Oracle Outlook: Lenormand Reading for April 11-17, 2016 (Part 1)

oracle outlook-lenormand headerNow a few weeks into the rotation format of the Oracle Outlook, and having done a reading each with Lenormand, Angel cards, and Tarot, I’m coming back around to reading with Lenormand again, doing a Line of 5.

Taking the Dondorf Lenormand, the deck assisting me, in hand, I’m shuffling the cards, asking what we might expect for the week ahead.

The video below reveals the cards in the reading:

If you prefer to read the post, here it is:

The cards for the week are: Coffin, Scythe, Rider, Dog, and Moon.

lenormand reading 4-9-2016The Focus of the Reading

rider-dondorfOur focus card this week, which is in the middle of the line, is Rider. For me, Rider is a card that signals the arrival of news and messages. Typically Rider indicates positive news, but surrounding cards might suggest news of a different nature, so looking at the other cards will give us more information about possible news this week.

Another aspect of Rider is that it can mean an arrival or visit of a person. So there may be news or a message that someone is coming for a visit.

And, speaking of people, Rider can indicate an eligible young man.

Looking at Combinations in the Line

Since Lenormand is best read in pairs and combinations, let’s take a look at the other cards in the line, and how they inform us more about Rider.

coffin-dondorfThe first card in the line, Coffin, is considered a challenging card. One of its meanings is endings, so there may be news about an ending of some kind. Similar keywords I use, in that context, are closure and finalization.

Coffin can indicate limitation and restriction; with Rider being news, it could mean that news is being kept under wraps, or that there’s restricted access to news and messages. Going with the idea that Coffin is a box or storage, the pair of Coffin + Rider can mean a message box, which could be an actual mailbox.

Coffin is also a card of illness, so there might be news pertaining to that. For me, personally, I read Coffin as rest and sleep; going with that, I experience headaches that lay me out for a while, so headaches are a personal association with Coffin.

scythe-dondorf lenormandScythe, the card between Coffin and Rider, is a card that talks about injury, pain, and being hurt. I also read Scythe as a card of immediate response, as it can mean something sudden and unexpected, something fast, swift, and quick.

Pairing Coffin + Scythe, there may be news (Rider) about a sudden illness or a sudden ending. Another possibility might be an illness that needs immediate attention, and with that there may be a need for surgery, as I read Scythe as a surgery card.

Going with my take on Coffin being a headache, Scythe could mean that there’s sharp pain with it.

So, these three cards could be read as:

  • A sudden illness (Coffin + Scythe) becomes news (Rider).
  • An unexpected ending (Coffin + Scythe) becomes breaking (Scythe) news (Rider).

Taking into account that Rider is not facing these cards, the news being delivered can suggest this may be a past event, that the situation has already happened.

dog-dondorfOn the other side of Rider, there’s Dog, a card of a friend, partner, or companion. It’s also a card of help, support, trust, and loyalty.

With Rider, it could be that there’s the arrival of a friend, or a friendly visit. Or, keeping with the friend aspect, it could be that there’s a message for a friend, and it might be a request for help and support. If it’s news of some kind, it might be pertaining to a friend.

Keeping with the other cards in the line so far, a possible scenario is that news (Rider) of a sudden illness (Coffin + Scythe) is delivered (Rider) to a friend (Dog), along with a message (Rider) requesting help and support (Dog).

moon-dondorf lenormandComing to the end of the line, there’s Moon. This is a card of career, reputation, and recognition. In that light, I see Moon as being honored in some way.

Pairing Dog + Moon, it could be that loyalty is being recognized, that a friendship is being honored. Throwing in Rider, the trio could be read as a message (Rider) of help and support (Dog) is being honored (Moon).

Using the mirroring technique with the cards, Coffin + Moon are paired, and can suggest the end/ending of a career, or that an ending is being honored.

Another pairing, with this technique, is Scythe + Dog, which could be read as: a break in trust and loyalty; the split of a friendship or partnership; a friendly split; the injury of a friend. If you place the cards next to each other, you’ll notice the dog is not looking at the scythe, which adds that “unexpected” element—like the friend or partner didn’t see the split, break, or severance coming—until the news was delivered (Rider).

Reading the Line

After all these pairings to create meaning, the time comes to form a sentence connecting all the cards. Taking all the possibilities into consideration, here’s a summation:

A sudden illness (Coffin + Scythe) leads to the arrival (Rider) of a message (Rider) for the help and support (Dog) of a friend (Dog), which will be honored (Moon).

lenormand reading 4-9-2016The friend in question (Dog) may choose to visit (Rider), offering help and support (Dog) overnight (Moon) or over the course of a month (Moon, which can represent a full lunar cycle, which is a month).

End of the Line

And that brings us to the end of this portion of the reading. In the next post, I’ll take a peek at the playing cards in the reading, as well as the numbers on the cards, for any additional insights.

Until then…

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The Dondorf Lenormand used in this week’s reading comes from “The Easy Lenormand” deck and book set by Marcus Katz & Tali Goodwin, and is published by Llewellyn.

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