Oracle Outlook: Tarot Reading for July 18-24, 2016

oracle outlook header-tarotBefore diving deep into the cards this week, I wanted to thank you for your part in helping last week’s Angel card reading become so well-received. I truly appreciate how this new addition to my reading practice is being embraced so warmly and positively.

And just as I did last week by bringing in one of the newer Angel card decks in my collection to assist me, I’m doing the same this week, and bringing in one of the newer Tarots I have to assist me for the reading: the Thelema Tarot by Renata Lechner, published by Lo Scarabeo.

As I do every week for these general readings, I’m taking the deck in hand, shuffling the cards, and asking this question: “What do we need to know about the possibilities for the week ahead?”

This week’s video reveals the cards for our reading:

If you prefer to read the post, here it is:

After shuffling the deck and pulling the three cards for this reading, I turn the remainder of the deck over to look at the card at the bottom, which I consider the foundation for the week.

Foundation for the Week

7 of cups-thelemaThe card is 7 of Cups.

With the 7 of Cups, you may be faced with many options; the only thing is, the more options that are placed before you, the more you may be unable to decide.

You’re being asked, with this card, to narrow your focus. From an emotional standpoint, ask yourself, “What do I need right now?” And then take action on that decision.

The 7 of Cups suggests the need to concentrate on a single goal to ensure success.

This card can also warn of fantasies, daydreams, and having your head in the clouds, so be sure that your decision is grounded in practicality—or life will give you a reality check.

The 7 of Cups, for me, is a very spiritual and psychic card. I always encourage people to write down and interpret their dreams when this card appears. This week, your dreams may be particularly vivid (especially with the upcoming full moon). You could also experience some psychic visions.

The 7 cups on the card can correspond to the 7 chakras; going with that association, you may be called to clear any blocked energies within your chakra system, bringing them into alignment. Another possibility to consider is to undergo a detox, especially any foods or substances that are producing a “foggy head” type of experience.

Daily meditation and visualization are also highlighted with the 7 of Cups. Before anything we want in the outer can manifest, we first need to go within and see, with our faculty of imaging and imagination, as being/doing/having that very thing.

The 7 of Cups can suggest that positive things lie ahead, and to begin looking forward to experiences that will open a new chapter in your life.

Moving now to the three cards I pulled: the first for the beginning of the week; the second for the middle of the week; and the last to round out the rest of the week.

Cards for the Week

page of pentacles-thelemaFor the beginning of the week, we have the Page of Pentacles.

Pages in Tarot suggest a new stage, a learning stage of development. I see this Page as learning the value and worth of things in his physical world, but also about the value and worth he has—his self-worth and self-value.

Keeping with the learning aspect of the Page, this is a person who is a student or scholar; if not actually enrolled in college or university, this is the person who is considered a “student of life,” someone who is a life-long learner.

Pages in Tarot, for me, can represent news and messages. When a Page appears, I pull a card from the deck, asking for further insight as to the possible nature of the news or message. I’ll do that after going through the remaining cards for the week.

Keeping with the psychic aspect of the 7 of Cups, the Page of Pentacles can indicate omens and premonitions, so there’s a reinforced message to pay attention to your intuition.

Given that the Page is a student, it could suggest the possibility of someone taking up the study of psychic development, and then the Page would add the messages of finding new resources to help with the study, and that there is a need for focus and concentration.

If the study of psychic phenomena is too “woo-woo,” then those messages about resources and focus and concentration would apply to any course of study.

And if focus and concentration is of concern, you can call on Archangel Zadkiel, as his angelic energy supports students with memory.

ace of swords-thelemaMoving to the card for the middle of the week, we have the Ace of Swords.

When the Ace of Swords is being handed to you, it signals that a triumph, a victory, or a success is coming your way!

Aces herald the beginning of a new chapter, stage, or phase in your life. For me, the Ace of Swords can suggest the beginning stages of a new lifestyle, and part of that could mean a job or career change.

This particular Ace often means a new thought, idea, or concept suddenly coming to you that gives you clarity, that presents the answer or solution to a problem you’ve been experiencing.

And since I mentioned problems, the suit of Swords is a suit that is known to represent challenges. The Ace of Swords, in this sense, could suggest a bumpy start on the way to things becoming clear, or leading to that triumph, victory, and success.

Also, Swords can represent the way we communicate, and that words are double-edged: they have the power to both harm and heal. How will you use your words this week?

The Ace of Swords, being a card of Truth, asks us to stand in our truth—and to be truthful—without intentionally causing harm to others. Because the Truth is that what we inflict on another will be inflicted on us.

Lining this card up with the 7 of Cups, the Ace of Swords points to (pun intended) the crown chakra, and the possibility of getting a “download” of (intuitive) information from the Divine (with the Ace of Swords, I refer to the Divine as the One Mind, Divine Mind, or Infinite Intelligence).

With that, the Ace of Swords could be offering the advice to keep an open mind should you receive such a download, as it might present a new concept to you.

7 of pentacles-thelemaFor the end of the week, we have the 7 of Pentacles. Pentacles, being the dominant suit this week, asks us to consider what we value in life, what we find worthwhile.

When the 7 of Pentacles sprouts into your week, its message is to take the time to evaluate your life.

This is a card that suggests reaping a harvest, that the hard work you’ve put into a situation is now starting to produce results. This is the Universal Law of Sowing and Reaping, which basically says that you only get out of any situation what you put into it.

So, when the 7 of Pentacles appears, consider taking a step back and ask yourself, “Am I getting what I want out of this (situation)?” If the answer is no, then ask yourself what energy have you been putting into it—because it’s that energy that has helped to produce the result you have. Because the proof, as they say, is in the pudding.

And, just like a sower who plants a seed and gets what was planted (planned) for, it’s the same for us. The seed is our intention. But we also have to take action (this card can be a warning of procrastination). The land that the seed goes into has to not only be fertile, but it must be tilled, and the seed has to be nurtured (fed and watered) in order for the harvest (growth, result) to take place. With that, ask yourself, “What’s my intention here? What actions do I need to take that are in alignment with that intention?”

Also, keep this thought in mind: When we explore this idea of sowing and reaping, we can sometimes go into looking for the harvest immediately after the seed has been planted. There is a space of time in between that also has to be allowed for. True and lasting growth is never an overnight process.

So, as the Pet Shop Boys once sang, take a look around at the “fruits of your labors” in your life this week and ask “Was it worth it?” If the answer is yes, then affirm what you have with gratitude. If the answer is no, then let this be the time you prepare the ground to receive the new seeds you’ll be planting—seeds that may be just thing to help you attain the result you desire.

The Message Card

ace of pentacles-thelemaReturning to the Page of Pentacles, and asking the question, “What news or messages do you have for us?” I drew the Ace of Pentacles.

This is interesting, as both the Page and the Ace of Pentacles share a similar message: a new phase or chapter pertaining to material resources.

When this card appears, its message to you is that it’s your lucky day! The Ace of Pentacles symbolizes “change” taking place for you and your world.

The beauty here is that change doesn’t have to be something big, grand, sweeping, or epic; rather, this card is asking you to notice the little changes that take place around you all the time, and in many ways.

The suit of Pentacles is also about practical application, so this card could be asking you to consider what “small changes” you could make for yourself and your environment.

What small change can you make in your finances? What small change could you make with regard to your physical well-being? What small change could you make regarding your job or career? What small change could you make with your physical surroundings (environment)?

Because the Ace of Pentacles is letting you know that you may discover a new resource that allows you to make that small change. This card, to me, says that a lot of little changes can lead to a huge payoff in the end (remember the 7 of Pentacles?).

But any change—whether it be small or large—can only happen when you value yourself enough and say that you’re worth it (bringing back what I said about the Page representing self-worth and self-value).

To round out this reading, I’ll take the numbers on all the cards, reducing them to a number between 0-22, seeing what Major Arcana card will be the Lesson card for the week.

Lesson Card for the Week

the sun-thelemaAdding 11 (I value Pages at 11) + 1 (Ace) + 7, we have a total of 19. The 19th Major Arcana card is The Sun.

For me, The Sun is the best card in the deck, outshining all other cards. It’s a card of clarification, much like the Ace of Swords—reinforcing the message of things becoming clear.

The Sun suggests that clarity comes when we choose to become more conscious about ourselves and how we move through and experience our lives. What are you willing to see clearly this week? What situations are you willing to “clear up” this week?

The Sun is also a card of personal freedom. What would you be willing to do this week, as a step toward your own sense of freedom? The Sun suggests you have the energy to take that step.

Being a card of achievement (again, like the Ace of Swords being a card of success), The Sun asks you to look at all the achievements in your life—those things that have brought you moments of great (personal) happiness and satisfaction. The Sun wants you to know those were your moments of “brilliance” and “radiance.”

So, for this week, consider how—and what—you want to “radiate” out into your world. For, just as the astrological glyphs revolve around the sun in the card’s image, the people who orbit you will both see and feel what you are putting out.

Why not let it be your personal best?

And on the bright and positive note, I’ll let the sun set on this week’s reading.

Wishing you a Tarot-tastic week!

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This reading is general in nature. If you’re interested in having your own personalized Tarot reading, please visit my Tarot Consultations page for all the details.

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