Lenormand & Tarot Tag-Team Reading, Part 1: October 26-November 1, 2015

This week, we get to experience a full moon in the sign of Taurus.

This week, we get to experience a full moon in the sign of Taurus.

If you’re a person who’s interested in astrology and/or astronomy, you’ll know that this week, we’re going to experience a Full Moon in Taurus.

Since it’s a new week, which means a new Lenormand & Tarot tag-team reading, I’m going to use the Mystical Lenormand, by Regula Elizabeth Fiechter & Urban Trösch, for the first part of the reading.

You may recall this is the same deck I used during a previous full moon (which happened to take place during a lunar eclipse); because of that, I thought I would come back to it, looking to see what these energies might bring with them for our week ahead.

The video below reveals the cards in the reading:

If you prefer to read the post, here it is:

The cards for our reading are Cross, Owls, and Fish.

From the Mystical Lenormand: Cross, Owls, and Fish.

From the Mystical Lenormand: Cross, Owls, and Fish.

owls-mystical lenormandThe focus of the reading is Owls, which, for me, is a card of communication and conversation. There are a few cards in the deck that refer to communication, and each of these point out a different form of it. In the case of Owls, the communication is verbal. I look at Owls as the spoken word.

So, we might be encouraged this week to expect conversations by phone (this card points to phone calls) in particular, but to be mindful of our conversations generally speaking (that pun wasn’t intended, by the way!).

I know, for me, the last time Owls (also known as Birds) was in this position of the weekly reading, I soon received a phone call after shooting the video that week. The phone call was from my brother, and for me, Owls can represent siblings. Seeing it again reminds me that my brother and I are to talk on the phone about getting together one day this week.

And I just pointed out another aspect of Owls: partnerships. While I pointed out the partnership of my brother and myself, partnerships come in all varieties. So, there may be conversations among partners this week that are significant in some way.

Being a person who has studied interpersonal communication, Owls reminds me that communication is a two-way process, in that one party is actively speaking and the other is actively listening. So, if we want to be heard in our conversations this week (and beyond), we must first be willing to listen.

And we must also be mindful of the quality and content of those conversations. Owls is a card of chatter, and that conversations tend to be a bit superficial and shallow; this is a card of gossip, rumor, and speculation. Do you want to engage in that kind of talk?

From an emotional standpoint, Owls can be a card of upset, sorrow, and anxiety; on the flip side, it can be a card of excitement. So, going with that, check in with yourself about how the words of others—as well as your own—make you feel.

And finally, since Owls represents speaking, the card can point to an actual speaker—someone who makes a living giving talks, singing, or doing voice-over work—anything that involves one’s voice.

Lenormand is best read in pairs and triplets, and in the reading, we have three pairs.

cross owls-mystical lenormandOur first pair is Cross + Owls.

Cross is a card of difficulty and burdens. Think of the expression “having a cross to bear,” and you get what Cross means. It is a card of responsibility. It can suggest a crisis or an ordeal. With that, the emotional side of Cross usually points to grief and suffering.

I also see Cross as a card of religion and spirituality. Cross can suggest that there’s a need to stand in one’s faith during a difficult time. But, we can also have faith that is not tied to any particular religious affiliation or spiritual path. Faith, in and of itself, is having belief.

The pair of Cross + Owls can possibly be read as: talking about religion or spirituality; talking about a burden or difficulty; a crisis or ordeal that needs to be discussed (with Cross also being something critical or necessary); being frustrated or upset about a difficulty; and a religious or spiritual speaker talking about faith.

owls fish-mystical lenormandThe second pair in this reading is Owls + Fish.

Fish is a card of money and finances; it can mean prosperity and abundance. Being self-employed, I also read it as a card of being an entrepreneur. Since money circulates, I also see as a card of circulation.

Going with the water imagery of the card, I sometimes see Fish as flow and depth.

So, the pair of Owls + Fish could possibly be read as: a discussion about money; a discussion about entrepreneurship (with Owls being a partnership); a conversation that flows (which is both good for partners and that speaker I also saw in Owls); a deep conversation; and frustration or anxiety about money.

cross fish-mystical lenormandAnd the final pair in this triplet of cards, Cross + Fish, can be read as: financial burden or responsibility; a financial difficulty; a financial crisis or ordeal; the need to have faith to become abundant (as Fish at the end of the line indicates a process of becoming); and going deeper with spirituality.

Reading the line from left-to-right (forward narration), one possibility that comes to me is: A critical or necessary (Cross) conversation (Owls) about money (Fish) in a partnership (Owls).

lenormand reading 10-26-2015And the interesting thing about the image of the Owls is that the cards flanking them can represent each side of the partnership.

With Cross on the left, one partner (the upper Owl) could be the one bearing the burden or responsibility, or the one suffering from some form of guilt (some of the meaning of Cross).

With Owls in the center, representing the partnership itself, it could point out the mutual frustration and upset the partners share.

With Fish on the right, one partner (the lower Owl) might be focusing on flow, circulation and abundance. This partner might want the conversation to answer this question: How can we (Owls) become more abundant, so we no longer have anxiety and frustrations (Owls again) about money?

The Lenormand typically has playing card inserts (and if you’ve been a follower of this blog for any time, you know I love my playing card inserts!), but this deck does not. The playing cards associated with the cards in the line are: 6 of Clubs (Cross), 7 of Diamonds (Owls), and King of Diamonds (Fish).

Seeing two cards from the suit of Diamonds in the line is another reference to prosperity and well-being, and one aspect of that has to do with money, which was indicated by the appearance of Fish in the line.

Also, Taurus, the sign the full moon will be in, for me, is the sign of ownership and material possessions, and rules the second house, which is the house of money and finances.

Love it when patterns emerge through the various aspects of the cards.

Something we can do with the playing cards is to add the numbers together for another piece of advice. So, taking 6 (6 of Clubs) + 7 (7 of Diamonds) + 13 (King of Diamonds is valued at 13), we get a total of 26.

book-mystical lenormandThe 26th card in the deck is Book.

Book is a card of knowledge, teaching, and education; it can represent an actual book, study, a course or a project. It can represent a time of learning.

For me, the card can be a reader of books—and of cards, of which I am both. In this deck, the card is assigned the sign of Pisces, which is my natal Sun sign, so it carries another layer of significance for me.

And my work (Fish, as I am self-employed, and readings are one of the ways I make money; actually, it’s the most popular—another meaning for Owls—method with my clients) does involve speaking with my clients one to one (Owls).

With Book referencing books, that speaker I saw with Owls at the top of the reading might suggest he or she is also an author.

The playing card associated with Book is 10 of Diamonds. Another pointer to money and finances, being from the suit of Diamonds. Being a card of material success, some call it the “wealth” card.

For me, it’s a card that can also indicate a family-owned business. Remember that conversation I told you my brother wanted to have with me? One of the topics was his idea of the two of us working together in a business (keeping things “relative” to me—and continuing to throw in some puns too!).

Another aspect connected to family with this card is generations, legacies, and inheritances.

If there is a need for partners to have a serious conversation about money, then the appearance of this card would suggest each partner looking at his or her “money story.” A money story is what we’ve learned (Book) about money from how our parents handled money—and how we had those experiences passed down to us (10 of Diamonds).

The cards could then suggest seeing a professional financial (Fish) counselor (Owls) to work through those difficulties (Cross).

To round out this portion of the tag-team, we can take the numbers of the cards, and like the playing cards, add them together to get the essence of the reading.

scythe-mystical lenormandTaking 36 + 12 + 34, we get a total of 82. Since there are 36 cards in the deck, I add the two digits together (as the number is over 36); 8 + 2 =10, and the 10th card in the deck is Scythe.

Scythe is a card of removal and elimination. It’s a card of something that is sharp, pointed, and can cut. It’s a card of something being broken or being severed. It can indicate a hurt, pain, wound, or injury. It can suggest a need for swift and sudden action.

Keeping with Owls as communication, Scythe reminds us to be mindful of cutting people off in our conversations. It might mean, at times, cutting conversations short or getting to the point, but doing so in a way that doesn’t hurt the other person.

Scythe can also represent a split or division, so it could be that a conversation (Owls) might need to happen (Cross being something critical or necessary) to heal some kind of rift that’s been created (Scythe), perhaps due to words (Owls) that have been circulating (Fish) and got back to the person being talked about (Owls being gossip), which hurt and caused pain (Scythe).

And, if the conversation (Owls) is about money (Fish), it might be helpful to see if there can be any financial (Fish) cuts (Scythe) made to eliminate (Scythe) the burdens and difficulties (Cross).

And that wraps up the reading, from the perspective of the Lenormand. Since this is a tag-team, the Lenormand has tagged the Tarot for its turn, which I will present in the very next post.

Until then…

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