Is Love In the (Playing) Cards?

LoveIf you got the chance to check out my last post, then you’ll recall that I shared a recent Lenormand reading experience that was inspired by a new viewer, Sejla, over on my YouTube channel.

She had asked about the possibility of my doing readings on matters of the heart (love and relationships) with the Lenormand. I sat down with the cards to explore this interesting proposal. And when I did, I saw a possible relationship scenario in the cards and read them from that perspective.

In that reading, the cards were Mountain, Bouquet, Grave, Owls, and Gentleman.

Mountain, Bouquet, Grave, Owls, and Gentleman, from the Under the Roses Lenormand.

Mountain, Bouquet, Grave, Owls, and Gentleman, from the Under the Roses Lenormand.

And in my summation, I concluded that the challenge (Mountain) of being appreciated (Bouquet + Grave being limited appreciation) ends (Grave) a frustrating partnership (Owls) with the man (Gentleman).

If you’ve been following my Lenormand readings for any length of time, you know that I also take into account what the playing card inserts, as well as the numbers on the cards, have to say about things, so I’m going to be looking at those features now.

Revealing the Hidden Dynamics

You’ll recall that the focus card, Grave, informed us the central issue of this situation was the end (demise) of the relationship itself.

On the left side of Grave, we have 8 of Clubs (Mountain) and Queen of Spades (Bouquet). These cards, for me, are valued at 8 and 12, respectively. Adding 8 + 12, we have a total of 20. The 20th card in the Lenormand deck is Garden.

garden-under the rosesGarden is a card of the public and things social. It can be a card representing groups and communities, as well as public places and social venues. Basically, it relates to anything have to do with other people and places where people gather and congregate.

If Grave is about the ending of the relationship, one of the dynamics involved could have been other people. It could also be that one of the parties (a play of words on the social aspect of Garden) in the relationship was an extrovert, always wanting to be out being a social butterfly, possibly closing down (Grave) many a place.

On the right side of Grave, we have 7 of Diamonds (Owls) and Ace of Hearts (Gentleman). Adding 7 + 1, we have a total of 8. The 8th card in the deck is Grave, which is also the central card in the line.

The Grave-UtR LenormandIf Grave, as the central issue, is the ending of the relationship, then Grave, as a dynamic, comes across as the opposite of Garden. Where Garden is open, Grave is closed. Where Garden is an extrovert, Grave is an introvert, someone who’s reserved.

This would make sense with the idea, presented in the first part of the reading, that the pair of Mountain + Gentleman hinted at the possibility that a man in the relationship was remote or distant.

Revealing these dynamics could imply that the people in the relationship (Queen of Spades, being a face card, is a woman, while Gentleman is a man) were very different personality types with very different temperaments.

Totaling the Playing Cards

After looking at the dynamics, I like to add all the playing cards up for any last advice this feature of the Lenormand wants to share. Adding 8 + 12 + 9 (9 of Diamonds) + 7 +1, the total is 37. There are 36 cards in the deck, so with a number over 36, like there is here, the digits are added together. So, 3 + 7 = 10, and the 10th card in the deck is Sickle.

The Sickle-UtR LenomandWith Grave being the end of the relationship, Sickle reinforces that idea as some of its meanings are a break, a split, severance, elimination, and a disconnection.

Sickle could imply that the split was sudden, perhaps unexpected. And with the split, there was undoubtedly some pain and hurt, which are also words associated with Sickle.

Sickle reinforces Owls in this regard, as it was mentioned that there was sorrow expressed at the demise of the relationship (Owls following Grave in the line).

Getting to the Essence

Now that we’ve looked at the playing cards, let’s round out this reading by seeing what the essence card is. Adding up the numbers on the cards in the line, we have a total of 69 (21 + 9 + 8 + 12 + 28 = 78). Again, the total is over 36, so 7 + 8 = 15. The 15th card is Bear.

the Bear-Under the Roses LenormandFor me, Bear is the “boss” card, as it can indicate a boss, supervisor, or manager—basically a person of authority. In the context of a relationship, though, I’m reading this as suggesting that there were control and power issues, as Bear can also indicate power and force. The phrase “you’re not the boss of me” is in my head here.

Some read Bear as a “mama bear,” and if you go with that and think of mothering energy, than the flip side (given the control issue angle) would be smothering energy. Someone may have come on just a bit too strong (strength is also a word associated with Bear) in the course of the relationship. Think “overbearing’ and maybe even a little dominating.

With this idea of energy, Bear can be a card of weight and suggests being a bit heavy. So, for someone—most likely the man as Gentleman has his back to the entire line of cards—the energy of this relationship was just too heavy, just too much to bear (yes, I went there).

Wrapping Things Up

And there you have it; we’ve reached the end of this impromptu relationship reading. I hope you found the reading interesting, informative, and insightful.

As for Sejla, this is what she shared with me when she saw the video of the reading:

“Thank you! The way I see those cards: They are inviting you to be counselor for couples (owls) through lennies :))) You should do more like this, actual cases, or as you did, soap operas. You are a really talented reader! Of course, this is just suggestion.”

Interesting suggestion, Sejla!

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The cards used in this reading are from the Under the Roses Lenormand by Kendra Hurteau & Katrina Hill. The deck is published by U. S. Games Systems, Inc.

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