Weekly Lenormand Outlook: November 23-29, 2015

Thanks for joining me for another weekly Lenormand reading!

Because it worked so well last week, I’m getting the assistance of the Piatnik Lenormand for this week’s Line of 5 reading. Taking the deck in hand, I’m asking the question, “What’s possible for the week ahead?”

The video below reveals the cards in the reading:

If you prefer to read the post, here it is:

The cards for the week are: Scythe, Tree, Snake, Ring, and Stork.

Your Weekly Outlook: Scythe, Tree, Snake, Ring, and Stork, from the Piatnik Lenormand.

The outlook for the week: Scythe, Tree, Snake, Ring, and Stork, from the Piatnik Lenormand.

The Focus of the Reading

Snake-PiatnikOur focus card this week, which is in the middle of the line, is Snake. For me, Snake is a card of problems, complications, and entanglements. Snake can indicate a long and winding process.

From an emotional standpoint, Snake is a card of jealousy and envy. It can come up when we have experienced a betrayal, or perceive to be threatened, possibly by a rival.

And since I mentioned a rival, which can suggest a person, Snake can refer to that person as being a woman (the playing card inset is the Queen of Clubs); tradition holds that she might have dark hair and wear glasses, and she is seen as being clever and intelligent.

Looking at the Combinations in the Line

Since Lenormand is best read in pairs and combinations, the other cards around Snake can give us more information on the possible focus Snake is highlighting.

Scythe-PiatnikThe first card in the line, Scythe, can point to (pun intended) a possible trigger for Snake. Scythe is a card that can indicate the unexpected; something may be occurring suddenly or abruptly, or that a situation needs to be met with a swift course of action.

Scythe can also suggest a disconnection, disruption, split or severance, as a scythe is a tool that cuts. Whether we’re “cut” in the physical or metaphorical sense, it can lead to pain, being hurt, or being wounded.

The pairing of Scythe + Snake can suggest the pain of betrayal; the hurt of being lied to; a complicated surgical procedure (Scythe representing an implement that can cut, which can be surgical tools); a disconnection, split or severance that becomes complicated (due to some type of entanglement), making for a long and winding process.

Tree, the card between Scythe and Snake, is a card of health and healing. Adding that in, there is the possibility of healing (Tree) the hurt or pain (Scythe) of betrayal or lie (Snake); healing (Tree) from a surgical procedure (Scythe) takes some time (Tree) due to a complication (Snake); or that the surgical procedure (Scythe) was complicated (Snake) and that’s why healing (Tree) will take time (Tree, with Snake being a long and winding process).

tree-snake-ring-piatnikOn the other side of Snake, we have Ring. This is a card of commitments, contracts, agreements and engagements. Rings, being circular objects, can indicate cycles, and with that, recurring cycles.

The pair of Snake + Ring, then, could suggest a recurring complication, or complications with a commitment/agreement/contract.

ring-stork-piatnikNext to Ring, there’s Stork, a card of change, improvement, and migration (moving on). Forming a pair with Ring, the cards could be read as: changing an agreement; improving a commitment or relationship; or a relationship/commitment changes/improves in the future (Stork being at the end of the line, indicating something possible in the future).

tree-ring-piatnikThe inner cards (the cards immediately flanking Snake) can be paired as well. The pair of Tree + Ring might suggest: being committed to health, healing, and well-being; the health of a relationship; recurring growth; or a growth cycle.

scythe-stork-piatnikAnd the outer cards, Scythe + Stork, might mean: an abrupt or sudden change; moving on after a disruption/disconnection/hurt/pain; improving a break/disconnection; and improvement after a surgery (Stork coming after Scythe in the pairing).

Reading the Line

After all these pairings to create meaning, the time comes to form a sentence connecting all the cards. Taking all the possibilities into consideration, this is my summation:

Healing (Tree) from the pain (Scythe) of a betrayal (Snake) is complicated (Snake), but making the commitment (Ring) leads to improvement and change (Stork). One of those changes (Stork) could be to move on (Stork) in the end (Stork at the end of the line).

lenormand reading 11-22-2015Over to You

I’ve just shared what the line might mean to me and offering that as a possibility and as potential for this week.

But that’s only one possibility.

How about you? If you’re a Lenormand reader, what do you see in the cards—as it might relate to you and your life experience?

Leave a comment in the section below—I’d love to hear the possibilities you see!

That’s a Wrap!

That wraps up another weekly Lenormand outlook—looking forward to seeing you here in this space next week!

Until then…

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