Oracle Outlook: Lenormand Reading for April 17-23, 2017

I don’t know if you noticed this or not, but it seems like I’ve being buying a lot of card decks this year.

The 1889 Lenormand Oracle by Jennifer Kast.

I became aware of this when I noticed I was starting off the video readings by saying, “This week, I’m working with the latest deck in my collection…” a lot more these days.

And we’re only four months into the year.

I mention this because for this week’s reading, I’m working with yet another new deck in my collection, the 1889 Lenormand Oracle, created by Jennifer Kast of For the Seekers.

Taking the deck in hand, I’m shuffling the cards, asking the question, “What do we need to know about the week ahead?”

The video below reveals the cards in the reading:

If you prefer to read the post, here it is:

The cards for the week are: Stork, Fox, Lilies, Mountain, and Bouquet.

Focus of the Reading

The focus card this week, which is in the middle of the line, is Lilies.

The first thing that immediately comes to mind with Lilies has to do with timing: When I think of Lilies, I think of Easter, and this reading is for the time period that begins the day after Easter Sunday (April 16th), so that’s interesting to notice.

My keyword associations for Lilies are peace and tranquility, so there may be a focus on being—or becoming—more peaceful and tranquil this week.

Lilies, for me, is also a card of maturity, as it has the insert of the King of Spades, which can represent an older (mature) man. If not about a person specifically, I tend to read the card as being “older and wiser,” and having a depth of wisdom gained from life experience.

In this context, Lilies may be asking us to either consider how the past (Lilies can also represent things that are “old,” and that can be the past) has played a part in our becoming mature (wise—or wise beyond our years), or to focus on how we’re gaining wisdom through the experiences we have this week.

Looking at the Line

The cards immediately flanking Lilies, Fox and Mountain, form a pair that I read in a line as more in-depth information about the central issue.

I tend to read Fox first and foremost as a card of job and employment, so Fox + Lilies could be a reference to an employee (Fox) with a great deal of experience (Lilies), or a senior employee on the job.

And going one step further with the senior employee interpretation, it might also be that this senior employee is facing retirement (Fox, the employee, is facing Lilies, which can mean retirement).

Fox also has some not so positive meanings; the card can suggest being taken advantage of, being conned or scammed. So, a possibility here is that a con artist (Fox) may be attempting to scam (Fox) the elderly (Lilies). This reminds me of a news report I recently heard of the latest scam targeting the elderly.

If that becomes apparent, there’s a positive way to look at this pairing: Having a strategy (Fox) to protect (Lilies) the elderly (Lilies).

And this is a nice place to bring in Mountain, a card that can represent blocks, obstacles, and challenges.

If we take into account the possibility of a scam that targets the elderly, Mountain following can suggest running into a roadblock. Or, that protecting the elderly from fraudulent activity is becoming increasingly challenging.

And that may be a part of what Lilies + Mountain can represent: How aging (Lilies) can be challenging (Mountain).

And one of those challenges can be independence (Fox): Fox + Lilies + Mountain could be read as the independence (Fox) of a senior (Lilies) becomes a challenge (Mountain), suggesting an elderly person may need to be looked after more.

Going back to the employee, with Fox + Mountain we have an employee facing a setback, or a challenging job.

If we consider the employee facing possible retirement, Mountain would suggest that will either be challenging to face—or, that retirement might even be delayed or postponed (Mountain), due to a challenge (Mountain) that may require the person keep working a job (Fox).

This might be a matter of survival (Fox).

The outer cards, Stork and Bouquet, can offer information that would sum things up.

In the video of this reading, I mentioned I saw this card in my mind, which led me to pick this deck to work with this week (a phenomena that happens quite often, if you’ve read my accounts for any stretch of time). In that mental “flash,” I was directed to the weather vane, and its directions.

Stork can mean a change or improvement, so the symbology, for me, can suggest a change in direction. One possible change can be a move or relocation, so Stork, as the first card in the line, can suggest the possibility of considering what direction we see ourselves moving in at this stage of our lives (Lilies).

Stork + Fox can suggest a job change, and that might involve a move (like a job transfer). Another possible change would be from being an employee (Fox) to becoming self-employed (also Fox); Lilies would then suggest taking the experience you’ve gained and “employing” those skills (Fox) in your new gig. Make it work for you (Lilies) rather than against you (Mountain).

If we consider making any changes to improve our lives (Stork), Fox, being a card of strategy, is asking, “What’s the plan?” Fox implies being clever, and Lilies says to use the wisdom we’ve gained (acquired) in our efforts—especially when the roadblocks appear (Mountain).

Bouquet, as the last card in the line, can represent a surprise, a gift, or an invitation (my chief keywords for the card). I also read this card as talent and appreciation, or that talent is being appreciated (as a hybrid of the two).

If we consider the employee possibly facing retirement, Bouquet can suggest that person receiving a surprise or gift for his or her years of service (Spades is the suit of service) as a form of appreciation.

Stork + Bouquet can suggest a surprising change is possible as the week starts off, and with Mountain in the line, there might be some setbacks and delays—and even a postponement—as a result.

And that’s why I like seeing Bouquet at the end of the line; Mountain + Bouquet can suggest a challenging surprise—but it can also be read as a challenge (Mountain) that ends beautifully (Bouquet being a card of beauty, and ends the line).

Whatever the specific scenario this week, whatever changes (Stork) we decide to make to improve our lives (Stork), and the strategy (Fox) we put to work, Bouquet lets us knows that there will be a reward for our efforts.

And, on that note, I’ll wrap up this week’s Outlook.

Hope you have a beautiful (Bouquet) week!


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James Himm Mitchell, the Dreamer and Visionary of LifePlan Coaching & Consulting, LLC, works as an intuitive life coach, with a focus on personal growth and development. His specialties are Dream Decoding, Oracles (Tarot, playing cards, and Lenormand), and Energy Medicine (Reiki), and he uses those modalities coaching individuals to create the tools and develop the strategies that transform their lives.
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