A Little More Conversation

In my previous post, I shared that I committed myself to working with Sibilla throughout the month of August. I detailed a reading I did with Sibilla, looking to see what the cards might say about being excused from jury duty.

A few days later (August 11, 2019), I had this dream: I am working with Sibilla, specifically the Conversation card. I’m pairing Conversation with other cards in the deck, seeing what meanings I can make from those combinations.

I woke up from the dream, not able to recall the other cards or meanings I got from the combinations. I could only recall that Sibilla was in the dream, and the Conversation card in particular.

If you’re no stranger to my blog, you’ll know that I dream about cards quite often. At times I’ve been led to a deck or system because it first came to me in a dream; and other times, a system will appear in a dream either because I’m working with it in waking life at the time of the dream, or I’m being encouraged to pick it back up.

That was my initial impression of the Conversation card dream (which I titled “A Little More Conversation” in my dream journal): I had the dream because of my commitment to work with Sibilla for the month.

It’s also been my experience that dreams can have more layers of meaning and interpretation, so I wondered if there was another possibility other than the simple “processing” layer I was giving it.

When this happens, I turn to the system in question for further insight—and this time was no exception. Taking La Vera Sibilla Italiana (also known as the Everyday Oracle) in hand, I asked her, “What does Sibilla want to tell me regarding my dream about the Conversation card?”

What Sibilla Said About the Conversation Dream

Pulling for a Line of 5, I drew Journey, Merchant, Enemy (Female), Great Gentleman, and Sick Person.

I read the middle card as the central issue or focus, and the Female Enemy card turned up here. This card is said to represent a woman, someone not known to the seeker. But since my question didn’t involve anyone other than me, I knew I had to read more into the card.

The mask held by the woman got my attention first; it appears as if she’s revealing herself, removing her mask. Applying that to the context, dreams reveal what’s beneath the surface.

She holds a dagger in the other hand, and the word “pointed” came to mind—followed by to the point, getting to the point, making a point. Sibilla is a tool that “gets to the point.”

An Enemy is someone or something that blocks your progress—and at that moment, I realized that is the Journey card at the beginning of the line—and dreams reveal any subconscious and/or unconscious blocks.

And since I mentioned Journey, let’s go there next… For me, this card talks about a journey, travel, and progress (which I mentioned above); the obvious would be this card is referring to my journey with Sibilla, and perhaps making some sort of progress with it along the way.

Moving on (pun intended) from one end to the other, I then went to Sick Person, the last card in the line. My thought about this card is that the image could represent the act of dreaming, which would be a visual nod to the dream itself.

Sick Person can turn up to suggest a recovery process, and in this case, I’m turning to Sibilla because I couldn’t “recover” any more of the dream (in terms of recall)—and trying to uncover any other messages Sibilla might want to offer.

And then I saw Enemy + Sick Person saying that dreams can reveal “inner saboteurs” (another reference to blocks), but also that the Conversation dream was a “revealing” one.

The Merchant card, standing between Journey and Female Enemy, is the job/work/business card in the deck; with that in mind, it’s a reference to my “work” with Sibilla.

Journey + Merchant = progress being made in my “work” with Sibilla.

The Great Gentleman is a person card in the deck; since I was the only character/person in the dream, I took this card as a significator representing me.

Standing between Female Enemy and Sick Person, I took this to suggest my looking for something “revelatory” (Enemy dropping the mask) regarding the dream (Sick Person).

Combining Merchant + Enemy + Great Gentleman: My work with Sibilla is being revealed to me—I’m being encouraged to look beneath the surface (mask).

Remember what I said about Sibilla being a tool that “gets to the point”? It was that last combination of cards that led to this: Simply put, the dream is suggesting Sibilla has a lot more to say (Conversation) to me; it’s a matter of putting in the “work” to become “great” at picking up on those messages.

And I’ll wrap this post up with what is said about journeys: It isn’t (only) about the destination, but about what happens along the way as well.




About James Himm

James Himm Mitchell, the Dreamer and Visionary of LifePlan Coaching & Consulting, LLC, works as an intuitive life coach, with a focus on personal growth and development. His specialties are Dream Decoding, Oracles (Tarot, playing cards, and Lenormand), and Energy Medicine (Reiki), and he uses those modalities coaching individuals to create the tools and develop the strategies that transform their lives.
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