Coming Full Circle: A Lenormand Reading for the Full Moon in Gemini

Today we’re having the experience of a Full Moon in Gemini. Over on my YouTube channel, I’ve had some of my viewers and subscribers request readings when these lunar phases occur, like I did with the recent New Moon in Scorpio.

And just like that reading, I came up with a new layout to use for this occasion. You may recall that I came up with a layout that I call “Crossing the Center.” Right after shooting the video of that reading, I had the flash of a similar layout, but with some slight differentiation. I call it “Coming Full Circle,” keeping with a full moon.

Coming Full Circle: the Layout

A diagram of my "Coming Full Circle Spread."

A diagram of my “Coming Full Circle Spread.”

The layout consists of 5 cards (surprise, surprise!), laid out in a cross formation (see diagram to the right).

Card 1 goes in the center, representing the Focus. Card 2 goes above Card 1, representing the Spiritual. Card 3 goes to the left of Card 1, representing the Mental. Card 4 goes below Card 1, representing the Physical. And Card 5 goes to the right of Card 1, representing the Emotional.

You could look at it as the four aspects of our Being.

There are four pairings in the layout, and Card 1 is a part of each one, as the other card in that pair offers more information about Card 1 (as the focus).

So the pairs would be:

  • Card 2 + Card 1
  • Card 3 + Card 1
  • Card 1+ Card 4
  • Card 1+ Card 5

After reading the pairs for additional information, the outer cards are read together, going counterclockwise, as a summation of the big picture, or as a message pertaining to the integration of these four aspects.

For the reading, I used the Mystical Lenormand by Regula Elizabeth Fiechter and Urban Trösch, asking the question, “What do we need to know about the intentions of the energies with the Full Moon in Gemini?”

The video below presents the reading:

If you’d rather read the text, here you go:

The cards for the reading are: Lilies (Central focus); Heart (Spiritual); Sun (Mental); Dog (Physical); and Rider (Emotional).

Coming Full Circle: Lilies (Center); Heart, Sun, Dog, and Rider (counterclockwise, respectively), from the Mystical Lenormand.

Coming Full Circle: Lilies (Center); Heart, Sun, Dog, and Rider (counterclockwise, respectively), from the Mystical Lenormand.

The Focus of the Reading

lilies-mysticalAs the central focus, Lilies is a card of peace, calm, and tranquility. I see it as the “wisdom gained through experience” card, much in the way I view The Hermit card of the Tarot. In that sense, Lilies can mean “growing older and wiser,” which is reaching a level of maturity.
From my understanding of the energy of the full moon, this is a time of releasing, and that would fit with Lilies. I see this card as the past or things that are old, possibly antiquated.

With that, Lilies might be suggesting that the full moon today will give us the opportunity to make peace with the past.

Going Around with the Cards

heart-lilies-mysticalHeart, in the spiritual position, is a card of passion and enthusiasm. I like the image of the card in this deck because it brings to mind the expression “having your heart on fire.” It suggests a burning passion, a burning desire.

From a spiritual perspective, this full moon might encourage us to consider what our hearts are on fire for. What are you passionate about—on “fire” for?

The other thing it could suggest is that we have love in our hearts for everything in our lives—our world.

Heart + Lilies might suggest: love and affection for family (Lilies is seen as a family card); love and affection for an elder (Lilies being someone “older and wiser”); or reminding us that love is a virtue (Lilies being a card of virtue and being virtuous).

Keeping with Lilies being a card of peace, the pair might suggest having peace in our hearts.

sun-lilies-mysticalSun, in the mental position, is a card of success and confidence. I also see it as a card of illumination and enlightenment.

In terms of our thoughts, we might be thinking about success (which is relative, as each of us has a different idea of what success is), or thinking about how we could be more confident. Sun, being a card of positive energy, could suggest thinking more positively (the power of positive thinking), and having a more “sunny” disposition and outlook.

Sun + Lilies could predict illumination or enlightenment about a past event (Sun coming before Lilies can suggest the past) that leads to peace and maturity.

lilies-dog-mysticalDog, in the physical position, is a card of friendship, partnership, and companionship. So, there may be an emphasis on friends, partners, or companions during this phase of the moon. Conversely, Dog might be asking us to reflect (moon is a symbol for reflection) on how we can be a better friend, partner, or companion to those around us.

With that, Dog is a card of help, support, and trust. We might require the help and support of our friends and partners—or we might be placed in a position to help and support our friends and partners.

Lilies + Dog can suggest the virtue of loyalty (Dog being a card of loyalty and being loyal); we might find ourselves protecting (Lilies) our family (Lilies), a friend (Dog), or a partner (Dog) out of that sense of loyalty (Dog).

Rider rounds things out in the emotional position of the reading. Rider is a card of news and messages, so could find ourselves either sending or receiving some news.

lilies-rider-mysticalRider can also suggest an arrival of some sort, and this is auspicious, if you consider Rider in a position in the layout that could reflect the future, much in the way Sun could be the past.

The pair of Lilies + Rider might suggest news about family, or the arrival of a potential new partner, as Lilies is a card about sexuality. If we take into account that Heart can be love and romance and Dog being a partner, the idea of a new partner is strengthened.

Looking at the Big(ger) Picture

Combining the outer cards for a sense of what the big picture might be, there are four pairings to consider.

The first, going counterclockwise, is Heart + Sun, which could suggest: passion that leads to success; passion for becoming conscious (Sun being conscious awareness); passion that builds confidence; and being clear about what you’re passionate about.

full moon in gemini-mystical lenormandNext is Sun + Dog, which could be interpreted as: happiness in a friendship or partnership; positive energy in a friendship or partnership; help or support in being positive (in light of past circumstances); and help with confidence.

Next up is Dog + Rider, which might indicate news about a friendship or partnership; a message from a friend or partner; or a message for help and support.

Rounding things out, we have the pair of Rider + Heart, which could suggest a passionate message; an enthusiastic message; or that a new love or passion arrives.

Since Rider can indicate an arrival, I see the bigger picture as informing us that if we allow ourselves to make peace with past (especially with previous partnerships), we open ourselves to create the space for something new to come in. Nothing new can come in as long as we have that space reserved with something from the past that no longer is serving and supporting us.

Our hearts have to be burning with enthusiasm for what lies ahead, rather than burning with anger (or some other negative emotion) about the past.

The Essence Card

Taking all the numbers on the cards and adding them together (24 + 31 + 18 +1 +30), we have a total of 104. Since there are only 36 cards in the deck, I add 1 + 0 + 4, which equals 5, to give us the Essence Card, which is like the summation card or the final piece of advice.

The 5th card in the deck is Tree.

tree-mysticalTree, for me, is a card of personal and spiritual growth and development. It’s also a card of health, healing, and well-being.

If we consider Lilies to mean making peace with the past, then Tree says for us to understand that is a healing process for our personal well-being.

Tree is also a card on ancestry, history, and roots, so, with Lilies, it’s asking us to reflect (the full moon) on what we’ve learned from our past experiences.

With regard to our pasts, we might also want to reflect on this: We’re not to let our pasts define us—or rule us. Who we were is not always an indicator of who we’re becoming.

Enjoy the full moon!

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