The Weekly Outlook with the Lenormand

Recently, I conducted my first weekly Lenormand vidoe reading to give me more experience with the cards.

Recently, I conducted my first weekly Lenormand video reading to give me more experience with the cards.

Last week, I posted about doing a weekly reading with the Lenormand rather than Tarot, for a change of pace, as well as to continue gaining experience with the cards aside from my personal daily draws.

Yesterday, I woke up feeling the urge to do another video read with the Lenormand. As if to confirm this sudden burst of inspiration (that reading did have the pair of Stars + Key in it, which can mean unlocking or revealing inspiration), I received an e-mail notification from YouTube about activity with the video. In it, a woman named Michelle left an enthusiastic response to the video, and was emphatic with a “yes” (again, a reference to Key) for wanting to see more.

That was all I needed!

So, taking my copy of the Dondorf Lenormand, I shuffle, cut, and fan out the deck, pulling cards for what’s known as a Line of 5 (it’s also known as the Answer Spread), with this question in mind: What do we need to know about the week ahead?”

The video below reveals the cards in the reading:

If you prefer to read the post, here it is:

The cards for our reading are Moon, Man, Ways, Scythe, and Anchor.

The outlook for the week: Moon, Man, Ways, Scythe, and Anchor. Cards are from the Dondorf Lenormand.

The outlook for the week: Moon, Man, Ways, Scythe, and Anchor. Cards are from the Dondorf Lenormand.

ways-dondorf lenormandWhen I read a Line of 5, I start with the middle card, as it is the focus of the reading. Here we have Ways, which suggests the focus is on choices, options, and alternatives. Ways is a card that means choosing the best course.

man scythe-dondorfI move to the cards flanking Ways next, which is the pair Man + Scythe.

Man is a card that refers to a man significant in the situation. So, for any men following here, this would refer to you (and me). If you’re a woman following along, this would refer to a male close to you (which could be a father, brother, partner, or spouse).

Scythe is the card, in this case, used to tell us something about the Man. Scythe can indicate something abrupt, sudden, and swift. I take this to mean that the man in question may have to do something (in terms of Ways being choices and decisions, it might be the need to make a decision) quickly or suddenly; Scythe suggests the man needing to take a swift course of action on something.

moon anchor-dondorfMoving to the cards on each end, as the next pair, we have Moon + Anchor. Both are work-related cards; Moon can represent career, and Anchor work that is considered one’s livelihood. Moon is about reputation and recognition, while Anchor is work that is routine, and creates a sense of stability and security. The pair could be read as a stable and secure career, or having a reputation for being stable and reliable.

So, keeping with Ways as being about choosing the best course, the reading could suggest a work/career-related choice or decision to be made, and with it, looking at some options and alternatives.

moon man-dondorfI look to the pair of Moon + Man to the left of Ways next. This pair could refer to the reputation (Moon) of the man (Man) in question. What is the man known for doing? This pair could also suggest the man has been or is being recognized (Moon) for something he has already accomplished with his career (Moon before Man).

As Man faces Ways, this could be read as the man facing a decision to be made. It could be this man asking himself, “Where do I go from here?”

scythe anchor-dondorfMoving to the pair on the opposite side of Ways, we have Scythe + Anchor. Here, Scythe could mean a break, a cut, a disconnection; it means something being eliminated or removed. The pair could suggest something being cut/eliminated/removed (Scythe) that could affect one’s sense of security/stability (Anchor). The direction of the blade on Scythe, which is facing Anchor, can suggest what’s being cut/affected.

man ways scythe-dondorfReading Man + Ways + Scythe, we have “The man faces a decision that needs to be made quickly.” The decision (Ways) could be to cut/eliminate/remove something (Scythe) from his life.

moon ways anchor-dondorfReading Moon + Ways + Anchor, the choice (Ways) may be between doing work that is loved (Moon) or having to perform work that is routine, dull, and boring, but also has stability and security attached to it (Anchor).

The next thing I would do is to read the entire line of cards in forward narration, from left to right. The line could be read as, “Recognizing (Moon) that the man (Man) is faced with having to make a decision (Ways, and Man facing Ways) quickly (Scythe) about work (Anchor).”

weekly lenormand outlook 8-10-2015And that’s how Lenormand reads, which is like Scythe: it’s to the point. Tarot, as you know from my “Your Week in Tarot” posts, reads in a much different way.

As I asked the viewers of the video, if you enjoyed this style of weekly reading, please let me know—and if you’d like to see more of it in the future.

In my next post, I’ll share some other techniques I use in a Line of 5—and these involve the pips, which are the playing card inserts, on the cards.

Until then, here’s hoping you have a great week! Take care!

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