Oracle Outlook: Angel Tarot Reading for April 3-9, 2017

For this week’s reading, I wanted to work with a deck from my angel card collection, and the one I decided would assist me is the Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue, Radleigh Valentine, and Steve A. Roberts, which is published by Hay House.

After an invocation (calling in the energies of the angels), I’m jumping right in, taking the deck in hand, shuffling the cards, and asking Spirit and the angels for the messages pertaining to the week ahead.

The video presentation of this week’s reading is below:

If you prefer to read the text, here it is for you:

After shuffling the deck, I pulled three cards for this reading: the first for the beginning of the week; the second for the middle of the week; and the last to round out the rest of the week.

Cards for the Week

For the beginning of the week, we have The World, bringing with it the message to celebrate—because you’ve reached the successful completion of a phase or chapter in your life!

The World indicates a major triumph, victory, or success in your life. An important goal has been achieved, and all the feelings and experiences that go along with it.

The World can suggest that you’ve been given a glimpse of the big picture, and a great mystery in your life has been solved. The final piece of the puzzle has fallen into place, and with it, you’re able to see the bigger picture, because The World suggests reaching a higher level of awareness.

While this card can suggest traveling and journeys, some of them may be metaphorical. Sometimes, it’s those inner journeys that allow us to see our outer world in ways that a trip or vacation never would.

With that in mind, The World can suggest coming full circle; you’ve arrived back at the point where you started, but you have so much more awareness about things than you did before. In this sense, The World is about reaching a state of wholeness.

So, this week, find some time to enjoy what you’ve worked so hard for—and dream about possibilities for your future. For The World is all about having a vision of what’s to come.

For the middle of the week, we have Knight of Fire, encouraging you to consider how you’re approaching things this week, and about the things you’re focusing on.

With Knight of Fire, this is a time to consider, or possibly re-consider, the direction you want to be moving in. Are your actions in alignment with your intention? What actions do you need to take that will get you where you want to be? Are you willing to do those things?

Knight of Fire suggests that there’s change afoot, and you may be feeling a sense of restlessness and wanderlust. There may be some thoughts of travel or relocation, either for professional or personal reasons.

I see this card come up when people change residences, get a job transfer, or decide to return to university. The change most often involves some form of travel (which also happens to be an aspect of The World, so this possibility is being reinforced).

I’m not one for pinpointing geographical locations with Tarot (I would freeze up when given a blank map of the United States in school, with the instruction of filling in the states—my sense of direction is really challenged), but I do see this Knight as the possibility of traveling west (there’s a Pet Shop Boys cover of “Go West” that I sometimes hear in my head when this card shows up), as he is facing west for me.

And keeping with the whole change thing with this Knight, and the suit of Fire being about image and identity, I sometimes see him as the embodiment of these words, spoken by Gandhi: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

For the end of the week, we have 2 of Fire (another card from the suit of Fire, making this what’s known as ruling majority), and its message is to consider where you’re at in your life right now—and where you’d like to be in the future.

This is a card of planning for the future—and with that, beginning to work up a timetable that puts some action with those intentions (Fire being a suit of intention and action). Having goals with a timeline attached to them allows you to know that you’re making progress, each action bringing you one step closer to that bigger, larger success.

This timeline/timetable aspect of 2 of Fire can suggest certain elements are being brought together, each one coming onto the scene in its right and perfect time (also known as Divine Timing), and may be contingent on other things being brought into the mix.

The same can be said for people (a reference to the two men on the card) who may play a role or have a hand in the situation. The angels remind us that each person has the ability to make free will choices, which can affect and impact our plans; also, there may be things that have to happen in their own worlds that will better prepare them for the parts they will play in your world.

2 of Gabriel is the plan–the bigger picture (remember that aspect of The World?), if you will–that allows you to take those first action steps.

And 2 of Fire, for me, can mean that the path you’re on is the right path.

And that will wrap things up this week—wishing you a Tarot-tastic one, filled with love, light, and many Angel blessings!




For information about personalized Tarot readings, please visit my Tarot Consultations page for all the details.

About James Himm

James Himm Mitchell, the Dreamer and Visionary of LifePlan Coaching & Consulting, LLC, works as an intuitive life coach, with a focus on personal growth and development. His specialties are Dream Decoding, Oracles (Tarot, playing cards, and Lenormand), and Energy Medicine (Reiki), and he uses those modalities coaching individuals to create the tools and develop the strategies that transform their lives.
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4 Responses to Oracle Outlook: Angel Tarot Reading for April 3-9, 2017

  1. Suzanne Hunt says:

    Well, I think you saved my sanity!
    I e-mailed you regarding being an empath!
    I found out recently that one neighbor had cancer and the other neighbor had toothache!
    I had severe back pain, the hospital put me on morphine, and all of my teeth hurt!
    I still can’t go to cinemas or crowded places as it just gets too loud, not in a noisy way! But I’m sensing loud!
    And I’m very smell-phobic, lots of normal things like deodorant or some soaps smell like chemicals!!!
    But after getting your e-mail, you mentioned finding ways to protect myself! Well it worked! I do meditation, focus on breathing and if feeling crowded, which can even happen in my own home, even though I live alone (with 2 cats & 2 dogs) I simply take the dogs for a walk and focus on breathing! Amazing, and it’s free and good for me and the dogs!
    I just want to thank you for taking the time to send me that e-mail!
    Regards, Suzanne

    • James Himm says:

      Hi, Suzanne,
      So lovely to hear from you again!
      First, let me say that I’m sorry you had to experience being in the hospital, and I hope that both your neighbors are coping with their healing challenges as best as they are able at this time.
      And with that, I’m so glad to hear that you’re learning to navigate your way as you create a “new normal” with your heightened sensitivity.
      It’s good to be aware of your tolerance for crowds and noise; I’ve learned for myself, when it comes to going to the cinema, I prefer to go at a time when the crowd is quite small, so I favor matinee show times over opening weekends.
      And with the deodorants and soaps, you might want to consider exploring more natural options; that might be helpful in dealing with the “chemical” smell you’re picking up.
      And I absolutely love that you’ve incorporated meditation into your daily routine. I’m a big advocate for it, as it has been the single most important thing in helping me reduce my stress, and to bring more of a sense of peace to my life. I can’t say enough positive things about meditation!
      I appreciate you sending this my way; it’s lovely to hear that you found that e-mail helpful to you.
      And I want to turn it back over to you: It’s one thing to receive and read the e-mail, but it’s another thing to take action on it, and apply it to your life, which you’ve done (and are doing). So, I want to thank you for honoring yourself enough to be willing to explore doing things differently.
      It’s a gift you’ve given to yourself–and to me.

  2. RAJESHREE.S says:

    True. Interesting. To the point

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