Looking for Love in Lenormand

Love in LenormandIf you follow my Lenormand video postings over on my YouTube channel, you’ll know that I recently finished up a series I was doing on how I read a Grand Tableau. The series was inspired by the requests of some of my regular viewers who enjoy how I read the cards.

This week, Sejla, a new viewer who found this series, sent me a lovely message about the videos. In it, she asked about the possibility of doing Lenormand readings on love and relationship situations.

The request intrigued me. And, if you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you know I always turn to the cards to see what they have to say about embarking on anything new connected to divination. And this time was no different.

So, picking up the Under the Roses Lenormand (by Kendra Hurteau & Katrina Hill, and published by U. S. Games Systems, Inc.), I decided to do a Line of 5 Reading to answer the question, “What do I need to know about doing Lenormand love and relationship video readings?”

The cards that made up the line were Mountain, Bouquet, Grave, Owls, and Gentleman.

Mountain, Bouquet, Grave, Owls, and Gentleman, from the Under the Roses Lenormand.

Mountain, Bouquet, Grave, Owls, and Gentleman, from the Under the Roses Lenormand.

The thing that immediately caught me eye was the last card in the line, Gentleman. Gentleman typically represents a man significant to the situation, or the questioner, if male. So, in this case, the card would represent me.

The Gentlemen cards in the Under the Roses Lenormand.

The Gentlemen cards in the Under the Roses Lenormand.

In this deck, though, there’s an additional Gentleman card; that Gentleman is African. This feature was one of the reasons I bought the deck (it was my first Lenormand), being African-American. I made the conscious decision, from the beginning, that this Gentleman would always represent me.

So, this man in the line is another man.

And seeing this set the reading in a different direction. (If you want to know how I answered the question with these cards, you can check out the first part of the video presentation of this reading here.)

Owls, next to Gentleman, can indicate a partnership (relationship), so I began seeing a relationship scenario unfolding in the cards, and went with it.

The Relationship in the Line

The Grave-UtR LenormandThe focus card being Grave can indicate an ending, or limitation and restriction. So I read this as the central issue being presented is the ending (demise) of a relationship.

bouquet owls-under the rosesBouquet and Owls, the cards flanking Grave, can point out two possible reasons for the relationship ending. On the one side, Bouquet, can suggest appreciation and being appreciated was an issue; on the other, Owls, aside from being a partnership, can mean that communication was also an issue.

mountain gentleman-under the rosesThe outer cards, Mountain + Gentleman, point to one of the people in the relationship. Mountain is a card that can indicate a challenge or block, and with Gentleman having his back to Mountain, can mean the man had a challenge or block in the past, which may have affected the relationship.

The pair could also describe the man as having been remote or distant in the relationship.

Mountain, being the trigger card in the line, says to me that the relationship was challenging at the start (I had the words “a rocky start” come to mind). Paired with Bouquet, one of the things here is that the challenge was surprising. A challenge, in particular, was with appreciation (Bouquet), which was mentioned before.

bouquet grave-under the rosesThe pair of Bouquet + Grave further adds these possibilities: no appreciation; limited appreciation; and appreciation comes to an end.

grave owls-under the rosesGrave + Owls also reinforces communication as another challenge, as the pair can mean a limitation (Grave) of communication (Owls).

owls gentleman-under the rosesOwls + Gentleman indicates that these challenges (Mountain) were the cause of frustration (Owls) for the man (Gentleman)—or that there was frustration with the man, from the perspective of the other person in the relationship.

grave gentleman-under the rosesGrave + Gentleman suggests that, as a result of the frustration (Owls) with the relationship (Owls), the man (Gentleman) was closed off (Grave) and shut down (Grave).

mountain grave-under the rosesAnd Mountain + Grave suggests that, after a time of “postponing the inevitable,” a challenge (Mountain) comes to an end (Grave). Grave + Owls follows up with the end (Grave) of a frustrating (Owls) partnership (Owls).

And despite ending the relationship, Owls indicates there was still a sense of sorrow (Owls following Grave).

Summing Up the Line

Taking the information from all the various combinations in the line, I like to sum things up by reading the cards from left to right.

For this line, one possibility is, “The challenge (Mountain) of being appreciated (Bouquet + Grave being limited appreciation) ends (Grave) a frustrating partnership (Owls) with the man (Gentleman).” This would be from the perspective of the other party.

love relationship lenormand readingFrom the perspective of the man, the line could suggest, “The challenge (Mountain) of being appreciated (Bouquet + Grave being limited appreciation) ends (Grave) a frustrating partnership (Owls) for the man (Gentleman).” One word change changes the perspective.

Either way, with Gentleman not facing any of the cards, he’s outta there. This situation is now in his past.

In the next post, I’ll look at both the playing card inserts and the numerical values of the cards for any additional insights.

Until then…

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