Today’s Tarot: King of Swords – A Mindful Approach

The King of Swords, from the Robin Wood Tarot by Robin Wood.

The King of Swords, from the Robin Wood Tarot by Robin Wood.

The King of Swords rules the mental and intellectual realms, so we are being asked to approach (Court Cards for me can indicate a particular approach) things today with a sense of mindfulness and using our ability of critical thinking.

We may be faced with a challenge that calls for us to take a stand for what we believe. This is the “going before the judge” card, and can suggest that we might be judged or criticized for our beliefs—or that we will be judgmental or critical of others for theirs.

Be mindful, for this reminds me of the adage: As you judge, so shall you be judged.

Keeping with the idea of “going before the judge,” as well as our Tarot reading for the week, a decision may be rendered.

The King’s arms cross his chest, which can suggest wanting to protect ourselves from being hurt emotionally (as his arms cover his heart chakra), and reinforcing the idea that the King is more of a thinker than a feeler.

And, lastly, this King is known for working in the industry of law enforcement. In the spiritual sense, this is asking us to consider how we “work” and “enforce” the Universal Law (of Cause & Effect, which was also a part of this week’s Tarot reading)—and the way we do that is through what we believe, and how we judge and perceive the effects that appear in our lives.

When we are greeted by the King of Swords, he is empowering us to use the power of our minds to cut to the heart of any matter before us.

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James Himm Mitchell, the Dreamer and Visionary of LifePlan Coaching & Consulting, LLC, works as an intuitive life coach, with a focus on personal growth and development. His specialties are Dream Decoding, Oracles (Tarot, playing cards, and Lenormand), and Energy Medicine (Reiki), and he uses those modalities coaching individuals to create the tools and develop the strategies that transform their lives.
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