Lenormand Meets “Days” Update: Sonny Leaves Will—for Paris

lenormand-reading-daysA few months ago, I did a three-part video series reading the Lenormand about the marriage of Will Horton and Sonny Kiriakis on “Days of Our Lives.”

It began as a way for me to get some experience with the cards, which I’d only been working with since the end of 2014. At the time, I was only doing my own personal readings with the cards, and didn’t feel comfortable using them with other people like I do with Tarot.

Using the fictional characters of the soaps (successive readings were about Elizabeth Webber and Jake Doe/Jason Morgan from “General Hospital,” and Elias Vikstedt and Lari Väänänen from “Salatut Elämät”) served two purposes: One, I would be doing readings about people other than myself; and two, I would also be able to get verifiable answers, one way or another (either the predictions made would happen or not happen).

As I wrapped that initial series on Will and Sonny, I said I would provide updates as things unfolded. And every time something did occur, my intuition would tell me, “Wait. Wait for it.”

And what kind of intuitive would I be if I didn’t listen to my intuition when it spoke?

So, I waited.

This week, Sonny Kiriakis (played by Freddie Smith) said,

This week, Sonny Kiriakis (played by Freddie Smith) said, “Au revoir” to both his husband and Salem.

And this week, I knew why. Tuesday, on the August 18th episode of “Days” that aired, Sonny Kiriakis shocked his husband, Will, when he suddenly announced he was leaving him. And it wasn’t for Paul, Sonny’s ex—and the man Will cheated on Sonny with (and who was just as shocked when he heard the news)—but for Paris. He was bidding Salem, “Au revoir.”

He told Will that he couldn’t take his constant scheming and manipulations to hold onto him anymore.

Just as I had gleaned from the information throughout all three readings, in various ways, in the end I sensed the cards were saying that Sonny would have a “change of heart” and make the emotional decision to depart—and possibly quite suddenly and abruptly.

The cards keep repeating for me--in different ways--that Sonny could make the decision to leave Will.

The cards kept repeating for me–in different ways–that Sonny could make the decision to leave Will.

And he did. He had already made the decision to leave—and all the preparations—before telling his husband. By the time he told Will, Sonny was heading to the airport where the Kiriakis jet was waiting for him, ready to go. He was going off to Paris to handle running some nightclubs, for his Uncle Victor, that are having operational difficulties.

It was the perfect way for Victor to get Sonny away from Will, who he was angry at for cheating on his nephew.

And while Sonny said he needed space to think things through, one of two things could happen, at this point: One, Will receives some communication from Sonny that the marriage is over (like being sent divorce papers in the mail) at some time in the future; or two, Sonny does return, after some time has passed, possibly ready to pick things up with Will.

The pair of Moon and Man revealed something that would happen on-camera for Sonny--and off-camera for his portrayer, Freddie Smith.

The pair of Moon and Man revealed something that would happen on-camera for Sonny–and off-camera for his portrayer, Freddie Smith. Cards are from the Malpertuis Lenormand.

And here’s an interesting, behind-the-scenes nod the cards gave: In the final reading I did, the Line of 5 for Will, there was the pair of Moon + Man. At the time, I interpreted the pair to mean that Sonny would make the emotional decision to leave the marriage because he’d had enough and it was just getting to be too toxic, which he did.

Behind the scenes, actor Freddie Smith, who played Sonny, had won a Daytime Emmy for his portrayal in the role, right before it was announced he was leaving the soap. Moon is a card of career and recognition, and one of the ways that can show up is being honored or receiving some kind of award. How cool is that?

So, over the course of these past few months, the cards were right about these points:

  • Will did learn the truth about Paul’s paternity, and tried to conceal it to get Paul out of town.
  • It was revealed in a public place that John Black was Paul’s father—with Sonny, Will, Marlena, John, Paul, and Paul’s mother Tori all present—and all affected by the revelation, in one way or another.
  • Paul decided to stay in Salem after all.
  • Will continued to scheme against his rival Paul—and repeatedly got caught in his manipulations.
  • And, of course, Sonny deciding to leave Will.

So, the question that remains is if—or when—Sonny returns. And right now, that remains to be seen. I’ll just have to stay tuned…

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