Kipper Gives Me a Progress Report

mystical-kipper-headerMonths ago, I shared a post about picking up the Kipper, after putting the cards aside for some time. In that post, I had conducted a Line of 5 reading asking about coming back to the cards.

Since that time, I’ve been working with the cards more regularly, and I thought it would be interesting for Kipper to give me its thoughts on the progress I’ve (hopefully) been making with it.

With that in mind, I conducted another Line of 5, this time asking the cards, “What can I know about my progress reading the Kipper?”

My Kipper Line of 5 Reading

Using the Mystical Kipper by Regula Elizabeth Fiechter and Urban Trösch (published by AGM-Urania), the cards that made up the line are His Thoughts, Meetings, Expectation, Marriage Card, and Rich Good Gentleman.

kipper-progress-readingRight off the bat, I can see Kipper has a sense of humor: Two of the cards, His Thoughts and Expectation, were also in the previous reading—and Expectation is in the center of the line, just as it was the last time.

The Focus of the Reading

expectation-mystical-kipperOnce again, Expectation takes center stage as the middle card of the line, making it the focus of the reading.

Like I mentioned in that previous post, Expectation is a card of that indicates a waiting period, and a need for patience.

Expectation is also a card of anticipation, and Kipper is making note that I’m anticipating what it has to say about the potential progress I’ve made since picking the cards back up.

You have to look very closely at the card to notice there’s a person looking out the window; Kipper is read with direction in mind, and the cards in the line of sight of the person can give information as to what’s being expected.

In this case, the expectation lies with His Thoughts and Meetings.

his-thoughts-meetings-expectationMy Thoughts on the Cards in the Line

meetings-marriageMeetings is one of the cards immediately flanking Expectation, with Marriage on the other side. As a pairing, Meetings + Marriage does indeed suggest a deeper commitment has been formed.

Meetings is a card of a “chance encounter,” but also of a situation that has gone or become “public.” Meetings + Expectation can suggest a possible expectation of working with Kipper more publicly in the future, something I did mention in my previous post.

his-thoughts-rich-good-gentlemanLooking at the cards on the outer ends of the line, His Thoughts + Rich Good Gentleman, the Kipper could be suggesting that my thoughts (His Thoughts) are about getting a return on my investment (Rich Good Gentleman; I read this card as business and finances when it’s not about a person).

And because the Rich Good Gentleman is playing chess in the image on the card, I also read His Thoughts + Rich Good Gentleman as thinking (His Thoughts) about strategy (Rich Good Gentleman), and my next move (chess).

Looking at the pairing of His Thoughts + Meetings takes into consideration my thoughts (His Thoughts) about going public (Meetings) in the future (which I’m doing right at this moment, aren’t I?), while Marriage Card + Rich Good Gentleman talks about my commitment (Marriage Card) to investing (Rich Good Gentleman) more into reading Kipper.

kipper-progress-readingThe Essence Card

a-journey-mystical-kipperHaving looked at the combinations within the line, I decided to total the numbers of the cards, just as I do with my Lenormand cards, to see what the essence, or final advice, is for the reading.

Adding 16 + 4 + 28 + 3 + 13, I get a total of 64. Like Lenormand, there are 36 cards in the Kipper system, so the number being over that gets reduced by adding the digits again. 6 + 4 = 10; the 10th card in the deck is A Journey.

A Journey is a card that can talk about actual travel, but it’s very fitting here in another context. The reason for the reading was to see what the cards had to say about my progress with the Kipper—and A Journey can also indication progression.

Looks like the Kipper is telling me to keep cruisin’ along…

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