Oracle Outlook: Tarot Playing Card Reading for March 6-12, 2017

consulting-the-playing-cards-headerWhile I’m always thrilled to be presenting the weekly reading in this space, I’m really looking forward to see what’s in the cards this week, as this Tuesday (March 7) is my birthday—and not just any birthday: This year, I turn the big 5-0 (and I’m very excited about it)!

arcana-tarot-playing-cards-boxAnd because of that, I’m being self-indulgent with the deck choice this week: I’m working with the Arcana Tarot Playing Cards by Chris Ovdiyenko (of Dead on Paper).

As I’ve shared many times over the years in this space, I was led to Tarot after having a dream of reading playing cards.

After getting my first deck, I had a follow-up dream in which I was picking up cards that were parts of houses of cards, and when I looked at the cards in my hands, they were a combination of both Tarot and playing cards.

It was after having that dream that I began to explore cartomancy with playing cards, feeling the dream was asking me to blend both divination systems into my study.

So, when I came across the Arcana deck online, it was like seeing my dream come true, in the most literal sense (and when I got it, I shared that with Chris in an e-mail).

Now that I explained the deck choice, let’s get to the reading!

Taking the deck in hand, I’m shuffling the cards, asking for guidance and insights about the week ahead.

The video presentation of this week’s reading is below:

If you prefer to read the text, here it is for you:

After shuffling the deck, I pulled three cards for this reading: the first for the beginning of the week; the second for the middle of the week; and the last to round out the rest of the week.

Cards for the Week

king-of-spades-arcanaFor the beginning of the week, we have the King of Spades.

The King of Spades rules the mental and intellectual realms, so you’re being asked to approach (this is a Court Card, and, for me, can indicate a particular approach) things this week with a sense of mindfulness and using your abilities of critical thinking and problem-solving.

You may be faced with a challenge that calls for you to take a stand for what you believe. This is the “going before the judge” card, and can suggest that you might be judged or criticized for your beliefs—or that you might be judgmental or critical of others for theirs.

Again, be mindful, for this calls to mind the adage “As you judge, so shall you be judged.”

Keeping with the idea of “going before the judge,” there’s also the possibility that a decision of some sort may be rendered.

And, lastly, this King is known for working in the industry of law enforcement. In the spiritual sense, this is asking us to consider how we “work” and “enforce” the Universal Law (of Cause & Effect)—and the way we do that is through what we believe, and how we judge and perceive the effects that appear in our lives.

With the King of Spades, you’re being empowered to use the power of your mind to cut to the heart of any matter before you.

9-of-spades-arcanaOur next card for the week is the 9 of Spades, and its message is to check your thinking.

When the 9 of Spades turns up, it suggests that thoughts of worry, stress, and anxiety may be disturbing you, and may be causing restlessness.

For me, personally, I have found that worry can be such a waste of time (and I still engage in the process from time-to-time, despite knowing this). It doesn’t change the situation, and all I’m doing is giving it more power by focusing my attention on the problem, rather than looking for a solution.

Also, worry is rooted in fear, so a couple of questions to consider, when we find ourselves worried are, “What am I afraid of? What do I fear will happen?”

The 9 of Spades can be about what we fear will happen. As a psychologist, I see this card representing those of us who have a tendency to imagine the worst possible case scenario, to jump to the worst possible conclusion, and to fear and dread the future.

More often than not, when we imagine the worst possible thing that could happen, it doesn’t happen at all.

Why do we put ourselves through that mental agony? As a person who works with the Law of Attraction (which we all do, whether we believe in it or not), something to consider: If we’re always thinking the worst and putting feeling into that mental energy (in this case, worry), we have a greater chance of creating that experience.

As Job once said, in Christian scripture: “My worst fear has come upon me.”

In this case, the 9 of Spades becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Lastly, the 9 of Spades can be a message to analyze your dreams, especially if you’ve had any disturbing ones. In my work as a dream analyst, I believe the disturbing ones are grabbing your attention because of the message they have for you–and don’t want you forgetting them.

This week, consider the things that worry you and frighten you–and then ask yourself why that might be. And then see what you might be able to do proactively to alleviate those worries and those fears.

judgement-arcanaFor the card rounding out this week’s reading, we have Judgement.

Judgement, being a Major Arcana card, carries weight in the reading this week, as the Majors are cards that speak of our spiritual and psychological influences, and how those factors impact us and play out through our situations and circumstances.

Judgement is encouraging us to do a life review, and to see what we’ve learned from past experiences.

It’s like going to school, in the sense of having to take a test or exam to see how much you’ve retained (learned) from all that material you’ve taken in all semester.

The Judgement card is test time.

But life’s tests are different than the tests in school.

In school, most of the time you get only one attempt at the test; either you pass, or, as they say these days, you have an epic fail.

Here’s how Life’s tests differ: You see, we get the same test again and again until we pass it. The class and the instructor (our circumstances) may be different, but trust me, the test is the same.

I have first-hand, real-world experience with this meaning of the card. I had taken my comprehensive exam for my Master of Arts in Psychology degree, as was waiting to be notified as to whether I passed or failed (that’s all I would be told).

While waiting, I did a reading asking Tarot if I had passed the exam. Judgement was the final card in the reading—and shortly afterward, I was notified by phone with the news I had passed (Judgement is also about news, messages, and announcements).

Keeping with the school analogy (because it’s working so well), this is a form of graduation, as Judgement can mean adopting a new lease on life.

This could be the week you reach a milestone in your development.

tarot-playing-card-reading-2-28-2017And that will wrap things up for this reading—and, as I wrap up, I’m wishing you a Tarot-tastic week!

Take care,

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  1. Maria Hurley says:

    Thanks again, James, and hope you have a beautiful birthday!

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