Lenormand & Tarot Tag-Team, Part 1: September 28-October 4, 2015

As you’re probably aware, there’s been a lot of conversation among metaphysical practitioners about the lunar eclipse and the super moon (also referred to as the “blood moon”) that we’ve experienced over the weekend, as well as the full moon now moving through the sign of Aries today—and the energies these events bring with them.

During the solar eclipse earlier this month, I did my first Lenormand & Tarot Tag-Team.

During the solar eclipse earlier this month, I did my first Lenormand & Tarot Tag-Team.

A couple of weeks ago, when we experienced the solar eclipse and the new moon in a weekend, I focused my first Lenormand and Tarot tag-team reading on the question of what possible effects those events would bring to our lives over the course of that week.

So, it’s only fair to focus this week’s reading with the same question, this time pertaining to the lunar eclipse, super/blood moon, and full moon energies we’re experiencing now.

For this week’s reading, I’m using the Mystical Lenormand, created by Regula Elizabeth Fiechter and Urban Trosch. Besides being a really cool deck visually, the cards have astrological glyphs in their right-hand corners, which align with the astrological/celestial influences of the situation and question being asked.

The video below reveals the cards in the reading:

If you prefer to read the post, here it is:

The cards for our reading are Child, Ring, and Whip.

Child, Ring, and Whip, from the Mystical Lenormand.

Child, Ring, and Whip, from the Mystical Lenormand.

ring-mystical lenormandThe middle card, being the focus of the reading, is Ring, which suggests the central issue can be about commitments and contracts. Ring, for me, can also represent agreements, vows, promises, pledges, as well as engagement.

If you think about the act of being given a engagement ring, it signifies a relationship that has become serious and long-term. If you consider the exchanging of rings in a wedding ceremony, there are pledges, oaths, promises, and agreements made in the vows between the parties getting married.

These are all the associations of Ring. So, this week, we might consider our relationships; not just our romantic relationships, but all types of relationships we choose to engage in. This may also include the relationship we have with ourselves. What promises, commitments, and agreements have we made with ourselves? Are we going to honor and keep those commitments and agreements?

A ring is a symbol of that no beginning and no end due to its circular nature; in that context, Ring can indicate cycles and patterns, and can suggest something of a recurring nature or basis. So, we might be encouraged to look at the recurring cycles and patterns we experience in our relationships.

child ring-mystical lenormandMoving to the left of Ring, we can form our first pair, Child + Ring.

Child is a card of beginnings and starting something new. So, the pair could be read as the beginning or start of a commitment or agreement, or a new contract. It can signify the beginning of an engagement, or being committed to starting something new.

Lenormand can be quite literal, so Child can be an actual child or children. So, if you have a child or children, or are involved with children in some capacity, Child + Ring could indicate being committed or engaged with a child or children.

ring whip-mystical lenormandAnother pair in this reading is Ring + Whip.

Whip is a challenging card; it can suggest conflict and strife. It can indicate fights, arguments, heated words, arguments, and debates. As far as emotions are concerned, it can suggest being angry.

So, this pair can suggest being conflicted about a relationship, arguing within a relationship, or a relationship that has become combative (and not necessarily physically, as there are many ways to fight within a relationship).

Keeping with the recurring and cyclical nature of Ring, Ring + Whip can suggest recurring or cyclical fighting or arguing.

With Ring being about engagements, the pair can suggest conflicting engagements.

Whip can come up when we’re trying to work things out or sort through things. In that regard, the pair could mean an agreement, commitment, or promise (Ring) to work things out (Whip). The phrase “work out,” implies exercise, so the pair could suggest a commitment (Ring) to exercise (Whip). Whip can indicate repetitive, physical activity (“whipping” ourselves into shape). One of those activities can be sexual; Whip, in this case, can suggest something of a casual nature (I’ll leave that to your imagination).

whip-mystical lenormandWhat strikes me (no pun intended) about this particular depiction of Whip is that the man on the card is whipping himself. How many times have we beaten ourselves up over our actions and behavior? I see Whip in this regard, especially when I use this deck. The pair of Ring + Whip may ask us to pay attention to any recurring cycles or patterns (Ring) in which we do this to ourselves.

In the context of relationships (Ring), we might be asked to consider the ways we beat ourselves up (Whip) about how we engage (Ring) with others. Sometimes, to keep from lashing out at others, we instead give ourselves a good lashing.

While that seems somewhat negative, I see Whip in this positive light: it can suggest becoming disciplined. The pair of Ring + Whip, in this light, can suggest a recurring, repetitive activity that results in becoming more disciplined.

child whip-mystical lenormandAnd the final pair in this triplet of cards, Child + Whip, can be read as the beginning or start of a conflict, arguing with a child or young person, or beginning to work things out. The pair can also suggest a child or young person becoming more disciplined, or the start of a workout program.

Reading the line in forward narration (from left to right), one of the possibilities could be, “The beginning (Child) of a commitment (Ring) to become more disciplined (Whip).”

Would that be a nice result of these energies passing through this week?

To round out this reading, from the perspective of the Lenormand, I’ll take the numbers of the playing cards typically associated with these cards (if you notice, the playing card insets are not on the cards of this deck), and take their sum as the means of deriving the card that will serve as the final advice.

Here we have Jack of Spades (Child), Ace of Clubs (Ring), and Jack of Clubs (Whip). So, taking 11 (Jacks are valued at 11 in cartomancy) + 1 + 11, we arrive at a sum of 23.

mice-mystical lenormandThe 23rd card in the deck is Mice.

Mice is a challenging card, in that it can mean stress, worry, and things that gnaw and eat away at us. Keeping with the focus of Ring, what relationships and commitments do we worry and stress ourselves out about? How often do we engage (Ring) with people we find to be nuisances (Mice)? Are we letting certain circumstances and situations eat away at us on a recurring basis?

Mice is a card of loss over a period of time; it’s gradual. It can also be a card of something lessening, diminishing, something that’s eroding or decaying. Keeping with the context of Ring again, what relationships are we engaging in that might leave us feeling less than or diminished? If that is the case, perhaps this is the time to re-examine those commitments.

Mice has as its inset (again, it is not on the card in this deck) the 7 of Clubs. For me, this card can encourage us to stand up for ourselves, and to practice being more assertive and aggressive, which may very well be needed if we are engaging with people who are devaluing us in some way.

So, those are some things that the Lenormand is suggesting we might want to consider as the energies of the lunar eclipse, the super/blood moon and now the full moon move with us this week.

And that brings another tag-team reading, from the perspective of the Lenormand at least, to a close. And being a tag-team, the Lenormand has tagged the Tarot for its turn, which I will present in the very next post.

Until then…

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