Oracle Outlook: Tarot Reading for March 19-25, 2018

This week, I’m honoring a request from a reader of the blog.

Tobi, who shares a mutual love and admiration for Tarot and Lenormand (and pens a wonderful blog, House of Montclairs, sharing her experiences reading cards), noticed that I have a copy of The Housewives Tarot (which sits on one of the ladder shelves in the room I film the video presentation of the weekly readings).

The Housewives Tarot is by Paul Kepple & Jude Buffum, and is published by Quirk Books.

After spying the deck, she asked me if I’d be willing to work with the deck in a future reading.

I thought to myself, “Why wait? Why not use it this coming week?”

And here we are.

As I do every week for these general readings, I’m taking the deck in hand, shuffling the cards, and asking this question: “What do we need to know about the possibilities for the week ahead?”

This week’s video reveals the cards for our reading:

If you prefer to read the post, here it is:

After shuffling the deck, I pulled the card from the bottom of the pile, to represent the focus or intention for the week. Then, I fanned out the remaining cards, pulling three for this reading.

Intention for the Week

The card I pulled from the bottom of the deck is the King of Pentacles, and, as the intention for the week, he’s asking us to consider the value we place on things. Pentacles is the suit which pertains to the value system of money, but also to our inner value system.

We place a certain value on all the things in our lives–whether it be people, things, or events and circumstances. This King, for me, is assigned the astrological sign of Taurus, which is the sign of ownership and possessions. Everything we possess has a value and worth to us, or else we would not have them in our lives. If it was something we purchased, we agreed on the value (cost) of the item when we bought it. If it was something given to us, it holds a sentimental worth and value.

In some cases, the things we hold on to appreciate in value; in other cases, they depreciate.

In this time of the energies of the new moon, we are being encouraged to look at what we have in our lives (from a place of being abundant, with the King of Pentacles) and consider—or re-consider—its value. Does it enrich us—or does it rob from us, which no longer serves and supports us?

The King of Pentacles also encourages us to consider our personal sense of value and worth this week. Are we getting our sense of worth and value externally (based on the people and things we have in our lives), or are we bringing out the richness within ourselves to everything we come in contact with (The King of Pentacles is known as having the “Midas Touch”)?

Looking at the Line

Opening the line up this week, we have Death, one of the most misunderstood cards in the deck.

Many naturally assume, due to its name, that it means someone will die. The Death card doesn’t mean physical death; rather, it suggests you may find yourself going through a major process of change this week.

This is the card of endings, completions, transitions, and transformations. As things progress to their natural conclusions, this card can also signal a new chapter beginning. Death is a “rites of passage” card, as there can be no beginning without an ending.

You’re being encouraged to examine how well you embrace change in your life this week–because there’s one only constant in life, and that’s change.

Death wants you to know that not all change has to be met with fear, although it’s understandable when you consider there’s the unknown element or factor that accompanies all forms of change. I see this as meaning it’s not about the change process itself, but what lies on the other side of that process–for we don’t know.

Consider the changes and transitions you’ve experienced in your past. How have those outer experiences opened the door to your inner transformation? What changes will you make for yourself and your life as a result of that transformation?

Moving on the next card, we have the Ace of Wands.

When the Ace of Wands turns up, it suggests a new cycle, phase, or situation is beginning. Aces suggest the promise and potential for the future, so consider this the starting point for new thought-seeds to be planted now that will develop and manifest at a later time. This is a time of power!

This week, look for anything that comes your way as a source of inspiration, motivation, passion, and sparks your interest.

This source could be the thing that gets you started on a new business or creative endeavor, as the Ace of Wands helps to reveal the creative path or the career path you are on. You may be considering a new job or up for a promotion on your existing job.

The Ace of Wands can also suggest a spark or passion is being re-ignited, so some of us might find ourselves returning to a former project we started that we may have sidelined and allowed to collect dust. Time to blow the dust off!

When the Ace of Wands appears, look at it as a power boost of supercharged energy. As with all the Aces, it’s a gift to do with as you like. If you accept it, be clear of your intent, as the suit of Wands can represent our intentions and the actions that result from those intentions.

Coming to the card at the end of the line this week, we have 3 of Pentacles, and its message is to put your focus and dedication into mastering your craft.

This is one of the “work” cards from the suit of Pentacles, and it’s a notice that success can be attained through focus and hard work.

It’s a positive card that says progress will be gradual—and it urges you to put your creative talents (the number 3 is the number of creativity and self-expression) to good use. The housewife on the card is using her talents wisely and creatively, and is gaining a quiet and solid satisfaction from her work as she advances in her craft.

Being a work card, the 3 of Pentacles can suggest self-employment or work that builds into a long-term career (this is a good card that can indicate promotions and moving up the ladder).

Whatever the profession, the 3 of Pentacles is a solid indication that you have a reputation for the skill, talents, and abilities you possess (this is a card of having your work noticed by others).

It may be time to get into a formalized study program, as the 3 of Pentacles can indicate getting the education and training needed and obtaining a certificate or diploma.

Whatever the plan (this card is about implementing plans), now is the time to perfect your craft.

The 3 of Pentacles can sometimes suggest working on repairing some damage that’s been created in a relationship. In that context, the advice being offered is to come up with a plan to rebuild the relationship; the 3 of Pentacles, in that regard, can suggest that the work could produce results—but gradually.

Signing Off

With that, I’ll bring this week’s reading to a close and sign off. Thanks so much for joining me in this space and I look forward to seeing you here again real soon.

Hope you have a Tarot-tastic week!




These weekly readings are general in nature. If you’re interested in having your own personalized Tarot reading, please visit my Tarot Consultations page for all the details.

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James Himm Mitchell, the Dreamer and Visionary of LifePlan Coaching & Consulting, LLC, works as an intuitive life coach, with a focus on personal growth and development. His specialties are Dream Decoding, Oracles (Tarot, playing cards, and Lenormand), and Energy Medicine (Reiki), and he uses those modalities coaching individuals to create the tools and develop the strategies that transform their lives.
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2 Responses to Oracle Outlook: Tarot Reading for March 19-25, 2018

  1. Hello James, thank you for mentioning my blog on the post. I didn’t expect this so that was a(nother) nice surprise 🙂 I’m currently doing your G.E.T. course and would like to thank you again for sharing it with your readers for free. Much much appreciated!

    • James Himm says:

      Hi, Tobi!
      I’m glad you liked my surprise! Your blog is great and I look forward to receiving notifications of a new post 😀
      And you surprised me right back; I’m glad you’re enjoying going through G.E.T. Thank you for being willing to give it a chance.
      And, as always, thank you for all your support and encouragement!

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