The Stars Revisited

Stars, from the Dondorf Lenormand.

Stars, from the Dondorf Lenormand.

This morning, for my personal daily draw with the Lenormand, I pulled Stars as the middle card. Being the focus card, it reminded me of the video reading I did for this week with the same deck, because Stars was the focus card in that reading as well.

I had to chuckle because it’s Wednesday–the middle of the week—and Stars was the middle card of the video reading—also representing the middle of the week!

In the video, I said that Stars, being the focus, was about guidance this week. I said one of the ways we receive guidance is through our dreams.

While waiting for the arrival of my next client, I began to run the dream I had this morning through my mind.

This was the dream:

I’m arriving at a location for the rehearsal of a wedding that I’m going to be officiating. I’m talking with the bride-to-be. I’m wearing a suit, shirt, and tie, and I’m wearing a pair of what seem like ballet slippers on my feet. The woman notices the footwear, and I tell her I’m wearing these because they are comfortable. I ask her if she’s prepared her own vows for the ceremony. She hands me a section of the newspaper, telling me the vows are in the paper.

I was focused on the scenario of the wedding rehearsal and being the officiant. I am an ordained minister, and the first thing I did after being ordained was to officiate a wedding ceremony. But I haven’t done anything like that since for a few years now and I don’t have anything like that upcoming.

So, taking the literal off the table, I knew this was something more symbolic.

A technique I’ve shared in working with a dream to gain some understanding of its meaning is the Simple Storyline Sentence. Using this technique, I thought, “Something is being rehearsed until it becomes official.”

Running a dream through my mind brought me back to elements of the Lenormand reading I did for the week.

Running a dream through my mind brought me back to elements of the Lenormand reading I did for the week.

And as soon as the thought came, it felt like I was having a sudden a-ha moment, which I suggested may happen with the appearance of Key + Cross (a critical discovery/revelation) coming after Stars.

Also striking was the pair of Tower + Cross, which I said in the reading was indicative of a religious/spiritual institution, thinking of a church, synagogue, or mosque. But a marriage (which I would be making official) is also considered, by some, to be a religious institution.

And, my role in the dream was of a minister, a religious/spiritual officiant (which is now going to be one of my new meanings for this combo!).

So, I’ve had my important guidance (Stars + Key) today. Have you had yours yet?

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If you haven’t seen the video I’m referring to yet, or you want to check it out again, here’s the presentation:


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