Give Me Just a Little More Time

Some words of encouragement from a new subscriber inspired me to pick up my Kipper cards again.

Some words of encouragement from a new subscriber inspired me to pick up my Kipper cards again. Cards are from the Fin de Siècle Kipper (this is my monogrammed copy) by Ciro Marchetti.

I received a message from a lovely woman, Annie, who subscribed to my YouTube channel last night after watching the video for this week’s Lenormand reading.

In her wonderfully delightful message, Annie shared with me that she’s been working with not only Lenormand for a year—but with Kipper cards, another divination system. After sharing she works with Kipper, Annie then stated, “I bet you would be brilliant with Kipper.”

Annie didn’t know this, but I started with Kipper cards around August of last year. I was encouraged by a Tarot and Lenormand colleague I follow on YouTube and Instagram, when she uploaded a video on the Kipper card system; she said, because I was already working with Lenormand, Kipper wouldn’t be too much of a stretch.

So, I purchased a couple of decks, excited about the prospects of working with a new divination system.

And what I discovered is that, for some reason, I wasn’t clicking with Kipper in the way I took to Lenormand. And around November of last year, I put the cards aside.

I figured the time wasn’t right, and I might come back to Kipper again at a later date.

Seeing Annie’s words on my laptop screen made me think now might be that time.

So, I went to the shelf and pulled out my monogrammed copy (I was serious about working with this system!) of the Fin de Siècle Kipper by Ciro Marchetti, and sat down to do a Line of 5 reading.

My Kipper Line of 5 Reading

For my reading, I asked the cards, “What do I need to know about picking Kipper back up at this time?”

The cards that made up the line are Mature Man, Unexpected Income, Expectation, Pathway, and Thoughts.

kipper line of 5 reading-return to kipperThe Focus of the Reading

expectation-kipperExpectation is the card in the center of the line, and, for me, is the focus of the reading.

Expectation is a card of that indicates a waiting period, and a need for patience. This is exactly the nature of the situation, in that I’ve waited to return to the Kipper. This card suggests a time period of 3 months, and it’s been about that much time since I last picked up the deck.

The woman on the card looks out the window, as if in anticipation of something. As I take in the image, I consider the name of the card, and ask myself what my “expectations” were when I made the decision to pick up Kipper.

She sits in contemplation, and I see this as saying Kipper wants me to contemplate that idea of expectations in the course of the reading.

Contemplating the Cards in the Line

unexpected income-kipperSince the woman on the Expectation card is facing to the left, I look at the card she’s facing next, which is Unexpected Income.

Unexpected Income is a card of small financial transactions, money coming from an unexpected source. It’s a card of contracts and business matters.

As I look at the woman watching a financial transaction taking place outside her window, I consider a possible expectation of making money, at some point, doing Kipper readings.

I did have the thought that it would be cool to introduce a system to people that isn’t well-known in the area I live and work in; I know a great many Tarot readers in my neck of the woods, but not so much with Lenormand—which means there are possibly even less people working with Kipper around me.

pathway-kipperAnd then I look to the card the woman of Expectation is not facing—the card behind her, Pathway.

Pathway is a card that suggests a long path, and a long way to go, which is the message that first comes to mind: I’ve got a long road ahead of me. And, whereas Expectation can indicate a time period of 3 months, Pathway can be a time period of 1-2 years.

I take comfort that there are butterflies on the card, which symbolize change, as well as sunlight, suggesting “seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Seeing the woman with her back to Pathway says to me that I didn’t “expect” picking up Kipper would take so long for me to grasp.

And the combination of Unexpected Income + Pathway suggests that it could take some time to make money doing Kipper readings. The prospects look good, it’s just a matter of time.

And, in that moment, I see the Kipper saying to me, “Give me just a little more time.”

Unexpected Income + Expectation is letting me know that there may be a sudden (unexpected) change (the coin being “change”) ahead (the woman facing Unexpected Income).

thoughts-kipperThe card at the end of the line, Thoughts, is an important card (it’s dubbed a “major” card, and so is Expectation). Traditionally known as “His Thoughts,” it’s a card that represents the thinking of a man significant to the situation—in this case, me.

Being next to Pathway reinforces the idea of my thinking that working with the Kipper—and understanding it—will take time.

Thoughts can also be a card of sudden inspiration, and I see this as Annie’s words suddenly inspiring me to return to the cards. The man on the card is an artist, and I see this as suggesting a “creative” approach in studying and working with the cards, and that, like the painting in the card’s image, is a “work in progress.”

And finally, I turn to the last card—which is actually the first card in the line—Mature Man.

mature man-kipperOne of the things that makes Kipper different from Lenormand is that it’s more personal, and that’s reflected by the fact that there are a number of people cards in this system.

Mature Man is a card that can suggest an older man, possibly a guide or an authority. Not being Main Male, which would be my significator card, this man is someone other than myself.

I sit for a moment to consider who this man might be to me. I look at the image, and think the man might be worldly or global, suggested by the globe. He sits in a library, and I think the man might be educated and well-read.

Seeing all the books reminds me of my pun for being a “reader,” and then I make the connection.

There’s a man, Malkiel Rouven Dietrich, a famous astrologer and fortune teller in Germany, who makes money (Unexpected Income) doing Kipper (and Lenormand) card readings. When I first got my decks, I checked out his videos on YouTube as a source of inspiration (Thoughts).

And then I had another realization. Taking into account the directional cue of Expectation, the woman facing Unexpected Income, with Mature Man being further out is saying that in the upcoming future (looking ahead is seeing what’s coming up), within a few months maybe (Expectation being 3 months), I could see a sudden change (Unexpected Income) and become more experienced (Mature) reading Kipper (Man in library surrounded by books).

line of 3-fin de siecle-return to kipperIn that sense, I see Mature Man as saying, “Keep up with your studies, young man.”

The Essence Card

Having come up with a summation of the line, I decided to total the numbers of the cards, just as I do with my Lenormand cards, to see what the essence, or final advice, is for the reading.

marriage-kipperAdding 5 + 27 + 28 + 35 + 16, I get a total of 111 (which I immediately recognize as an angel number, which is a message to choose my “thoughts” wisely at this time—gotta love how these things work together).

There are 36 cards in the Kipper system (although this deck has 39 cards), so the number being over that gets reduced by adding the digits again. 1 + 1 + 1 = 3; the 3rd card in the deck is Marriage.

Marriage is a card of commitment and relationships. The card simply is remarking on my relationship with Kipper, and since I’m asking about picking Kipper back up, Marriage is saying the time has come to renew my commitment to it.

Final Thoughts

So, it looks like Kipper and I are walking down the aisle…

I’d like to thank Annie, for being the muse that inspired me (a nod to Thoughts) to pick up the cards and do this reading.

You just never know where—and from whom—inspiration will come.

It’s just a matter of giving it some time.

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