Weekly Lenormand Outlook: November 16-22, 2015

It’s a new week and that means it’s time for another weekly card reading!

Since my Lenormand readings continue to be met with great response, and viewers and readers alike are happy I’ve returned to doing the Line of 5 readings (after spending some time with the Lenormand & Tarot tag-team the past couple of months), this week’s reading will continue in that tradition.

To assist me in this week’s reading, I’m turning to the Piatnik Lenormand (since I mentioned “tradition”), and with the deck in hand, I’m asking, “What’s possible for the week ahead?”

The video below reveals the cards in the reading:

If you prefer to read the post, here it is:

The cards for our reading are Book, House, Tree, Stars, and Ring.

lenormand reading 11-16-2015

Book, House, Tree, Stars, and Ring, from the Piatnik Lenormand.

The Focus of the Reading

tree-piatnikFor the middle card this week, which I read as the focus of the reading, we have Tree. Tree suggests the focus can be about growth and development; I see this as pertaining to personal and/or spiritual growth and development (which is what my work as both a card reader and a life coach centers on).

Tree is also a card of health and healing. Connecting that to the idea of personal and/or spiritual growth, Tree would be a card of well-being, which can be physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual—and the integration of each to create wholeness.

For me, Tree can represent life, as I see it as a reference to the Tree of Life, the central symbol of the Kabbalah, which is an esoteric method, discipline, and school of thought that originated in Judaism.

Pairing the Cards for Possibilities

When I read a line of Lenormand cards, I look to the first card as a trigger, something that might be influencing or instigating the situation being examined in the reading. Book being that card in this case, is a card of knowledge. It can suggest learning, a course of study, teaching, a project, and education.

book-tree-piatnikLenormand, being quite literal, could say this card is referring to an actual book. Pairing Book with Tree (Book + Tree), this could be a book on the Kabbalah (Tree being Tree of Life) or perhaps the Bible (Tree being Tree of Knowledge). The book doesn’t have to be connected to any particular spiritual path, though; it can be any book on the topic of spiritual growth.

The book could also be about personal growth, or on any facet of health and healing. With that, there might be the study to become a healer.

For me, personally, I see Book as a deck of cards and being a card reader, playing off the idea of “reading” a book. I once heard playing cards being referred to as the “Book of Life,” and I have been known to call Tarot the picture book of life experiences. And 17 years later, after picking up the cards, I still consider myself a student.

Most recently, I’ve taken up the study of Lenormand (which will be a year ago next month), so when I see the pair of Book + Tree, I see it as saying my study of the cards will continue to grow and develop over time (trees take a long time to grow). It could be said that my study of the cards is deeply rooted and connected to my personal and spiritual growth and development.

Moving to the card between Book and Tree, we have House. House is a card that can represent one’s personal life or home life. House can represent one’s immediate family, or any people under the same roof, sharing the same living space. House can represent the comfort and security that home and family can give us.

house-tree-piatnikThe interesting thing to note here is House and Tree being next to each other. While House can represent immediate family, Tree can represent extended family, if you go with the idea of a “family tree,” with the branches representing the extension of family. With that, Tree can indicate lineage and ancestry.

Adding Book to the mix, with House and Tree, there might be the study of family history (genealogy), either for personal (House) or medical reasons (Tree being a card of health). Book can sometimes represent a secret or mystery (here, in the Piatnik, the book is open; in most depictions, the book is closed, which is where this meaning comes from), so a possibility might be that there is a question about a possible condition that is passed down through the family (hereditary), and that knowledge is being sought.

Another possibility is a home study course (Book + House) to become a healer (Tree).
For me, House can also indicate a small business or home-based business, so the pair of Book + House fits me perfectly: a card reader who works from home. Throwing Tree in, the cards could be saying that I need to focus on growing and developing (Tree as the focus card) my brand (House being small business) as a card reader (Book). Tree, in this regard, is asking me to consider “branching out.”

Jumping to the other side of Tree, we first have Stars. Stars, which was the focus card of our previous weekly reading, can represent inspiration, guidance, and direction. It can indicate things are becoming clear, as Stars is a card of clarity. And with that clarity, Stars can show us our aspirations and goals.

Since I tend to look at things from a spiritual perspective, Stars can represent the metaphysical; I see this card as a reference to the “Universe.”

tree-stars-piatnikPairing Tree + Stars, I see as a reference to Universal (Stars) Life Energy (Tree), which is what “Reiki,” the energy healing modality, translates to from the Japanese. This might be the healing (Tree) being studied (Book). The study might be a person becoming a practitioner, or the practitioner advancing to become a teacher. It could suggest being taught at home (House); when I embarked on becoming a Reiki practitioner, and then a Master-Teacher, my Teacher taught those classes in her home, much in the way I read cards for clients (and occasionally conduct a Reiki session) in my home.

Another possibility could be that someone is studying (Book) to become a healer (Tree) and enrolled in online classes (for me, Stars is a card of the internet), doing the course work at home (Book + House). This was how I was able to earn both my Bachelor and Master degrees in Psychology, while I worked as a manager during my corporate job days.

Rounding out the line, we have Ring, a card of commitments, agreements, bonds, and unions. Ring can indicate a contract (back in the day, marriage was looked at as a contract). It can also suggest a promise or engagement (which are signified with rings), as well as a pledge, oath, or vow.

As a circular object, Ring can indicate cycles, and something that is recurring (comes and goes in cycles).

tree-ring-piatnikSome possibilities with Tree + Ring could be: committing to health and healing; committing to personal and/or spiritual growth; committing to healthy living; and life cycles or the cycles of life (with Tree represent the growth and development stages of life).

Going with Ring being circular—the pair could be a nod that the circulatory system may be something to focus on (Tree being the focus card).

stars-ring-piatnikThe pair of Stars + Ring could indicate these possibilities: committing to goals; a recurring wish; the inspiration to make a commitment; and a Divine contract or agreement. The pair could also refer to a contract made with a life coach (Stars; a coach helps people become clear on their goals, and then the guidance and direction to achieve them) pertaining to a goal (Stars), which might focus on health and well-being (Tree–making the coach a health and wellness coach).

book-ring-piatnikFor additional possibilities, I look to the outer and inner pairs of cards, to see what they might offer.

The outer pair of Book + Ring might indicate a recurring course of study (like a form of re-certification); committing to reading and study; and a book contract (remember that Lenormand can be quite literal!).

For the inner pair of House + Stars, some possibilities could be: personal inspiration and guidance; the home of a metaphysical practitioner; the small business (which could also be a home business) of a metaphysical practitioner.

house-stars-piatnikAs I said for myself earlier, with Tree between House and Stars, a possible meaning might be clear guidance and direction (Stars) on how to grow and develop (Tree) your business (House) and personal brand (House)—and one way might be getting the word out online (Stars being online and the internet). House, then, could be the home page of your website—what does your site say about you, your business—and your brand?

Reading the Line

After all these pairings to create meaning, the time comes to form a sentence connecting all the cards. Taking all the possibilities into consideration, this is my summation:

A book (Book) in the house (House) on personal growth and development (Tree) that inspires (Stars) a commitment (Ring) to a goal (Stars).

lenormand reading 11-16-2015If the book is already in the house, there might be guidance or direction (Stars) to pick up the book (Book) and read it (Book). The book might serve as a means for healing (Tree), in that it helps the reader (Book) become comfortable being in his or her own skin (House being the physical body—the skin you live in).

Over to You

I’ve just shared what the line might mean to me and offering that as a possibility and as potential for this week.

But that’s only one possibility.

How about you? If you’re a Lenormand reader, what do you see in the cards—as it might relate to you and your life experience?

Leave a comment in the section below—I’d love to hear the possibilities you see!

Closing the Book

That closes the book on another weekly Lenormand outlook—looking forward to seeing you here in this space next week!

Until then…

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James Himm Mitchell, the Dreamer and Visionary of LifePlan Coaching & Consulting, LLC, works as an intuitive life coach, with a focus on personal growth and development. His specialties are Dream Decoding, Oracles (Tarot, playing cards, and Lenormand), and Energy Medicine (Reiki), and he uses those modalities coaching individuals to create the tools and develop the strategies that transform their lives.
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