Oracle Outlook: Tarot Reading for August 29-September 4, 2016

oracle outlook header-tarot-universal waiteBefore getting into this week’s reading, I first want to thank you.

Last week, I was led to change things up with the Oracle Outlook, specifically the video presentation of the reading. It was an Angel card reading, and my angels were very communicative about things to do in the making of that video.

I followed the guidance that was given (and some of the time, a bit reluctantly and maybe even a little grudgingly, I’m not ashamed to admit). The video took a little more time in post-production, and I had to learn on the fly how to use some new software, but I got it done.

At the end, I even said to them, “People better watch this video!”

A still from last week's video. Here, I'm discussing "See only Love," the first of the three cards in the reading.

A still from last week’s video. Here, I’m discussing “See Only Love,” the first of the three cards in the reading.

And boy did they. That video got 8 times the number of views than the Angel card reading video before it.

If you happened to be one of those viewers, I want to thank you for taking the time to check it out.

And, I’m sharing the experience as a demonstration of what can happen when you choose to follow the guidance of Spirit and your angels.

Now, getting to this week’s reading, I’m turning to the Tarot for assistance (keeping with the rotation, it’s Tarot turn to be on deck), specifically the Universal Waite Tarot (created by A. E. Waite & Pamela Colman Smith, colored by Mary Hanson-Roberts, and published by U. S. Games Systems, Inc.).

As I do every week for these general readings, I’m taking the deck in hand, shuffling the cards, and asking this question: “What do we need to know about the possibilities for the week ahead?”

This week’s video reveals the cards for our reading:

If you prefer to read the post, here it is:

After shuffling the deck, I pulled three cards for this reading: the first for the beginning of the week; the second for the middle of the week; and the last to round out the rest of the week.

Cards for the Week

ace of swords-universal waiteFor the beginning of the week, we have the Ace of Swords.

The Ace of Swords signals a triumph, a victory, or a success coming your way!

Aces herald the beginning of a new chapter, stage, or phase in your life. For me, the Ace of Swords can suggest the beginning stages of a new lifestyle, and part of that could mean a job or career change.

This particular Ace often means a new thought or idea suddenly coming to you that gives you clarity, that presents the answer or solution to a problem you’ve been experiencing.

And since I mentioned problems, the suit of Swords is a suit that’s known to represent challenges. The Ace of Swords, in this sense, could suggest a bumpy start on the way to things becoming clear, or leading to that triumph, victory, and success.

Also, Swords can represent the way we communicate, and that words are double-edged: they have the power to both harm and heal. How will you use your words this week? (And Mercury goes retrograde starting this week, a time where miscommunications are reputed to happen, which heightens this aspect of the Swords energy.)

The Ace of Swords, being a card of Truth, asks you to stand in your truth—and to be truthful—without intentionally causing harm to others. Because the Truth is that what we inflict on another will be inflicted on us.

The Ace of Swords points (another pun intended) to the crown chakra, and the possibility of getting a “download” of (intuitive) information from the Divine (with the Ace of Swords, I refer to the Divine as the One Mind, Divine Mind, or Infinite Intelligence).

With that, the Ace of Swords could be offering the advice to keep an open mind should you receive such a download, as it might present a new concept to you.

For the middle of the week, we have the King of Swords.

If you didn’t check out the video of this reading, the moment I turned this card over, I made a face. The face was because I had a feeling this card would appear in the reading.

My initial reaction to turning over the King of Swords in the video.

My initial reaction to turning over the King of Swords in the video.

The thing I recently discovered—since becoming a Certified Angel Card Reader™–is that the King of Swords has an angel design embedded in his crown—something I hadn’t noticed before (and I’ve been working with this deck for a long time).

Seeing that angel on the crown reinforces that last aspect I mentioned with the Ace of Swords about messages from the Divine (angels are divine messengers) coming into your mind through your crown chakra (crown on head of King).

king of swords-universal waiteThe King of Swords rules the mental and intellectual realms, so you’re being asked to approach (this is a Court Card, and, for me, can indicate a particular approach) things this week with a sense of mindfulness and using your abilities of critical thinking and problem-solving.

You may be faced with a challenge that calls for you to take a stand for what you believe. This is the “going before the judge” card, and can suggest that you might be judged or criticized for your beliefs—or that you might be judgmental or critical of others for theirs.

Again, be mindful, for this calls to mind the adage “As you judge, so shall you be judged.”

Keeping with the idea of “going before the judge,” there’s also the possibility that a decision of some sort may be rendered.

And, lastly, this King is known for working in the industry of law enforcement. In the spiritual sense, this is asking us to consider how we “work” and “enforce” the Universal Law (of Cause & Effect)—and the way we do that is through what we believe, and how we judge and perceive the effects that appear in our lives.

With the King of Swords, you’re being empowered to use the power of your mind to cut to the heart of any matter before you.

8 of swords-universal waiteFor the end of the week, we have the 8 of Swords.

This is unusual that all three cards are from the same suit this week. This week really is going to be a week for being discerning.

This may also be a week where some re-thinking (going along with Mercury re-trograde) is called for.

The 8 of Swords can suggest blockages, obstacles, and obstructions; it’s known as the “interference” card.

Since this card is bookending the Ace of Swords, the first thing that comes to mind is that there may be energy around not knowing how to proceed with the new beginning of the Ace.

The woman on the card is both blindfolded and tied up, with the 8 swords surrounding her. This can suggest you may be unable to see how thoughts of limitation and restriction are keeping you from moving forward.

Or that you’re allowing the interference of those “bumps” I referred to with the Ace of Swords to hold you up and keep you inactive.

It could also be, with the 8 of Swords, that you may have gotten yourself into a situation where you now can’t see a way out. You may want to do something, but find your hands are tied. The 8 of Swords arrives on the scene to let you know that most often, you’re only as stuck as you think you are.

It’s that thinking that holds you hostage, that keeps you captive. You’ll never see a way out if you keep thinking there isn’t one.

The 8 of Swords can also be a “heads up” to be careful of certain entanglements. Sometimes, situations come your way that you’re not to get involved with, and being “tied up” with other things may be a blessing in disguise that can keep you out of those situations.

The 8 of Swords sends the message that sometimes in life, things are “bound” to happen, things we may not see coming–and that we may not be able to do anything about.

And sometimes, taking no action is the best course of action.

And that will “wrap things up” this week—wishing you a Tarot-tastic one!

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The weekly reading is of a general nature. If you’re interested in having your own personalized Tarot reading, please visit my Tarot Consultations page for all the details.

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