Weekly Lenormand Outlook: September 7-13, 2015

It’s a new week (as well as an extension of the weekend with today being Labor Day), which means it’s time for another weekly card reading!

Once again, I’m going to the card table with the Piatnik Lenormand in hand for this week’s outlook. Shuffling, cutting, and fanning out the deck, I’m pulling cards for my “go to” spread, the Line of 5 (it’s also known as the Answer Spread), with this thought in mind: “What do we need to know about the week ahead?”

The video below reveals the cards in the reading:

If you prefer to read the post, here it is:

The cards for our reading are Scythe, Tree, Heart, Rider, and Woman.

The cards of the week: Scythe, Tree, Heart, Rider, and Woman, from the Piatnik Lenormand.

The cards of the week: Scythe, Tree, Heart, Rider, and Woman, from the Piatnik Lenormand.

heart-piatnikThe middle card is the focus of the reading, and we have Heart, which suggests the focus can be about passion and enthusiasm. It’s also a card associated with love and romance. Heart can address all matters of the heart, and the many ways we show caring, empathy, and affection for others.

To be clear on the possible context of this week’s outlook, the surrounding cards will offer us more information.

Moving to the cards flanking Heart next, we have the pair Tree + Rider.

tree rider-piatnikTree is a card of growth and development, and can suggest a need for patience during such a process, as trees take time to grow. Keeping with that, Tree can be about one’s personal or spiritual growth and development.

Tree is also a card of health and healing. In addition, Tree can represent extended family, as it plays on the idea of a “family tree,” and can indicate many generations of a family and one’s ancestry. In terms of health and healing, Tree might suggest those moments when we’re sitting in a medical professional’s office filling out forms and getting to the questions pertaining to medical history—asking about possible conditions that might be hereditary, as Tree might suggest one’s DNA.

Rider is a card of news and messages being delivered; things like mail, parcels, and being a courier would be associations with this aspect of the card. Rider can also indicate an arrival or a visitor.

So, the pair of Tree + Rider could be read as news about health and healing being delivered, or news about extended family. This is especially so because Rider is facing the direction of Tree; the direction Rider faces is typically said to indicate what the message might be about.

Going out on a limb, the pair can suggest the possibility of the arrival of extended family, or visiting extended family.

scythe woman-piatnikMoving to the outer cards on each end, as the next pair, we have Scythe + Woman.

Scythe can be a challenging card. It can indicate a break; an injury; a disconnection or disruption; and something being cut severed, or removed. Just like the direction of Rider, it’s said that the direction the blade of the scythe is pointing in is what’s being affected.

woman-piatnikWoman is an important card in the line, as it can represent a woman directly involved in the situation (in a reading for a woman, this card would represent her; in a reading for a man, this card would represent someone close to him).

The pair of Scythe + Woman can be something about the woman. Going with that, it can suggest the woman is sharp, as in having a sharp mind, and able to react and respond quickly in situations (Scythe can mean quick, sudden, and swift courses of action).

Keeping with Heart, and the possible focus on matters of the heart, the pair could suggest the woman may be hurt and in some type of emotional pain. It could be that the woman has to detach (remove) herself from an emotional situation of some kind.

That would make sense, if we consider pairing Scythe + Heart, as this combination could be read as an emotional disconnection, or more simply, “heartbreak.”

scythe tree-piatnikLooking at the pair of Scythe + Tree, to the left of Heart, the combination could be read as healing the pain or hurt. Tree being a card or health, and Scythe being something that cuts, the pair might indicate a surgical procedure with the intention of bringing about healing.

I’m personally reminded of this aspect, as I had a Tarot session with a client yesterday (after the video of this week’s reading had been done, and was in post-production) in which she shared that she was going in for gastric bypass surgery, and she was both excited and afraid (Heart being emotions and feelings) about the prospect—and who she was going to become as a result (Woman at the end of the line).

rider woman-piatnikMoving to the pair on the opposite side of Heart, we have Rider + Woman. One way this pair could be interpreted is that news (Rider) is coming from the woman (Woman), as Rider is not facing the woman, implying that he is moving away from the woman. This could be a message she is putting out for someone else to receive.

As I consider the idea of the rider leaving the woman, this possibility pops into my mind: Rider can sometimes represent an eligible young man. Given that the cards are next to each other, and the suggestion of healing from a possible heartbreak, what if the cards are suggesting a break between a man and woman that the woman is still emotionally recovering from?

This would make sense given that the woman on the card is facing all the cards before her, which would suggest a situation she needs to face (see what’s right in front of her), or something in her future.

lenormand outlook 9-7-2015The line could read: A break (Scythe) in the growing and developing (Tree) romance (Heart) of a young man (Rider) and a woman (Woman).

It also keeps with the woman having the gastric bypass procedure, as that is coming up in her future: She (Woman) delivered a message (Rider) about her enthusiasm (Heart) for her health-related (Tree) surgery (Scythe).

That’s the beauty of reading with the Lenormand–so many possibilities!

Later this week, I’ll share what the pips (the playing card inserts) have to say about all of this, to bring another layer to the reading—and maybe narrow down some of the possibilities here…

Until then…

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