Oracle Outlook: Angel Card Reading for July 11-17, 2016

oracle outlook header-angel cardsI have to share that I’ve been looking forward to doing this week’s reading. Going with the rotating nature of this series, it’s time for another Angel card reading.

The reason for the anticipation is that I’ve been feeling inspired to use a different deck than the ones I’ve been using for previous Angel card readings. This week, I’m using the Angel Prayers Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray & Jason Mccreadie, along with the Archangel Power Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue, Radleigh Valentine, and Jeff Bedrick. Both decks are published by Hay House.

From the Angel Prayers Oracle Cards, I’ll be pulling a card that will serve as the foundation for the reading; the Archangel on the card will be assisting us in working with the energies being presented, as well as three cards that will serve as the cards for the week.

And from the Archangel Power Tarot Cards, I’ll pull a final card that will be offering us any last words and final advice for the week.

Taking each deck at a time in hand, I’m shuffling, asking Spirit and the Angels for the messages we need at this point in time to best assist us in moving through the upcoming week.

The video presentation of this week’s reading is below:

If you prefer to read the text, here it is for you:

Foundation for the Week

For the card representing the foundation, I’m taking the 16 Archangel cards from the Angel Prayers Oracle Cards, shuffling them, and pulling a card.

peaceful warrior-angel prayersThe card I pulled is Peaceful Warrior, which features Archangel Ariel.

This card, to me, is a response to the events that have taken place over the past week, both here in the United States (where I live), as well as other parts of the world. I have to admit that, after watching the national news this week, I was in a space of feeling powerless, asking the Universe about what I could do to help heal the unrest going on in the world.

The card, in part, says to “stand my ground in peace.” I take that as a reminder for us, in those moments of possible powerlessness, that we are powerful beings and we do have the power to effect change. The message that came to me is that “change happens one person at a time, and that change begins with you (the individual).”

Archangel Ariel is letting you know that positive change in the world-at-large can take place when we take the time and energy (our resources, as Ariel is the angel of resources) to create positive change in ourselves and our personal worlds first—and let that energy effect ripple out.

Cards for the Week

Now that the foundation card has been pulled, I’m taking the remaining 15 Archangel cards and placing them back into the entire deck. I’m shuffling the deck, pulling three cards: The first card will represent the beginning of the week; the second card the middle of the week; and the third card will round out the week.

manifesting miracles-angel prayersFor the beginning of the week, I pulled Manifesting Miracles, which features Archangel Orion.

I have to chuckle a bit seeing this card, because I’ve had the deck for 6 months now, and this is the very first time this card has appeared in any reading I’ve done with the deck—and I had a feeling it would show up (I actually said, “Wouldn’t it be funny if the Archangel Orion card showed up in the reading?”).

I mention this little aside in that it keeps with the “manifesting” aspect of the card, and I manifested this experience simply by asking the question.

At the beginning of the week, a wish could be made manifest, as Orion’s image is made up of a collection of stars, and brings to mind the idea of “wishing on a star.” And the manifestation may seem like a miracle.

On the other side of the coin, if what you’ve been trying to manifest hasn’t come about (yet), this card reminds me of the definition of a miracle, according to the spiritual text A Course in Miracles: A miracle is defined as “a shift in perception.”

The combination of Ariel (angel of abundance) and Orion (angel of manifestation) could be offering us the message of doing a “re-think” to see if there’s any thinking or speaking of lack around what we want to manifest—and if there is, how we might re-language the experience to shift the energy of it.

signs from heaven-angel prayersFor the middle of the week, I pulled Signs from Heaven.

Signs from Heaven is just like another card that appears often in my Angel card readings, and shares a similar message: Notice the Signs.

Signs from Heaven talks about the channels of communication between you and your Angels. While you talk to your Angels, your Angels are communicating with you through non-verbal demonstrations.

The most obvious meaning of this card is that your Angels are always sending you signs and messages. When this card appears, I see it as a heads-up from the Angels to pay attention to who—and what—is showing up in your life—and when.

Those things that are showing up may very well hold the answers to your prayers.

This card reminds you that if you’re asking Spirit and the Angels for help and assistance, then you’ve got to pay attention or you could miss a sign.

Like its counterpart Notice the Signs, Signs from Heaven could also suggest that if you take the time to cultivate a connection with Spirit and the Angels, you’ll begin to notice the ways in which the Divine and the angelic realm communicates with you specifically. The idea here is that, in a personal relationship, the communication is singular and unique to the person.

In their communications with the Angels, some people find feathers (like the feathers being dropped on the sleeping woman), which is a common way that I’ve heard angels send messages to people. Some people find coins, which is a message of abundance (and a nod to Archangel Ariel) or some positive “change” coming. And some are given messages through numbers, seeing patterns and sequences of numbers in a recurring fashion.

Another way you could receive a message this week from your Angels is through a dream. It was a dream that the Angels first appeared to me, with the message that they were around me, just a thought away.

Another possibility is that, because of the sleeping figure on the card, Signs from Heaven may be a request to get some more rest or sleep this week.

And allow yourself to be able to “sleep on it,” and allow the Divine guidance to come to you to help with any decisions you might be faced with as well this week.

focus your mind-angel prayersComing to the card for the end of the week, I pulled Focus Your Mind.

If you’re feeling sleep deprived, as a possibility with Signs from Heaven, Focus Your Mind can suggest that your ability for recall, focus, and concentration—all mental functioning—could be affected.

Focus Your Mind is a card about priorities, so, at the end of the week, you might see a shift in your priorities, and things you once thought important go to the back burner, allowing other things to take front and center stage.

The angel on the card is staring intently at the projection of a merkaba from her mind’s eye. The merkaba is a nod to Archangel Metatron, as it’s also known as “Metatron’s Cube.” Bringing in Archangel Metatron, Focus Your Mind can be a message to call upon Metatron to assist you in creating order and organization in your physical environment (Archangel Ariel).

You might feel the need to clear out clutter in a space this week. It’s been said that clutter in a physical space is the manifestation (Orion being the angel of manifestation) of a cluttered mind. If you take on the project of clearing out a space, check in and see how you feel in the space afterward. I know, from my own experience, I’ve stood in the space after and literally said, “I can think in here again!” True story.

And, finally, keeping with environments and Metatron, Archangel Metatron can work with us in clearing our energy fields—especially if we’re sensitive to harsh people, places and spaces energetically. If you find that to be true for you, call on Metatron to clear your field.

Final Advice from the Angels

10 of Raphael-Archangel Power TarotPulling the final advice card for this week’s reading from the Archangel Power Tarot Cards, I have 10 of Raphael.

If your life was a story (and I have a little secret for you: it is!), 10 of Raphael would be that last sentence written in most fairy tales: “And they lived happily ever after (it’s even written on the card).” 10 of Raphael suggests your happy ending may be on the horizon.

10 of Raphael centers on life’s emotional rewards. This is known as “the marriage and family card,” and, as such, is more about the people in our lives, those that we have chosen to form bonds and create relationships with. Some we are born into—but most we choose.

This card is also about community. Being a card that indicates spiritual growth, this could be a nod to your spiritual community, the people who have played either an active or passive role in your spiritual development.

If you’re the esoteric or metaphysical type, this card is known as the “soul family” card. From this perspective, you understand that there is a bond—a sort of contract–you have agreed upon with your birth family to learn certain lessons designed for your own soul’s growth.

Looking at things in this way, what lessons have you learned from the members of your family of origin? My own growth came from looking at the challenging relationship with my mother from this perspective, and played a major part in my spiritual growth and direction.

So, this week, 10 of Raphael asks you to look beyond the material things you have—or think you need to have to make your life better. 10 of Raphael, instead, asks you to look at the ways life makes you feel satisfaction and a sense of peace.

I also want to offer an alternate possibility. All the cards in Tarot have a positive side, as well as a challenging side. With 10 of Raphael, there is the possibility of feeling a sense of emotional overwhelm, as the 10 can sometimes represent being overwhelmed and overburdened.

So, if you find yourself feeling “in over your head” this week, call on the angels (the rainbow on the card can symbolize the angels), especially Archangel Raphael, to assist you in moving through that sense of overwhelm–because, the 10 is also a number of transition and moving to another stage or level—a higher one.

And, with that, we’ve transitioned to the end of this week’s reading. I’m wishing you a wonderful week, filled with love, light, and Angel blessings!

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