My Lenormand “Thank You” Card(s)

This week has been a week of pleasant surprises regarding my series of Lenormand readings.

outlookwith lennie video thumbnail 8-2-2015

The reading that started it all.

I started, on a lark, doing weekly Lenormand readings at the beginning of the month. It initially started as a change-of-pace from my series “Your Week in Tarot” and I thought I would post one reading and resume with the Tarot readings as usual.

In that first video reading, I asked if people would be interested in seeing more, and if so to let me know. Truly an “ask and you shall receive” moment, because people have been steadily requesting more. And I’ve been both (pleasantly) surprised and delighted.

This week, I have seen an increase in the engagement over on my YouTube channel; there have been comments left here on the blog; I was left messages over on my Facebook page; and someone also left me a comment about the videos on one of my posts over on Instagram.

The comments have been very positive, all ending with a request for more Lenormand readings. I’m deeply grateful for all the words of encouragement and support, especially since I’m still in the beginning stage of my Lenormand journey.

Spirit put it on my heart to acknowledge this encouragement and support with a “thank you” video, which you can check out below:

If you prefer to read the post, here it is:

In the video, I shared the dream that got me to purchase my first deck and begin my study of the Lenormand. I also shared how I started working with the cards on video by doing readings about couples from soap operas and their storylines (some of which I’ve shared here on the blog).

Closing out the video, I shared my “go to” spread, the Line of 5, that revealed a message of gratitude. Here are the cards, from the Under the Roses Lenormand: Gentleman, Bouquet, Garden, Dog, and Journal.

thank you-lenormand reading

Gentleman, Bouquet, Garden, Dog, and Journal, from the Under the Roses Lenormand by Kendra Hurteau & Katrina Hill.

garden-under the rosesThe central card, Garden, is the focus card. In this context, Garden represents you, in that you are a part of my audience (whether you read the blog posts or watch the videos); I couldn’t do what I do here in this space without you!

bouquet dog-under the rosesGoing to the cards flanking Garden, we have the pair Bouquet + Dog. Bouquet, in this context, means appreciation, while Dog means support. The pair reads as supportive appreciation or appreciation of the support.

gentleman journal-under the rosesThe outer cards create the pair Gentleman + Journal. Gentleman represents me, as it typically represents a man significant in the situation. Journal (also known as Book) can represent teaching, education and study, so this would describe me as a student, since I’m studying the cards, learning how to work with them.

Journal can also represent a deck of cards and being a card reader, as it plays on the pun of “reading.” So the pair represents my being a card reader.

Gentleman and BouquetGoing to the left of Garden, we have Gentleman + Bouquet, which could be read as appreciating the man, again a reference to the wonderful comments and messages I’ve received. The triplet of Gentleman + Bouquet + Garden could then be read as the man (Gentleman) is appreciated (Bouquet) publicly (Garden being a card of the public).

dog journal-under the rosesBouquet is a card that can also mean surprise, so the pair would read as a surprised man, or surprising the man, which also fit well with the situation.

Over to the right of Garden, there’s Dog + Journal, which I read as support (Dog) for the readings (Journal). With the addition of Garden, the triplet can be read as the audience (Garden) is supportive (Dog) of the readings (Journal).

thank you-lenormand readingThe line, going from left to right, reads: The man (Gentleman, me) appreciates (Bouquet) his audience (Garden) for supporting (Dog) his readings/study of Lenormand (Journal).

And I really do. Thank you so much for all the encouragement, as it inspires me to keep going, and it means so much.

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In a future post, I’ll share what the pips have to say about this (you know they always have to get in on the act, right?)…

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