

Upon hearing this, Lari goes to see Sanni. When he arrives, she gives him the baby to hold. Holding his godson (Lari was asked to be the baby’s godfather), we are shown a flashback of Lari and Sanni drinking, and Lari is very upset that Elias has moved on with Miska. Sanni suggests that Lari find a way to get over it, and, in true soap opera fashion, they wind up having sex.

Lari, still holding baby Ilja, asks Sanni directly, “Is Ilja my child?”

The scene ends…and we have to wait until the fall, when the new season starts, to find out the answer to this question… Mitä?! (That’s “What?!” in Finnish; you start to pick up words when you watch a soap in another language…)

Needless to say, I literally went back to the videotape of the reading, looking to see if this newest wrinkle was in the cards…and it was!

Here are the cards that pointed this “development” out, in the order they appeared in the reading: Key, Child, and Man (the card I designated to represent Lari).

Key, Child, and Man, from the Malpertuis Lenormand.

Key, Child, and Man, from the Malpertuis Lenormand.

The Key-Malpertuis LenormandKey is a card of discovery and revelations. It indicates answers and solutions are being sought—and found.

In the reading, I said, “The Key, being in the House of the Man, says the man discovers something, the man uncovers some truth.”

The Child-Malpertuis LenormandChild, being the next card, can represent something new; I also shared in the video that Child can mean potential, learning, and development.

In the video, I said, “The Child, in the House of the Key, can indicate a new discovery—a discovery that’s uncovered, something that’s learned or found out.”

One of the beautiful facets about Lenormand is that it can also be quite literal; in this case, Child was making reference to an actual child!

The Man-Malpertuis LenormandFollowing Child was Man (Lari). When I turned over the Man card, I said, “This new thing, this discovery, is connected to Lari in some way.”

Lari’s card ended the reading, just as the show ended the season on this note.

And here’s another dramatic development…

man lilies-lariasIf it does turn out that Lari is the father of Ilja, this definitely puts a kink into his slowly building relationship with Kalle (their relationship was shown in the reading by the Man card being next to Lilies, which can indicate an older man, and Kalle is older than Lari).

How will Kalle react when he discovers (Key) that Lari (Man), not only had sex (Lilies—remember I said Lilies was a sex card?) with his younger sister (Child can also represent a young/younger person)—but got her pregnant too?

And how will this development affect Elias when he returns?

I’ll just have to, as they say in both Finnish and on soaps, “Pysyä!” (Stay tuned!)

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