Oracle Outlook: Lenormand Reading for November 7-13, 2016

oracle outlook-piatnik headerThis is an important week here in the United States, where I reside; Election Day is Tuesday, November 8th, and the world will find out who becomes the next President.

2016-presidential-election-buttonsIn light of this, I was very intrigued about what would possibly show up in the cards about the election.

I did notice that, during the debates, the Lenormand just happened to be the deck on hand each time a debate aired, and here it is again the week of the election. Interesting pattern, I thought.

Getting into this week’s reading, I’m turning to a variation of the Dondorf Lenormand for assistance. Taking the deck in hand, I’m shuffling the cards, asking what we might expect for the week ahead.

The video below reveals the cards in the reading:

If you prefer to read the post, here it is:

The cards for the week are: Moon, Ways, Anchor, Whip, and Ship.

oracle-outlook-11-3-2016Focus of the Reading

anchor-dondorf-lenormandThe focus card this week, which is in the middle of the line, is Anchor.

For me, Anchor is a work card, and with that, I see the work as long-term and somewhat routine. The work can also be hard or that one is serious about it.

Since anchors keep ships in place, this card can advise sticking with a situation, that it’s not a time for pulling up stakes and moving on. As advice, Anchor can suggest being persistent, having a sense of perseverance, and remaining hopeful.

And Anchor is a card of security and stability; with that, the work in question may be the type that affords a great deal of both stability and security.

If not connected to a work-related situation, Anchor can be suggesting, as the middle card, a focus on either creating or maintaining a sense of security and stability this week.

Looking at the Line

The cards immediately flanking Anchor, Ways and Whip, form a pair that I read in a line as something more in-depth about the focus (Anchor).

ways-dondorf lenormandWays is a card of choices, options, and alternatives. Here, it can suggest being at a crossroads and needing to make a decision.

An obvious association here could be about the U. S. Presidential Election, which comes to a conclusion when the new president is chosen (by the voting process).

With Anchor coming after Ways in the line, it would suggest either a decision about work, or a decision about security. The pair could also suggest that a choice (Ways) is locked down (Anchor).

whip-dondorfWhip is a card that I first read as conflict or strife. Whip can suggest arguments and debates–words being exchanged in the heat of anger.

Whip can also suggest repetitive activity, and that activity could be physical in nature. With Anchor, Whip can suggest someone who works with their hands, like manual labor, or that an individual works as a personal trainer.

Ways + Whip can suggest a choice or decision (Ways) that leads to a conflict (Whip), resulting in heated words being exchanged, possibly escalating into a physical altercation.

It will be very interesting indeed to see what possibly “erupts” after the election, which has been quite contentious throughout.

ways-whip-dondorfRead another “way,” the pair could suggest choices, options, and alternatives (Ways) to physical conflict (Whip) taking place repeatedly (Whip).

This could be a reference to coming up with ways to reduce the repeated physical altercations between citizens and law enforcement that have taken place across the nation (here in the States).

While Whip can point to possible discrimination on both sides, Anchor, as the focus card, suggests that, at the core, is a need of security for parties on both sides of the equation.

And another possibility could be a sense of conflict (Whip) that comes after a decision is made (Ways). This could be a personal decision about one’s work (Anchor), and wanting to choose the best course of action (Ways) going forward.

It could be a question of “Should I stay—or should I go?”

The outer cards, Moon and Ship, can offer information that would sum things up.

moon-dondorf lenormandMoon is a card of career, and can reinforce Anchor as a work card. Where Anchor can indicate long-term work, Moon adds that there is recognition as well, that the person has a reputation for the work.

With Ways coming after Moon, there is recognition (Moon) of a choice or decision (Ways).

If we go with the election, this would suggest that at the beginning of the week, there will be the recognition (Moon) of the choice (Ways) for the presidency. But will everyone honor (Moon) the choice (Ways)?

If we go with a more personal slant, it could be the recognition (Moon) of a choice (Ways) made about work (Anchor). Moon and Ways can suggest one option (Ways) would be to “moonlight,” meaning performing two (or more) different types of work at the same time—perhaps to create more stability and security (Anchor being the focus card).

ship-dondorfShip is a card of travel and transportation, but I also read it as progression and advancement, about moving forward.

With Anchor being work, Ship can suggest work that requires travel. Ship can also be a card of things foreign, so this could mean work involving international travel, or working overseas.

Since Lenormand can be quite literal, Anchor + Ship could actually be nautical work, and maybe work with the Navy.

This would make sense with Whip in between, as Whip + Ship could suggest a foreign conflict or a conflict overseas.

moon-ship-dondorfThe pair could also suggest a conflict (Whip) that continues to progress (Ship).

Keeping with Anchor as work, Moon + Ship, could suggest an honor (Moon) or recognition (Moon) from abroad (Ship), or that someone has a reputation (Moon) for being “progressive” (Ship).

Reading the Line

Taking the entire line into account, two scenarios emerge for me.

First: Recognition (Moon) of a choice (Ways) about work (Anchor) leads to a conflict (Whip) between stability and security (Anchor) and exploring (Ship) a new venture (Ship).

Basically, it looks like being conflicted with the idea of sticking with something (Anchor)—or setting sail and moving on (Ship).

oracle-outlook-11-3-2016Second: The recognition (Moon) of a decision (Ways) that leads to persistent (Anchor) conflicts (Whip) that continue to progress (Ship), both domestically (Anchor) and abroad (Ship).

 Wrapping Things Up…

On that note, I’ll wrap things up.

Lenormand can offer a number of possibilities, so if you’re into Lenormand and see a different scenario playing out in the cards, let me know; I’d love to hear what you’re seeing.

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