Oracle Outlook: Lenormand Reading for July 25-31, 2016 (Part 2)

oracle outlook header-playing cardsIn the previous post, I shared a Lenormand card reading for this week’s Oracle Outlook.

What I’m going to do now, as a follow-up to that post, is to take a look at the playing card inserts and the numbers of the cards for additional insights.

If you want to watch the video of the reading, you can check it out below.

 If you prefer to read the text, here it is for you:

You may recall that the reading for the week, using the Piatnik Lenormand, consisted of Rider, Birds, Lady, Tree, and Cross.

lenormand 7-25-2016Revealing the Hidden Dynamics

woman-piatnikThe focus card, Lady, informed us that a woman was going to take center stage this week. As a significator, Lady can represent a female seeker, or an important woman to a male seeker (depending on who is having the reading).

The other cards around Lady served to elaborate about this woman, describing more about who she is, or the activities she might be engaged in this week.

Aside from reading the line, from the perspective of all the pairings of the cards, we can turn to the playing card inserts to see what additional information can be provided about this woman.

stars-piatnikOn the left side of Lady, we have 9 of Hearts (Rider) and 7 of Diamonds (Birds). Adding 9 + 7, we have a total of 16. The 16th card in the deck is Stars.

On this side of Lady, Rider + Birds suggested news or a message (Rider) through speaking (Birds). Stars, in relation to that, can suggest the internet, which could be an interview on internet radio or a podcast.

With Lady being the focus card, Stars could suggest the woman is famous (think of Stars referencing a “celebrity”) or that she is part of a larger “network,” and connected to a number of “luminaries” (other notable people).

If the woman is a speaker, and giving a speech or talk, Stars would suggest there’s an inspirational message (Rider) within it, as Stars is a card of inspiration. Also a card of aspirations, Stars would suggest the woman intends to disclose some ideals or goals she aspires to in the future.

Child-PiatnikOn the other side of Lady, we have 7 of Hearts (Tree) and 6 of Clubs (Cross). Adding 7 + 6, we have a total of 13, and the 13th card in the deck is Child.

On this side of the line, Child is a card of something new, something beginning or something starting.

With Tree + Cross suggesting the woman possibly being a spiritual healer, Child could be that the woman is relatively new to the field, that she’s just starting out, which would make sense given that I read Tree as “branching out” and developing connections.

If she’s talking about spiritual healing, then part of her talk would be about her background, and what led up to her getting into the field. Child, being a card that can refer to an actual child, could be about her own childhood, or that a child (her own perhaps) playing an important part in the story.

Tree + Cross can also be read as health (Tree) becomes critical (Cross), and with Child, it can be that this crisis (Cross) with health (Tree) is new (Child).

Totaling the Playing Cards

After looking at the dynamics, I like to add all the playing cards up for any last advice this feature of the Lenormand wants to share.

Lilies-PiatnikAdding 9 + 7 + 1 (Ace of Spades on Lady) + 7 + 6, the total is 30. The 30th card in the deck is Lilies.

Lilies is a card, for me, that can represent an elder or a senior, which can imply two things: age and wisdom. With Lady as the focus card, Lilies can suggest the woman is mature, if you think “older and wiser.” And that maturity may have come from experience, which is another of my associations for Lilies.

With Tree being a card of health, Lilies can suggest protection, which could suggest her talk might be one of a preventative nature. With Tree as healing, Lilies can then become a card of peace, meaning that peace comes as a result of some type of healing.

Lilies is a card that can be about the past, and that the talk may be some type of tribute or memorial, if you go with the idea that lilies are used to honor those who have passed on.

Getting to the Essence

Now that we’ve looked at the playing cards, let’s round out this week’s reading by seeing what the essence card is.

The Whip-PiatnikAdding up the numbers on the cards in the line, we have a total of 83 (1 + 12 + 29 + 5 + 36 = 83). Again, the total is over 36, so 8 + 3 = 11. The 11th card is Whip.

Whip is a card of conflict and strife, which would make the case for Lilies being about peace. Whip, when talking about communications and conversations (Birds), can suggest heated words being exchanged, leading to debates and arguments. Whip suggests an undercurrent of anger bringing an explosive quality to the dialogue.

This would align with the viewer of the video portion of the reading, who suggested I was politely making reference to the woman (Lady) being Hilary Clinton, who was to speak (along with many other people) at the Democratic National Convention this week (and will have by the time this post hits cyberspace).

And, as most will surely know, she was going into the convention having to bring peace (Lilies) to the division within the DNC between her supporters and those of Bernie Sanders.

Her message had to be one that allowed people a more personal perspective of her (Lady) as well as heal (Tree) the strife (Whip) within the committee.

Was she able to accomplish both with her words?

In Closing

And there you have it; we’ve reached the end of this week’s reading. Thanks for joining me in this space for another Oracle Outlook; I hope you found the reading interesting, informative, and insightful.

I’m hoping you have a wonderful week, and I look forward to you joining me here again for the next Oracle Outlook!

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