Your Week in Tarot: January 11-17, 2016

Happy Monday! Welcome to this week’s card reading!

My first new deck of 2016 is a hybrid of the original and updated versions of the Archangel Power Tarot by Doreen Virtue, Radleigh Valentine, and Jeff Bedrick.

My first new deck of 2016 is a hybrid of the original and updated versions of the Archangel Power Tarot by Doreen Virtue, Radleigh Valentine, and Jeff Bedrick.

Assisting me with the reading this week is the Archangel Power Tarot by Doreen Virtue, Radleigh Valentine, and Jeff Bedrick. If you’re eagle-eyed, then you’re no doubt recalling this is the deck I used for last week’s reading.

And you’d be half-right. Over the course of last week, after the reading had been posted, I discovered that this deck had been updated, with a number of images on the cards having been changed. When I found this out, I purchased a new copy.

Once it arrived, I took both decks and went through them, doing a card-by-card comparison, deciding which ones I wanted in what is now my “hybrid” deck—making it unique to me, in a way.

So, taking my “new” deck in hand, I’m shuffling the cards, asking, “What do we need to know about the week ahead, in terms of potentials and possibilities?”

This week’s video reveals the cards for our reading:

If you prefer to read the post, here it is:

After shuffling the deck and pulling the three cards for this reading, I turn the remainder of the deck over to look at the card at the bottom, which I consider the foundation for the week.

6 of michael-archangel powerThe card is 6 of Michael.

When we receive 6 of Michael, it acknowledges going through some challenging times, symbolized by the dark clouds and rough waters on the left side of the card. This imagery says that we’re going through a period of transition (the boat symbolizes being on a journey, whether literal or figurative) that will lead us to a calmer, tranquil place (symbolized by the blue sky beyond the clouds and the calmer waters on the right side of the card). 6 of Michael is known as the “ease of burdens and difficulties” card.

You’ll notice that Archangel Michael stands in the boat, watching over the dog with him. This lets us know that Spirit—with the assistance of the angels—is leading us, guiding us, watching out for us—especially when it seems that we’re just drifting along.

The boat being out of the water symbolizes that Spirit and the angels can assist us in rising above our challenges if we allow it. It can also represent that, at times, we may need to elevate our thinking, our consciousness (the air represents our mental atmosphere), and that we’ll find solutions (the suit of Michael being problem-solving and decision-making) when we’re willing to change our perspective. The answers we seek (the air) often aren’t in the same element as the problem (the water).

Moving now to the three cards I pulled: the first for the beginning of the week; the second for the middle of the week; and the last to round out the rest of the week.

9 of ariel-archangel powerFor the beginning of the week, we have 9 of Ariel.

Again, if you’re eagle-eyed, then you’ll recall that 9 of Ariel was the foundation card of last week’s reading. It seems Archangel Ariel wants to make her presence known once again!

The woman on the card represents a self-made person; she is self-sufficient and financially independent. If you think or feel that is not true for you at the moment, the symbolism of the woman riding the galloping unicorn tells us we all have the ability (the suit of Ariel represents our resourcefulness) to strive toward attaining (the number 9) this level of independence.

The appearance of this card represents the teaching, training, instruction, and guidance we need to learn—and apply (the suit of Ariel also being about practical application)—to create that type of life.

This card says it will take dedicated training, discipline, hard work, and self-mastery to attain the life that many see as an alluring dream.

On the other hand, since this card is also associated with gain, as you go through your experiences this week (especially the transition indicated by 6 of Michael), ask yourself what you’ve gained from each one–for that will be the value of those experiences–and making them valuable lessons.

You may have to rise above the emotions of the experiences, objectively observing things from that place of emotional detachment (the boat out of the water on 6 of Michael) to get to those lessons.

3 of michael-archangel powerMoving to the card for the middle of the week, we have 3 of Michael, and we may be faced with a painful experience.

A woman cries into the chest of Archangel Michael (making his second appearance in the reading). The suit of Michael is reputed to be the suit of challenges, problems, and troubles, and you can get that sense by this image. Meanings associated with this card are pain, hurt, and heartbreak.

Those feelings can be attributed to a break-up, separation, or divorce, which are situations associated with 3 of Michael. I have also come to see this card as an indicator of severance in job/career-related questions, as well as a move that leads to one’s independence—but it will be a painful process.

3 of Michael can be a reference to situations that involves a “third party” and lies and betrayal play a part in that.

3 of Michael suggests that no matter the situation, it’s going to leave a mark of some kind; it will be a scar that’s either physical, mental, or emotional. It just depends on the severity of the situation. The more severe the situation, the greater the scar could be.

But all scars heal more and more with time (the card actually says, “Time heals all wounds.”).

If you face this kind of situation this week, 3 of Michael encourages you to call on Archangel Michael to help you cut any energetic cords to the people and environment connected to your pain, hurt, and sorrow. Ask Archangel Michael to watch over and protect you as you express whatever thoughts and feelings that are true for you, as the 3 is a number of self-expression, and Archangel Michael is the angel that allows us to stand in our truth.

The dove on the card is a harbinger of what is to come. If you allow yourself to release yourself from the pain of the past, you will find peace (the dove). And once you find that peace (the peace that passes all understanding), as the card says, “You will grow from this situation.”

the wheel-archangel powerAnd this is a nice segue to the card for the end of the week, which is The Wheel.

The Wheel suggests a major turning point is possible this week. This is the card of growth, evolution and expansion. It can signal an opportunity for things to change for the better, much in the way our foundation card, 6 of Michael, can indicate.

The angel on the card is Archangel Jeremiel, who assists us when we want to conduct a life review, taking inventory of our thoughts and actions related to our past experiences. This is a nod to the valuable lessons 9 of Ariel mentioned, as well as the growth discussed by 3 of Michael.

There’s a saying that we learn more from the challenges we go through than from the times when everything is going well. For me, I think the challenges have helped me appreciate the good times more. In this light, The Wheel is about the ups and downs of life, and both run in cycles.

And since I mentioned cycles, with this card, we’re being encouraged to examine the repetitive cycles and patterns we find ourselves experiencing again and again. If these cycles and patterns are not serving and supporting us, this is the chance to interrupt those patterns and break those cycles (again with the assistance of Archangel Michael).

This is also a week to pay attention and take cues from unexpected events and synchronicities—they may very well be signs that you are being gently steered in a new direction. You can choose to resist (we have the power of choice and free will, after all), but you will probably profit by going with the flow—and seeing where it takes you.

To round out this reading, I’ll take the numbers on all the cards, reducing them to a number between 1-22, seeing what Major Arcana card will be the Lesson card for the week.

Adding 9 + 3 + 10, we have a total of 22.

leap of faith-archangel powerThe 22nd Major Arcana card is Leap of Faith.

When Leap of Faith crosses your path, it’s a signal that you’re about to embark on a new journey; it may be literal or metaphorical.

This is a card of new experiences; you’re about to experience a new chapter in your life. You’re getting a clean slate and a fresh start—what will you do with it?

Leap of Faith can suggest that wherever this new chapter takes you, you may not have the experience—but that’s okay! We can’t know everything going in—sometimes we have to learn along the way. The best experience comes when we, as Nike so fondly says, “just do it.” There will always be a phase or stage where we’re the beginner, the novice, the one who’s “green” and just starting out. In that sense, the Fool is each and every one of us.

Leap of Faith can suggest having a sense of awe and wonder about it all; it’s about seeing your world with a fresh set of eyes, with a child-like innocence (this card can sometimes represent birth and children in their formative years). What new way could you look at—and therefore have a new experience of—your life today?

Leap of Faith is a card that can tells us to take that leap, as our young man descends down a natural staircase. It’s a leap of faith, knowing and trusting that Source—the Universe (indicated by sunlight in the sky)—has your back, and will support you along the way.

For some of us (myself included), that first step can be a scary one to take. For some, this card can suggest being carefree and spontaneous, and for others, it can mean being foolish and reckless. We’re not all wired the same way. And that plays into how we view—and experience—new phases and stages.

And, while I’m on the subject of how we are wired, Leap of Faith is a card that asks us to be Who We Are. We’re all different and unique expressions in this world we’ve chosen to be born into—and we’re being encouraged to show up as ourselves. How can we help each other learn to respect and embrace differences in others—when we’re seeking to fit in and be the same?

And just like last week, we have another Life Lesson card this week. Taking 22, and adding the twos together, we have a total of 4.

the emperor-archangel powerThe 4th card in the Major Arcana is The Emperor.

When The Emperor, commands your attention, he’s asking you about how you’re using your power: Are you using it wisely—or are you abusing it?

The Emperor (depicted as Archangel Uriel) sits on a throne, signifying that he’s a person of power. He is a leader, and is in a position of authority.

When we look at power in the external sense, at the people around us in positions of authority, The Emperor is asking how that power is being used. Are these people using power in its best and highest sense—or are these people “lording it” over others, coming off as tyrannical dictators and control freaks—letting the power go to their heads, and corrupting themselves in the process?

And how about when we take a look at ourselves? The Emperor acknowledges that we, too, are powerful people—no matter our station, position, or status, in life. Being a card of self-empowerment, of personal power, The Emperor asks us to consider the ways we retain our power—and the ways we give it away, whether consciously or unconsciously. If you have found yourself giving your power away, The Emperor is asking you to consider ways to begin reclaiming it.

I always think of the song, “The Boss,” by Diana Ross, when I see this card (Did I just date myself—and reveal that I like disco too? Uh-oh!). You are “the boss of you.” Dr. Phil often says that we are our own “life’s manager.”

And then he follows with the question, “How’s that working for ya?”

So, this week, consider how your life is working—and begin to take command of the parts that aren’t working so well. The Emperor, also being a card of structure, order, and discipline, is asking you to come up with a plan—and then work your plan. After all, you are your own best authority on you.

And as the song by Snap! goes—you’ve got the power!

And that wraps up this week’s reading! I want to thank you for stopping by, and I wish you a Tarot-tastic week!

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