Your Week in Tarot: November 23-29, 2015

If you’ve been following the blog for any stretch of time, then you know I haven’t posted a weekly Tarot reading for some time.

Around that time, which was this past August, I was feeling like I needed a change in the routine, to keep things fresh on my end as the reader and blogger of those posts. I had the thought of using the Lenormand for the reading that fateful week, and the rest, as they say, is history.

I had been working with the Lenormand since the end of 2014, and I thought this would be a nice way to gain some wider experience with the cards, aside from the readings I was doing for myself.

After posting that initial reading, people were asking for more. So that began the “Weekly Lenormand Outlook,” which I still do. And that put the “Your Week in Tarot” series on hiatus.

When some viewers and readers asked to see some Tarot (which, I will admit, was a small minority compared to those who wanted to see more Lenormand), I had the inspired idea for the “Lenormand & Tarot Tag-Team,” thinking it would be the best of both worlds.

That lasted for a couple of months, and again, while there was interest in the Tarot portions of the readings, it paled in comparison to the Lenormand parts.

So, it surprised me when I woke up this past Sunday morning, feeling inspired to make another “Your Week in Tarot” video blog post.

I had recently acquired the Fairy Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue, Radleigh Valentine, and Howard David Johnson, and the cards, when I did my initial New Deck Interview reading with the deck, asked me to use it for an entire month straight. And since I’ve chosen to honor that request, I knew the reading had to be done with this deck.

So, after meditating, I took the deck in hand, shuffling the cards with this question in mind: “What does Infinite Intelligence—and the fairies—want us to know for the week ahead?”

This week’s video reveals the cards for our reading:

If you prefer to read the post, here it is:

After shuffling the deck, I turned the entire deck over to show us the base card, which I consider the foundation for the week.

4 of spring-fairy tarot

4 of Spring, from the Fairy Tarot Cards.

The card is 4 of Spring.

This card is about celebrating some progress that’s been made. I always see this card as saying that it’s time to move on to the next stage or level in some endeavor (Spring is the suit of creative endeavors). The 4 in numerology, for me, can suggest a foundation has been laid, that hard work has been accomplished, furthering the idea of having something to celebrate.

In the image, a male fairy and a female fairy are dancing outside, with a castle in the background. I look at this as finding your rhythm with the “dance of life.” It can also suggest that a “performance” of some kind is being acknowledged.

It’s said that we don’t make progress all by our lonesome. Since the dancing couple could be “partners,” who have been your “partners” in the progress you’re now being asked to celebrate? As you celebrate that progress, celebrate those people.

I said this card was asking us to consider the next stage or level of our development, so now let’s turn the deck over, and pull the top three cards to see what further insight we can glean about this.

These are the cards for the week: Justice, 6 of Winter, and Life Experience.

fairy tarot reading 11-22-2015

Justice, 6 of Winter, and Life Experience, from the Fairy Tarot Cards, by Doreen Virtue, Radleigh Valentine, and Howard David Johnson.

For the beginning of the week, we have Justice. We might be faced (the fairies on the card facing a sword in the air before them) with needing to make an important decision on a matter, as this card is from the Major Arcana, the suit of important issues and events.

justice-fairy tarotJustice can sometimes suggest legal matters, but if that is not the case, I always see this card as adopting a similar approach to decision-making as if you were in a courtroom.

In court, the judge rules based on the facts and evidence presented to him or her, and weighs his or her verdict on the side that presented the most compelling argument for ruling in their favor. The same would hold for a jury. They listen to both sides of the issue, deliberate, and come back with a decision.

This might be the approach we’re being asked to adopt. Justice is a card that suggests being impartial and neutral. We need to look at all possible sides and angles of the situation, and take those things into account. We may need to look at the pros and cons of the issue. We may need to ask for more information, or re-examine some evidence that we were presented with before.

Justice asks us to be rational, logical, and analytical in this process of decision-making. We’re being asked to “do the right thing,” to do what’s in the best and highest good for everyone involved (you know, that expression, “and justice for all”).

6 of winter-fairy tarotFor the middle of the week, we have 6 of Winter.

This card serves as a nice follow-up to Justice in this regard: This card, for me, can be a need for objectivity, and the number 6, in Tarot, is a number of choices, as it is connected to The Lovers card, which was traditionally known as “The Choice.” This idea of being objective is the same as the ideas of impartiality and neutrality of the Justice card.

6 of Winter can mean that we’re in a transitional phase, much like 4 of Spring suggests with the idea of moving on to the next stage (which is a transition, if you think about it). 6 of Winter can indicate that we’re sailing into more calm waters (the fairy in the boat), that things are moving from having been difficult to becoming tranquil.

In some depictions of this card, the ferryman is seen transporting either one or two people in his boat to the other side (the calm waters). Here, we only have the boatman himself.

The 6 is the path of responsibility, so with this particular image, we might have to consider the idea (Winter being the suit of thoughts) that we’re being asked to make responsible choices (6) for ourselves during this transitional phase. Especially if we typically have assumed the responsibility (6) for helping others out of tight jams, we might have to make the decision (Justice) that allows people to assume responsibility for their own affairs and that their actions—or inactions—have some consequence (Justice).

life experience-fairy tarotFor the end of the week, we have Life Experience.

Now, if you chose to read the post and not watch the video, there is something I need to share about the significance of this card in the line.

I mentioned at the top of the post that I meditated before the reading. In that meditation, I was shown this card, Life Experience, and was given a download of information. After coming out of meditation, I wrote down all the information. And I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be something if the card showed up in the reading?”

I have two copies of this deck; I had to replace the first copy because a few of the cards in the deck had gotten damaged somehow. I had picked up that first copy for the video, had it out of the box, and then changed my mind, getting the newer copy instead.

I made it a point to shuffle the deck really well on-camera, cutting the deck, and putting it back together, drawing the three cards off the top. Infinite Intelligence really worked to have the card appear in the line!

A still from the video of the reading, in which I displayed my notes from meditation to the viewing audience.

A still from the video of the reading., in which I displayed my notes from meditation to the viewing audience.

So, when I turned it over and saw it, I put the card down to get the notebook I just wrote the information in and showed it on-camera. And then I read what I wrote, which I will now share here:

Life Experience

This card is a “truth bomb” card, a card of Divine Revelation. Bomb, in the sense that the truth can be explosive, a mind-blowing experience. You can experience flashes of insights and moments of clear perception in these moments.

When it looks like life is falling apart—when it’s crumbling down around you—that’s when you’re being asked to check your beliefs and lean in on the spiritual understanding you have. Those moments signal a time to re-build—it’s a time of deconstruction and reconstruction—of your belief systems.

The path ahead for the fairies on the card looks free and clear, but you don’t know what unexpected things can happen along the way (symbolized by the fog rolling in around the fairies).

Life experience is gained during the unexpected and unplanned moments in life.

Then, I was shown the image of a former Unity minister I studied with. One of her favorite sayings was, “This too shall pass,” which I heard in my head.

And then came this:

“This too shall pass” is a wonderful statement, and fits with this card in this manner: Every life experience is temporary, as this world is temporal. And that holds true for both “good” and “bad” moments. You might not think so, in the moment of the experience, but it will. All you have to do is to reflect on previous times when you thought the same thing and see that you did move through it, that it did pass.

And that was it. I knew, when the card appeared in the reading, I was to share that download, as it would benefit someone watching the video or reading the text.

Looking at the other cards, it could be that information for the decision needing to be made (Justice) can come through a dream (6 of Winter is a card, for me, that asks us to pay attention to our dreams) or come out of the blue, in an instant, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, without warning (Life Experience).

Keeping with the base card, 4 of Spring, this information could be important in getting us to move forward on that next stage or level of our development.

To round out this reading, I’ll take the numbers on all the cards, reducing them to a number between 0-22, seeing what Major Arcana card will be the Lesson card for the week.

Adding 8 + 6 +16, we have a total of 30; 3 + 0 = 3, and the 3rd Major Arcana card is The Empress.

The Empress, from the Fairy Tarot Cards.

The Empress, from the Fairy Tarot Cards.

The Empress is the archetype of the Mother, the caretaker and the nurturer. In the image, the fairy looks after the “peas in the pod.” This is a nod to the traditional image of a pregnant Empress, indicating a time of incubation—the growth and development required before the moment of manifestation (the baby coming out into the world).

What are you creatively working on to manifest in your world? The Empress says it’s important to be patient, but continue to nurture your creative side, and give your “baby” the love and care it needs. Still do what you can (this is a card of productivity) even if things seem like they’re “in utero.”

And consider this: if you play the role of caretaker in your life, The Empress urges you to make sure you’re also creating the time to take care of yourself. If you find you’ve put yourself last on your list of things to be taken care of, see if you can make yourself more of a priority.

When you care for yourself, it enables you to better take care of those you need you. And sometimes, the best self-care is to allow others to take care of themselves, especially if they are in a position to do so.

Making that shift could be the very “shake-up” Life Experience is talking about. And, from my understanding, it’s better if you take on that project, rather than let the Universe do it…

That’s all for this week—wishing that it’s a Tarot-tastic one!

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