The Lenormand Talks about My Dreams

The Clouds card of the Lenormand sparked a synchronistic moment between me and the Universe.

The Clouds card of the Lenormand sparked a synchronistic moment between me and the Universe.

A few days ago, I shared a synchronistic moment between me and the Lenormand; it involved the appearance of the Clouds card, and my inability to recall the details of a string of dreams the Lenormand had appeared significantly in.

The Universe had Clouds appear in my daily draw that morning, after having yet another dream about reading and working with the Lenormand—and again, not being able to recall any specifics. (Yes, even Dream Decoders go through periods like this!)

I had stated the intention of doing a Line of 5 reading with the Clouds card as the focus card (to represent the “fogginess” of not being able to remember the details of the dreams)—and then that very card was in the center of the daily draw!

And the message? A message being delivered (Rider) that is confusing and uncertain (Clouds) and abruptly cut off (Scythe). The cards were directly relating my experience back at me.

I took this as a nod to go ahead and actually do the Line of 5 reading, although I didn’t feel the need to use Clouds again as the focus card, since it had just appeared. I decided to let the deck pick the focus card for me.

So, with this question in mind, “What are my dreams about Lenormand telling me?” I shuffled, cut, and pulled 5 cards from the Dondorf Lenormand for my reading.

The cards were Whip, Tree, Fox, Coffin, and Fish.

Whip, Tree, Fox, Coffin, and Fish, from the Dondorf Lenormand.

Whip, Tree, Fox, Coffin, and Fish, from the Dondorf Lenormand.

Fox, being the focus card of the reading, for me, represents skill. In this context, I see Fox as saying the dreams are about my skill level with the cards. Fox is a work card, so it’s talking about my work with the cards.

Fox can also be about investigation, so the card is talking about my investigation of these dreams.

I quickly noted this about the individual cards:

  • Whip = something repetitive
  • Tree = growth and development over time
  • Fox = skill; work
  • Coffin = sleep/rest; forget/blocking out; sleeping = unconscious state
  • Fish = depth/deeper level

Seeing this right off, I really wanted to look at the pairs within the line.

The first is Tree + Coffin, which can be read as limited (Coffin) growth and development (Tree) or that growth and development (Tree) is being restricted (Coffin). The pair could also more accurately state the situation by saying, forgetting (Coffin) the developments (Tree), which is about my not being able to remember the dreams fully.

Next is Whip + Fish, which I read as trying to work and/or sort things out (Whip) at a deeper level (Fish).

Moving to Whip + Tree, I see the pair as exercises (Whip) for growth and development (Tree), as well as repetition (Whip) that is growing (Tree), again commenting on the frequency of the lack of dream recall.

And finally, coming to Coffin + Fish, I read it as going deeper (Fish) when sleeping (Coffin), and unconscious (Coffin) depths (Fish).

The triplet of Whip + Tree + Fox popped out next, as I see it as working and sorting things out (Whip) to develop and grow (Tree) my skill (Fox).

heart-dondorfGoing to the hidden dynamics next, the outer pips are 11 (Jack of Clubs; Whip) + 13 (King of Diamonds; Fish), which add to 24. The 24th card in the deck is Heart, which is a card of passion and enthusiasm.

stars-dondorf lenormandThe inner pips are 7 (7 of Hearts; Tree) + 9 (9 of Diamonds; Coffin), which add to 16. The 16th card in the deck is Stars, a card of inspiration and guidance. Stars is the card of dreams and prophecy, of the Divine and the Universe.

So, the hidden dynamic here is that the dreams are focusing on working and becoming skilled (Fox) with something (the Lenormand, which have been the topic of the dreams) I’m passionate about (Heart) and see as a source of inspiration and guidance (Stars).

birds-dondorf lenormandAdding all the pips together (11 + 7 + 9 + 9 + 13), the total is 39; 3 + 9 = 12. The 12th card in the deck is Birds, which is a card of communication—and frustration. I see this card as again, noting my frustration about not being able to get the message the dreams are trying to communicate to me.

bouquet-dondorf lenormandAnd for the final word, adding all the numbers on the cards (11 + 5 + 14 + 8 + 34), the total is 72; 7 + 2 = 9. The 9th card in the deck is Bouquet, a card of beautiful and wonderful surprises, as well as appreciation of talent.

What a nice way for the cards to sum up what the Lenormand dreams are trying to tell me!

Now that we’ve had this discussion (Birds), perhaps it will now be easier to remember the details of future dream appearances of the cards—especially if those details can help me in my work with the cards (Fox) when I’m awake.
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