The Angels Want It in Writing

In a previous post, I shared some of the story of how I became a Certified Angel Card Reader™. I also shared that I was excited about what the angels might share with me, in terms of where to go from here with it.

Recently, the angels gave me some inspiration during a Reiki session.

Recently, the angels gave me some inspiration during a Reiki session.

Last week, during a Reiki treatment session, I was given some direction from the angels. I’m no stranger to the angels showing up during a Reiki session, as that was how they would typically show up for me in the past (that is, when I was awake; the very first time was in a dream—surprise, surprise).

It’s my belief, based on my personal experience, that the angels come to us in ways that are familiar to us, ways that we’ll resonate with. I say this as a set-up for the next part of the story.

The angels, again, to me, are non-denominational and are a part of all spiritual and religious paths. My background, being Christian metaphysics, means that the angels will connect with me from that frame of reference.

Getting back to the story, the angels showed me a line from the Lord’s Prayer, which is a prayer I recite at the beginning of my meditation time (and when I do, I can immediately feel their presence). The line was “on earth, as it is in heaven.”

After that, I saw the image of a six-card layout, consisting of two rows with three cards in each row. The top row is the “heaven” row, and the bottom row is the “earth” row.

The layout for the "On Earth As In Heaven" Spread, shown to me by the angels.

The layout for the “On Earth As In Heaven” Spread, shown to me by the angels.

Again, I know this is not everyone’s sensibility, so the language could be changed to better align with your spiritual path. Another that would fit, for me, would be “as above, so below.”

In the Certified Angel Card Reader™ course, one of the things I was able to learn and work with was the idea of doing a reading using more than one deck of cards. So, when I was shown the layout, I was also shown using it with both an angel oracle card deck and a Tarot deck. The angel cards would be placed in the top row, and the Tarot cards in the bottom row.

After the Reiki session, I quickly wrote down the information about the layout in my angel journal, eager to try it out.

Later that night, I did a reading with the layout, to try it out. The question I posed to the angels, through the cards, was, “What would best serve and support me on my path as a Certified Angel Card Reader™ (CACR™) at this time?”

The decks I chose to use were the Angel Prayers Oracle Cards, by Kyle Gray and Jason Mccreadie, for the top row; and the Fairy Tarot Cards, by Doreen Virtue, Radleigh Valentine, and Howard David Johnson, for the bottom row.

My angel card reading, using the Angel Prayers Oracle Cards (top row) and the Fairy Tarot Cards (bottom row). Both decks are published by Hay House.

My angel card reading, using the Angel Prayers Oracle Cards (top row) and the Fairy Tarot Cards (bottom row). Both decks are published by Hay House.

The first column (cards 1 and 4) represents the foundation or basis for the reading. Here, I had Trustworthy Friends (Angel Prayers) and The Star (Fairy Tarot).

james-column 1What came to me, when looking at Trustworthy Friends, was that the question was being asked as a way for me to “get a leg up,” going with the imagery of the female angel being lifted up by the male angel. Keeping with that, my work as a CACR™ is meant to be “uplifting,” just as the angels want to uplift me.

The angels are letting me know that they are my “friends in high places,” and that they want me to trust them.

The Star is a Major Arcana card and carries a lot of weight in a Tarot reading. For me, it’s a card of Cosmic Consciousness and angelic beings, which plays nicely with Trustworthy Friends.

The Star is a card of developing a talent, and that might involve the metaphysical sciences, which references angel card reading. The Star is a card of getting exposure and visibility. It’s about having high hopes for the future, and faith and trust (Trustworthy Friends) in the angels and the Universe.

And it just occurred to me that I read The Star as Reiki, which was the modality that led to the inspiration of the layout.

For the center column (cards 2 and 5), which is the current or present energy, I had Count Your Blessings (Angel Prayers) and 7 of Spring (Fairy Tarot). Adding an element from my reading Lenormand, I also read this column as the focus of the reading, as the cards are in the center of all the cards.

With Count Your Blessings, it makes the statement of how gratitude is central to all things. The angel on the card is making a gratitude list, acknowledging Source (in this case, God) first, as everything comes from the Creator.

james-column 2Next on the list is love, which I take as love being the driving force here. If I’m going to move forward, do it from a place of love, and having my heart in it.

I also see this card as the activity of writing, so I’m seeing this as a message from the angels to start writing about my angel card reading experience, much in the way I’ve written about the Lenormand last year.

The first thing that comes to mind with 7 of Spring is that, for me, it’s a card of self-employment, which is exciting to see, as the angels are seeing this fit into my current business as a card reader.

It’s also a card of being a teacher and a student, which I see as my CACR™ experience, having been taught by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. And, just like I see my work with Tarot and my study of Lenormand, I’m still learning, that I’m still a student.

And, for me, 7 of Spring is also a card of the writer, so the activity of writing is being reinforced here. Even though I’m becoming more comfortable doing videos and speaking on-camera, thanks to “Your Week in Tarot,” I still feel that my natural strength is writing.

That repeating message is a way for the angels to say, “Start with that (writing) now.”

Going with the imagery of the card, which has the fairy taking aim with her bow and arrow, I think of “taking aim” and “taking a shot.” Immediately came “hit me with your best shot,” which are some of the words from the Pat Benatar song. Going with that produced the following questions: Who are you targeting as an angel card reader? What’s your target? What are you aiming for?

This makes sense following The Star, as that’s a card of goals and ideals. Those questions are giving me food for thought.

In the last column (cards 3 and 6), representing future possibilities, I had Take Time to Breathe (Angel Prayers) and 2 of Summer (Fairy Tarot).

james-column 3With Take Time to Breathe, I looked at the card and thought of things like “a day at the beach” and “having it made in the shade.” The beach, for me, symbolically represents an approach toward spirituality (the beach leads to the ocean), so the readings are definitely an approach toward spirituality, and the work is an approach toward my spirituality personally.

Looking at the shade being the shadow of an angel, it reinforces the “friends in high places” idea I got from Trustworthy Friends, as well as letting me know that the angels are watching over me and the work in the future, “shadowing” me.

Take Time to Breathe also says for me to relax and have fun with the work as an angel card reader.

I see 2 of Summer as a card of a relationship being formed, that the parties involved are taking time to “get to know each other better.” I see this as saying that I’ll be forming future client-reader relationships, as well as telling me that my relationships with the angels will also be deepening. The work I’ve done with Doreen and Radleigh is actually more than just learning to read angel oracle cards—it’s been a way of getting to know the angels better, of creating more intimacy with them, and them with me.

2 of Summer is also encouraging me to find and create ways for people, in the future, to get to know me better, in terms of being a CACR™, and what it is that I bring to the table (what distinguishes me from other angel card readers).

I look at the words on the card, and see, “making a serious commitment,” which is asking me to seriously commit to the work of being a CACR™.

As a nice way to punctuate the reading, 2 of Summer also says, “Don’t give up,” which is also one of the meanings I have for 7 of Spring.

And there you have it—my first angel card layout in writing. I’m hoping the angels are proud.

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