Oracle Outlook: Kipper Card Reading for June 26 – July 2, 2017

Working with both the Lenormand and The Illuminated Tarot for the past few weeks got me to want to try my hand at a different cartomancy system for this week’s reading.

And I decided on Kipper.

So, with that in mind, I’ll be working with the Mystical Kipper by Regula Elizabeth Fiechter and Urban Trösch (published by AGM-Urania).

Taking the deck in hand, I’m shuffling the cards, asking what we might expect for the week ahead.

The video below reveals the cards in the reading:

If you prefer to read the post, here it is:

Just like I do with Lenormand, I’ll be working with a Line of 5 layout.

The cards I’ve pulled for the week are: Pleasant Letter, Good Gentleman, Rich Good Gentleman, Gloomy Thoughts, and High Honors.

Focus of the Reading

The focus card this week, which is in the middle of the line, is Rich Good Gentleman.

Rich Good Gentleman is a person card, and can represent a young man; he can be a son, a brother, nephew, or cousin; this could suggest a situation where this type of person plays a central (center of the line) role.

I also read Rich Good Gentleman as a man involved in business and finance. This can again suggest a man connected to either business or finance (or both) will play a central role (a “middle man,” perhaps?), or that we’ll be focusing on business or money matters this week.

The young man on the card is playing chess, and I read this as having a strategy (contemplating his next move on the board).

This aspect of Rich Good Gentleman suggests that if we’re considering where we want to go in the future in the “game of life,” what’s the strategy—the plan—that we’ll take to get us there?

And what are we willing to “invest” (rich = money = investment) in that plan?

Looking at the Line

Looking at the cards immediately flanking Rich Good Gentleman, we have Good Gentleman and Gloomy Thoughts, as they can offer more about the focus (Rich Good Gentleman).

Like Rich Good Gentleman, Good Gentleman is a person card, so we have a situation that potentially involves two people.

While Rich Good Gentleman represents someone younger, Good Gentleman can point to someone more mature (think “older and wiser”).

If these people are related, Good Gentleman might be the uncle or grandfather to Rich Good Gentleman.

Good Gentleman can suggest a person who is like a benefactor, and that would fit if Rich Good Gentleman is more about business or finance than referring to a relative.

Kipper is a system that relies heavily on directional cues, and with that in mind, Good Gentleman and Rich Good Gentleman have their backs to one another in the line.

The first possibility with this dynamic is that the two men are in a state of disagreement, not able to see their situation the same way.

Another possibility is that of rejection (turning their backs on each other) or note that their relationship (whether familial or otherwise) is a thing of the past for each person, and they now have their sights on other interest (the cards each of them are facing).

And that’s a nice way to move to Gloomy Thoughts, a card that Rich Good Gentleman is facing.

For me, Gloomy Thoughts is a card that can indicate a confused state of mind, a sense of uncertainty and doubt.

With Rich Good Gentleman facing Gloomy Thoughts, the pairing could suggest the young man’s next move (the chess pieces on the board) is somewhat uncertain, or that he has some doubts about it.

Going with the image, which has a figure standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean, a possibility could be that the young man is “on edge,” to some degree, about his predicament.

And that’s just the opposite with Good Gentleman + Gloomy Thoughts, which depicts Good Gentleman putting a troubling circumstance behind him.

Moving to the outer cards, we have Pleasant Letter and High Honors.

Pleasant Letter is the card that Good Gentleman faces. Pleasant Letter is a card of news, messages, and communication, and this can be in any form: written correspondence, a phone call, a text message, an e-mail, even a voice mail.

And the word “pleasant” implies good news, so with Good Gentleman facing Pleasant Letter, the possible meaning is that this man will be on the receiving end of some form of good news.

If we pair Pleasant Letter with the card on the opposite end of the line, High Honors, we might get some idea about the nature of this good news.

High Honors is a card of honor and recognition, so this news or message might be written or verbal praise. It could also be an actual award on paper, like a diploma, certificate, or an “honorary” mention.

High Honors can point toward career, which would make sense if we look at Rich Good Gentleman as business, and planning the next move. High Honors would then point toward possible career advancement, perhaps in the form of a promotion (receiving an elevation of status and position).

As the final card in the line, it bodes well for Rich Good Gentleman as he “moves” beyond the uncertainty of Gloomy Thoughts.

I always note the window on High Honors, with the light coming in through it. In this case, it’s like getting that “ray of light” during a potentially dark and stormy moment.

Will we be able to “see the light” during a “dark night” this week?

I guess time will tell…




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Oracle Outlook: Lenormand Reading for June 19-25, 2017

I was torn as to which deck system to use for this week’s reading.

If you checked out last week’s post, I shared how I’m in the throes of a crush with The Illuminated Tarot by Caitlin Keegan. I’ve been steadily using it for my personal daily draws, to the exclusion of all the other decks I was working with prior, because it’s pretty spot-on with my daily activities (which is something I look for in a deck).

And I’m also aware of how much viewers and readers have taken a shine to my Lenormand postings (and some have even asked for me to use it more often).

And while it was difficult to put The Illuminated Tarot aside, I ultimately decided to work with my current favorite Lenormand deck, Le Fanu’s Lilac Dondorf, which is on its way toward becoming my go-to working Lenormand deck.

So, now that the deck has been chosen, I’m taking it in hand and shuffling the cards, asking what we might expect for the week ahead.

The video below reveals the cards in the reading:

If you prefer to read the post, here it is:

The cards for the week are: Ship, Ring, Mice, Snake, and Scythe.

Focus of the Reading

The focus card this week, which is in the middle of the line, is Mice.

Mice is a card that speaks of and stress and worry, so, in the center of the line, we’re being encouraged to consider what the stressors are in our lives at the moment, and how we might be choosing to handle them.

Mice is also a card of loss, and can suggest something that lessens gradually, if you consider the “nibbling” effect of actual mice.

And going further with that, Mice can suggest that those worries over a gradual loss or decline can be “eating away” or “gnawing away” at us.

Mice can also represent pests and nuisances, so the stress we’re experiencing may be the result of letting people or circumstances bother and pester us.

Mice, being small creatures, makes me think that it might be that we’re letting the little things annoy us, that little things can potentially rob us of something in the long run if we don’t consider—and change—our reaction and response to them.

Looking at the Line

The cards immediately flanking Mice, Ring and Snake, form a pair that I read in a line as something more in-depth about the focus (Mice).

Ring is a card of commitments and agreements, and with Mice next to it, can suggest stress and worry (Mice) involving a commitment of some kind.

The stress and worry could involve an engagement (Ring) that is declined (Mice), or that the commitment, which might be of a cyclical or recurring nature (Ring), has now become something bothersome (Mice).

The pairing could also suggest engagement (Ring) with a commitment (Ring) has lessened (Mice), and that decline might be cyclical (Ring).

Going to the other side of Mice, and turning to Snake, my first keyword with this card is complication. Next to Mice, we have the stress and worry (Mice) with a complication (Snake).

Ring + Snake, could give us more information, as the pair could be read as a commitment (Ring) becomes complicated (Snake). The snake, being coiled in the card’s image, can imply “twists and turns,” that something has possibly become entangled in complexity.

As a result, Snake can also refer to a “long and winding” process.

There’s another possibility emerging with Snake, which is known as “the other woman” card. If we consider Ring to represent a serious commitment, Snake can possibly suggest a third party or rival (keeping it gender neutral) appearing on the scene, which is causing stress and worry.

And still another possibility is that stress and worry (Mice) comes as the result of a promise (Ring) not being kept due to another party (Snake) not keeping his or her word (Snake).

Whatever the scenario, with Snake in the picture (or, in this case, the line), there will be consequences (one of my other keywords for Snake) to come.

The outer cards, Ship and Scythe, can offer information that would sum things up.

Ship is a card of progression, advancement, and moving forward. If we take direction into account, Ship is facing Ring, and can suggest the progression (Ship) of a commitment (Ring).

Ship, as a card of journeys, might beg the question, “Where is this thing (Ring) going?”

Going further with Ship, it can also represent commerce, so this commitment or agreement (Ring) might involve a commercial venture. Ship is also a card that can indicate something foreign or abroad, and with that in mind, this venture may be on an international scale.

That would then make sense with Mice being the stress and worry of an international agreement, and Snake foreshadowing possible complications and entanglements with foreign parties going forward.

Ring, being something circular, could suggest going (Ship) around and around (Ring), in an effort to reach an agreement (Ring). Mice and Snake would suggest that each go-round (Ring) leads to stress (Mice) and complications (Snake).

And that brings us to Scythe, the card “rounding out” (did you get that?) the line.

If we consider Snake to mean consequences, Scythe could suggest a break, a split, or something being severed. Ship + Scythe could be read as a venture (Ship) that gets cut short (Scythe).

This could be the result of complications (Snake) that seem to be mounting, as Snake is on the side of Scythe that has the harvest next to it, which suggest what’s being gathered.

The pairing could also be read as the temptation (Snake) to cut out (Scythe). Ring + Scythe could also be taken into account and read as a broken commitment/agreement/engagement.

Scythe is a card that implies something unexpected; Snake + Scythe then would suggest that a complication (Snake) arises unexpectedly (Scythe).

Scythe also can suggest something swift, fast, and sudden; at the end of the line, I tend to see this as suggesting an immediate response to the situation, something that needs to happen sooner rather than later.

Cutting Out

I’ll end things here as I did in the video presentation: This week’s reading isn’t the most glowing, positive reading, but Lenormand is known for “cutting” to the chase, getting right to the “point,” and being, at times, rather “blunt” in its delivery of the messages (which, by the way, are all references to Scythe).

When it comes to the more challenging situations depicted in a reading, I tend to look at it as “being forewarned is forearmed.” Getting a possible “heads up” about a potential challenge can empower us to decide how best to solve the problem should it arise.

Let’s make the best of the week…




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Oracle Outlook: Tarot Playing Card Reading for June 12-18, 2017

If you’ve been following the blog for the past couple of weeks, then you’ll recall my sharing the news of working on a 6-part video series for my YouTube viewers, who had asked if I would talk about the meanings I use when I read Lenormand.

And because I was so immersed in Lenormand at the time, I worked with it in this space for the last two weekly readings.

Well, that series has wrapped, and I wanted to work with another divination tool for this week’s reading.

I’m choosing The Illuminated Tarot by Caitlin Keegan (and published by Clarkson Potter) to work with again, because I’m really taken with this deck (I’m having a “mad crush” on it); the combination of playing cards and Tarot really appeals to my reading sensibilities, and I’m getting a lot out of my daily draws with it.

So, I’m really excited about what it could share with us this week. Taking the deck in hand, I’m shuffling the cards, and asking the general question, “What do we need to know about the possibilities for the week ahead?”

This week’s video reveals the cards for our reading:

If you prefer to read the post, here it is:

After shuffling the deck, I pulled three cards for this week’s reading.

The first card, opening the reading up for the week, is the 3 of Diamonds.

Starting with the playing card aspect, the suit of Diamonds is associated with material concerns and affairs, so that might be the area we find ourselves concentrating on this week.

The 3 is a number of increase and expansion, and associated with Diamonds, this can suggest financial increase. One way the 3 of Diamonds can reflect financial increase is through small amounts of money.

Other possibilities indicated by the 3 of Diamonds would be either through a part-time job, or full-time work that’s temporary.

For me, the 3 of Diamonds can represent one’s career, and the ladder depicted in the image on the card is an indication of “moving up the ladder” as part of a strategic career move (career advancement).

If we go with this possibility, then the financial increase might come as a result of getting a promotion, or for seeking a raise in pay. Either possibility would reflect the perceived value (Diamonds are about what we value) of the individual and of his or her work contributions to the company or corporation.

The 3 of Diamonds is a card of self-employment for me, and through that lens, can suggest gradual progression with that venture. This card comes up when the person has started building a name for him- or herself and having a reputation for his or her work.

The people on the card are looking at the work before them, which visually symbolizes being seen or getting noticed by others. In this context, the ladder can represent positioning, prompting this question: Where and how can you position yourself and your work in order for it to be seen?

And not just by anyone, but by the people who will be able to see its value and pay accordingly (bringing it back to financial increase).

Whether the work in question is for a corporation or your own company, the 3 of Diamonds encourages you to continue mastering your craft.

Moving to the next card, we have the 2 of Clubs.

Clubs is the suit of work and business, which seems to reinforce the 3 of Diamonds, and its focus on career. The suit of Clubs is also about progression, again fitting nicely with the 3 of Diamonds and its message pertaining to career advancement.

The 2 is a number of partnerships and relationships, and with the suit of Clubs, this can refer to business partnerships and working relationships. The suit of Clubs highlights social activity and interaction, so the work or business could be of a social nature.

The visual of this card depicts a man and a woman having a conversation, suggesting a focus (as the middle card) on our interactions with others and our ability to communicate effectively.

For the individual seeking to move up the ladder, this card clearly suggests the action step of setting up an appointment or a meeting with a person who can support (the 2 is a number of help, assistance, and support) you in your career advancement.

For the self-employed person, this card comes up for me (I’m self-employed) when I’m discussing with a prospective client days and times to set up a future session, or when I have an actual consultation scheduled. For me, the majority of my client sessions is face-to-face (Skype) and in-person (local).

Aside from actual work, the suit of Clubs, for me, can represent things we need to “work on” or “work out” in the business of life.

If we consider that with the 2 of Clubs, the fire being the man and woman could then suggest a fiery debate, heated words being exchanged, or a passionate discussion taking place as a way to work out or work through a situation.

The eyes of the people draw me in, getting my attention, and make me think that, whatever the circumstance, it’s with the intention (Clubs are about intention) to work on seeing things the same way, to see “eye to eye.”

And that brings us to our final card for this week, the 10 of Clubs.

The first thing I notice is that two of the three cards this week are from the suit of Clubs, reinforcing the possibility of focus and concentration on our working lives, or on issues needed to be worked on or worked out.

The 10 is a number of transition, but also of success; the implication here could be working on bringing something to a successful completion this week.

Eyes, as a symbol, are repeated here, as a person “eyes” a load in his or her hands. This visual warns you of having too many responsibilities—and being burdened by the load you’re carrying.

The 10 of Clubs asks: Do all those responsibilities belong to you, though? If not, this card is asking you to consider allowing other people to be responsible for themselves. You’re not supposed to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders!

You may be thinking you’re being helpful, but are you really? The 10 of Clubs warns that you may be enabling other people not to take care of their own situations in life—especially when they are able and capable. If that’s true for you, why is that?

In working environments (Clubs being the suit of work and business, remember), the 10 of Clubs can suggest having new job duties and responsibilities (also remember that bit about career advancement and moving up the ladder?). It can suggest you’re in a position where a lot of work is put upon you.

The 10 of Clubs says that people around you could even be considering you a workaholic. You may also believe you have to do it all yourself. If this is true for you, the 10 of Clubs is cautioning you: If you’re not careful, you’ll experience exhaustion and fatigue, and put yourself on the road to burnout.

It’s not too late to learn the art of delegation—which is really learning to let go of control. Not everything has to get done by you—whether you believe it or not. It’s a matter of acknowledging that things may not get done the way you would do it—and that’s because not everyone works the same way you do, or has the same motivations about the work as you (Clubs being about motivation).

Sometimes we think holding on to everything gives us control. But does it? It may very well be that those things we are holding on to are really controlling us.

With the appearance of the 3 of Diamonds as self-employment, the 10 of Clubs is a card of small business, and suggests that the burden (responsibility) to bring in work now falls into your hands. The 2 of Clubs, with that in mind, asks you to consider what your plan is to do just that—and then put that plan into action.

For me, the 10 of Clubs came up a lot in my daily draws during the two weeks I was working on my Lenormand video series. First, I had increased my video production significantly, going from shooting one video a week, to filming one every other day within that two-week span. And that also increased the amount of editing and post-production.

So, one of my personal meanings for the 10 of Clubs is working toward the completion of a creative endeavor.

And, I’ll wrap up production on this week’s reading with that: What can you work toward completing for yourself in the business of life this week?

Get creative!




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Oracle Outlook: Lenormand Reading for June 5-11, 2017

After posting last week’s Lenormand reading, I received a comment from Light Flower (she watches the video of the reading), who asked if I’d be willing to read with Lenormand more.

Since I’m still in the process of working on my video series where I’m sharing the meanings I use for the Lenormand in my study and work with the cards, I thought I’d work with the Lenormand again this week.

The specific deck I wanted to work with is one I haven’t used in quite awhile: The Unforgettable Lenormand by Teri Smith of Divine Walks.

And just as I do every week in this space, I’m taking the deck in hand and shuffling the cards, asking what we might expect for the week ahead.

The video below reveals the cards in the reading:

If you prefer to read the post, here it is:

The cards for the week are: Stork, House, Whip, Heart, and Book.

Focus of the Reading

The focus card this week, which is in the middle of the line, is Whip.

Whip is a card that speaks of conflict and strife, and that can take the form of heated words, arguments, and debates. Anger, being the underlying emotion associated with Whip, can suggest these exchanges may center on a “hot button” issue or a hot topic.

If you find yourself getting “hot” (my slang word for “angry”) and about to fly off the handle, Whip suggests working on self-discipline, restraint, and self-control.

There’s a broom on the card, and in some circles, this card is known as Whip and Broom. The broom can symbolize things that need cleaning up, sorting through, and working out. Whip, in this case, might suggest cleaning up a situation that you’ve been angrily beating yourself up about or punishing yourself over, or that a conflict of some kind needs to be worked out.

Looking at the Line

The cards immediately flanking Whip, House and Heart, form a pair that I read in a line as something more in-depth about the focus (Whip).

House is a card of the home (keeping with the literal aspect of Lenormand), and, next to Whip, can suggest the possible arguments and debates may very well take place under our own roofs, with family or other people we share living space with.

Whip is a card of discipline, so there may be issues regarding the “house rules”, and the punishment for breaking those rules (consequences).

Going further with this possibility, the playing card insert is the King of Hearts, which can point to the head of the household (and that doesn’t have to necessarily refer to a male head of household).

The broom on the Whip card faces House, and this could suggest literal house cleaning, or the more metaphorical idea of “cleaning house.” What would you need to do to get your “house in order” this week? Are you disciplined enough (Whip) to actually do the work?

Going to the other side of Whip, and turning our attention to Heart, the first thing that comes to mind is that Heart appeared in last week’s reading as the focus card.

If you took a look at that reading, then you’ll remember that Heart can symbolize our feelings and emotions, and this aspect of the card falls into what was said about Whip and anger, as that is an emotional state of being.

Heart is also about love, and with House reinforces the possibilities of challenges with “loved ones” this week.

If we consider the King of Hearts (House) to be the head of household, the playing card insert on Heart, the Jack of Hearts, can represent a younger person, and being from the same suit, can indicate they are family members.

With Whip being between these two family members, it could literally be read as a conflict (Whip) between two people (King and Jack). Whip would further suggest the focus needs to be on working through the issue by sorting through the emotions (Whip + Heart) related to the conflict.

If we consider a conflict (Whip) about house rules being broken, these cards could suggest that a head of household (King) has to follow through with disciplinary action (Whip) toward a younger family member (Jack).

The outer cards, Stork and Book, can offer information that would sum things up.

Stork is a card of change and improvement, and given that Whip can mean conflict and strife, seeing Stork here makes sense. Stork implies positive change and improvement, suggesting changes that make things better for everyone involved.

And on that note, I notice that there’s the Queen of Hearts as the playing card insert on the card. With her presence, she adds another family member to the mix.

So the situation may have parental units (King and Queen) on one side of the issue (both on the same side of Whip) and the younger person (Jack) on the other side of the issue (on the opposite side of Whip).

On another front, Stork + House can be read as changes (Stork) in a family (House) or actual home improvement. One possible change could be a move (Stork can mean a relocation), and with that, Whip would reinforce what was mentioned earlier about cleaning up a house and getting it in order, if it’s being put on the market to be sold (House would then indicate property and real estate).

Rounding out the line, we come to Book.

Book is a card of knowledge and education, so that may be playing a part in the conflict, as Jack of Hearts + Book would refer to the education of a young person (student).

Whip + Book could be read not only as a conflict (Whip) with learning (Book), but also resulting in the need for some form of educational training.

If not something having to do with education specifically, Book could also refer to a project, and then with Whip, could suggest the potential for a conflict (Whip) with a project (Book) in the future (book at the end of the line).

The book being open on the card could suggest knowledge that’s accessible or gained; with Whip as the focus, Book could suggest the conflict, in the end, becomes a learning experience.

And I’ll close on this note: Whip is also a card of repetition and repeated activity, so if you experience anything repeatedly this week, consider asking yourself what the experience is trying to teach you, what you’re supposed to be learning from it as a result (Book).

Have a great week,




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Oracle Outlook: Lenormand Reading for May 29 – June 4, 2017

I’ve been really immersed in the Lenormand the last few days.

Over on my YouTube channel, I’ve been posting installments of a new video series on the Lenormand card meanings I use in my study and work with the deck. The series is the response from a couple of viewers in particular, Miss L and Carla, who both asked if I would make a video (or, in my case, videos, since I can be a bit wordy) about my keyword associations for the cards.

As a result of spending so much time with the Lenormand, it wasn’t quite a stretch to have it assist me for this week’s reading. I’m specifically choosing the Mystical Lenormand by Regula Elizabeth Fiechter and Urban Trösch (published by AGM-Urania) to work with.

Taking the deck in hand, I’m shuffling the cards, asking what we might expect for the week ahead.

The video below reveals the cards in the reading:

If you prefer to read the post, here it is:

The cards for the week are: Clover, Lady, Heart, Cross, and Ship.

Focus of the Reading

The focus card this week, which is in the middle of the line, is Heart.

While Heart has associations with love and romance, my first go-to keywords are passion and enthusiasm.

And what I love (that was intended) about this particular depiction of the card is that the heart has flames around it. The visual makes me think of a situation that “sets your heart on fire” or a “burning” desire.

With that in mind, the focus this week could pertain to a burning passion—both in the good sense and the challenging sense.

In the good sense, Heart could be asking us to focus on the things we love in our lives; in the challenging sense, we may find ourselves focusing on something that gets us “heated” emotionally, that gets our blood boiling because we’re that passionate about it.

I also get the sense that we’re being called to bring love into our interactions and experiences this week. Heart gets us to look at our “love walk” and to “put a little love in our hearts.”

Looking at the Line

The cards immediately flanking Heart, Lady and Cross, form a pair that I read in a line as something more in-depth about the focus (Heart).

Lady, falling to the left of Heart, is a card that simply refers to a woman.

If you’re a woman reading this post, Lady is a reference to you (possibly, depending on the surrounding cards); if you’re a man reading this, Lady could refer to a woman who is significant to you personally or plays a significant role in the situation that the surrounding cards will offer more information about.

Falling to the left of Heart, Lady is facing away from Heart, and this can suggest something the woman is putting behind her, something she might be leaving in the past.

Heart, as a card of love and romance, could suggest a prior relationship; as a card of passion and enthusiasm, could suggest the woman was passionate or enthusiastic in the past (and may have lost her “fire”); as a card of feelings and emotions, Lady not facing Heart could suggest the woman is ignoring her feelings about something.

Cross, falling on the right side of Heart, can indicate burdens and difficulties, so the woman could be emotionally processing (Heart) a love or romance (Heart) that was difficult (Cross) in her past (Lady in front of Heart and Cross).

Cross is also a card of crisis and ordeal, so the woman may have reached a “crisis point” of some kind.

From an emotional standpoint (Heart), Cross is a card of grief and suffering , suggesting that, while the relationship was challenging (Cross can suggest it tested her faith), turning away from it may still be grief-inducing.

Shifting the perspective to something more positive, another possibility with Heart + Cross could be a soul mate or twin flame type of romance or love, as Cross is a card of spirituality and karma (and Heart has the burning heart with what could be considered Adam and Eve in the image).

In this case, Lady in front of the pair could suggest recently discovering her “other half.”

And while we could romanticize these types of unions (Heart), they are critical (Cross) in helping us grow spiritually (Cross), and sometimes come with a great deal of challenges (Cross).

With that in mind, Lady + Cross could be read as “the woman (Lady) needs to keep the faith (Cross) during an ordeal (Cross) that is both critical (Cross) and necessary (Cross) to her spirituality (Lady + Cross).”

The outer cards, Clover and Ship, can offer information that would sum things up.

In case you thought things were feeling kind of heavy, Clover appears on the scene to lighten things up a bit.

Clover is a card of luck and fortune, and this is good for Lady, as she is facing Clover, suggesting that she will be on the receiving end of something beneficial coming to her.

Clover is a card of opportunity, and if we consider this meaning, the woman will have to consider whether she wants to take a chance on the opportunity (the positive aspect of Clover) or see the opportunity being presented as a risk or gamble (the challenging aspects of Clover).

And she may not have a lot of time to weigh her options, as Clover can also suggest the window of opportunity may be brief or short-term (timing aspects I associate with Clover).

From an emotional standpoint (Heart), Clover offers the woman a chance to be spontaneous and carefree, and it’s a stroke of good luck (Clover) that Cross is behind Lady in the line, suggesting she leave her burdens in the past.

Will she allow herself a little bit of happiness (Clover)—even if it’s brief (Clover)?

And that brings us to Ship, the card on the other side of the line.

Ship is a card of travel and a journey, and at the end of the line, can suggest a “ship that has set sail,” given that Lady is not facing this card, reinforcing something that’s a part of her past.

While Ship can refer to an actual journey, keeping with some of the information provided by Heart and Cross, Ship can also refer to one’s life journey or spiritual journey, and that the woman may be navigating through some emotional waters this week.

Ship can also refer to something foreign, so these “waters” might be “foreign territory” for the woman.

But she can do it: Clover + Ship, as a pair, reads “an opportunity (Clover) for progress (Ship) and to move forward (Ship).”

She might consider packing her faith, as Cross + Ship reads “faith (Cross) is both critical (Cross) and necessary (Cross) for the journey (Ship).”

And, on that note, I’ll wrap up this week’s Outlook.

Wishing you luck (Clover) as you journey (Ship) through the week,




For personalized readings, please visit my Services page to get all the information about my offerings.

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Oracle Outlook: Tarot Playing Card Reading for May 22-28, 2017

For this week’s reading, I wanted to work with the very latest deck in my ever-growing collection (I really have to consider finding a way to curb my enthusiasm for acquiring new decks), so I’m having The Illuminated Tarot by Caitlin Keegan (and published by Clarkson Potter) assist me.

What interested me in this particular deck is that, while it’s labeled a Tarot deck, it has a playing card structure; there are 53 cards rather than the 78 card standard in Tarot. And the cards are divided into the suits of Clubs, Spades, Hearts, and Diamonds, which are associated with playing cards.

What Caitlin did was illustrate the cards with depictions from the Minor Arcana of Tarot. But what she did with the Majors, in my opinion, was both creative and innovative: She incorporated them into some of the Minors, blending their imageries.

So, for me, the cards have layers of meaning and interpretation: the first layer is from the playing card association; the second from the Minor Arcana association; and finally, the Major Arcana association for those hybrid cards.

I’ve been having so much fun playing with this deck on a daily basis and can’t wait to see what’s in the cards for the week ahead!

So, I’m taking the deck in hand, shuffling the cards, and asking the general question, “What do we need to know about the possibilities for the week ahead?”

This week’s video reveals the cards for our reading:

If you prefer to read the post, here it is:

After shuffling the deck, I pulled three cards for this week’s reading.

The first card, opening the reading up for the week, is the 6 of Hearts/The Lovers.

Starting with the playing card aspect, the suit of Hearts is associated with feelings, emotions, and relationships, so that might be the area we find ourselves concentrating on this week.

The 6, for me, is a number that’s connected to home and family, so there may be emotional situations “close to home” that need to be addressed; the 6 is also a number of responsibility, so that may be a factor—that the parties involved each take responsibility for their contribution in the situation.

The 6 is also a number of healing, and the 6 of Hearts can be about the past, so there’s the possibility of healing the past this week; again, this healing might come as a result of people being in an emotional place to take responsibility for the roles they played, which can begin that healing process.

The 6 of Hearts is a card of male energy, suggesting the possibility of a man from the past coming back into the picture, and wanting to talk (the 6 is a number of communication), making proposals about the future.

And that brings us to The Lovers aspect of the card.

This card is also called “The Choice.” When it appears, The Lovers can suggest you’re at a crossroads in your life, and now you’re faced with having to make some major life choices.

Some of those choices may involve commitments. Who and what are you committing yourself to–and why? The Lovers represents balance, so be sure that you’re not over-committing, and allowing yourself to become a slave to the needs of others.

When we choose to become a slave to the needs of others, we may convince ourselves that we’re doing so from a place of love for them. But is it truly? And are we being loving to ourselves?

The Lovers is an obvious nod to partnerships. This week, you may begin a new relationship (keeping with the possible proposal of someone from the past with the 6 of Hearts), or an existing one grows deeper, as this card is about attraction.

And going with attraction, The Lovers is a card connected to the Law of Attraction, and manifestation, under the Law, requires the union of your thoughts and your feelings (symbolized by the merging of the two faces on the card becoming one).

Going with this aspect, The Lovers may be asking you to pay particular attention to what you “attract” into your life this week, as you may get a sense of both the thinking and feeling energies you’re bringing to the situations you’re experiencing—and being asked to consider choosing differently, especially if what you’re attracting isn’t what you consider to be ideal.

Aside from the relationship aspect, The Lovers asks you, when you consider choices and decisions this week, that you do so from a heart-centered place. Consider asking yourself how the choices make you feel. You could imagine yourself having made the choice, and seeing how it might play out, and how that outcome makes you feel.

The Lovers asks you to go with the heart.

Moving to the next card, we have The Joker/The Fool.

The Joker is the “wild card” of the deck, suggesting the unexpected. With the 6 of Hearts/The Lovers talking about choices and decisions, The Joker could suggest a decision needing to be made suddenly.

With the possibility of someone returning from the past (6 of Hearts), The Joker suggests the return might be unexpected, or that a proposal (6 of Hearts) comes unexpectedly.

The Fool aspect of the card can suggest embarking on a new journey; it may be literal or metaphorical.

This is a card of new experiences; you’re about to experience a new chapter in your life. You’re getting a clean slate and a fresh start—what will you do with it?

The Fool can suggest that wherever this new chapter takes you, you may not have the experience—but that’s okay! You can’t know everything going in—sometimes you have to learn along the way. There will always be a phase or stage where you’re the beginner, the novice, the one who’s “green” and just starting out.

The Fool can suggest having a sense of awe and wonder about it all; it’s about seeing your world with a fresh set of eyes, with a child-like innocence. What new way could you look at—and therefore have a new experience of—your life this week?

The Fool is a card that can encourage you to take that leap, as it can suggest a leap of faith, knowing and trusting that Source—the Universe—has your back, and will support you along the way.

That first step, though, can be a scary one to take. For some, The Fool can suggest being carefree and spontaneous, and for others, it can mean being foolish and reckless. We’re not all wired the same way. And that plays into how you’ll view—and experience—new phases and stages.

And, while I’m on the subject of how we’re wired, the Fool is a card that asks you to be Who You Are. You’re a different and unique expression in this world you’ve chosen to be born into—and you’re being encouraged to show up as yourself.

The Lovers card reminds us that everything is a matter of choice. Everything is preceded by a choice, by making a decision.

With The Fool, it’s matter of whether we choice to take a chance (perhaps on love)—or feel that we’re taking a(n emotional) risk, and would rather play it safe.

And that’s a nice lead-in to our final card for this week, the 4 of Hearts.

The first thing that’s noticeable is that we have another card from the suit of Hearts, again reinforcing emotional issues this week; with two of the cards also being from the Major Arcana, these issues may be somewhat significant, as the Majors highlight important issues and events.

The number 4 can represent laying a foundation; this can suggest a relationship being in its foundational stage (which would make sense with The Fool in the line as well), and we’re putting work into it (the 4 also represents work). It’s like laying the groundwork, so there’s something to build on for the future.

The 4 is also a number of stability and security, so this can suggest being in relationships with those who allow us to feel a sense of emotional security and stability (that idea of feeling safe I mentioned earlier), or that those components need to be a part of the foundation for future relationships.

Along those lines, the 4 is also a number of comfort, and makes me think of being emotionally comfortable, both in the relationship we have with ourselves, as well as those we have with others.

I’ve heard some cartomancers refer to the 4 of Hearts as a “marriage bed,” because a bed has four posts and is in a room with four walls.

I bring this up because the cards could be referring to the possibility of a relationship becoming physically intimate, and both parties involved have to consider if the foundation has been established for the relationship to now move in this direction.

Another aspect of the 4 of Hearts that was mentioned with the 6 of Hearts is the idea of a proposal or gesture being made; in the image, and hand with a cup that has a heart etched on it and flowers blooming from it is being offered to the woman, which she sees out the corner of her eye.

The look on her face suggests she might be wary—should she accept the offer? That brings us back to The Fool, and to consider how we view any offers, proposals, and gestures this week. Will we choose to see them as opportunities—or as risks?

The cards this week encourage us to exercise our power to choose—and no matter the decisions made, to be comfortable and secure with our choices.

And on that note, I’ll wrap up this week’s reading.

Have an amazing week!




This reading is general in nature. If you’re interested in having your own personalized Tarot reading, please visit my Tarot Consultations page for all the details.

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Oracle Outlook: Playing Card Reading for May 15-21, 2017

Within the past few days, I got a couple new playing card decks (and one of them I’ve already put to work, which I share in the latest post over on my business blog), and because of that, I wanted to work some playing card magic with this week’s reading.

Caravan of SEE’ers Fortune Telling Playing Cards by Jennifer Kast.

I really wanted to work with my copy of Jennifer Kast’s Caravan of SEE’ers Fortune Telling Playing Cards in this space (I have the “Cartomancer” edition).

You may remember that I worked with her 1889 Lenormand Oracle some time ago, and it was met with a very positive response (one viewer even went and got his own copy after watching the video).

Because of such enthusiasm, I thought I’d share another one of her creations.

So, I’m taking the deck in hand, shuffling the cards, and asking the general question, “What do we need to know about the possibilities for the week ahead?”

This week’s video reveals the cards for our reading:

If you prefer to read the post, here it is:

After shuffling the deck, I pulled three cards for this week’s reading.

The first card, opening the reading up for the week, is the 8 of Clubs.

For me, the suit of Clubs is associated with work and business, so there may be situations we’re “working” through on the job or employment front this week.

The 8 is a number I associate with power, so there may be situations where we’re dealing with external power (meaning people in “power,” such as bosses, managers, and supervisors); another possibility is tapping into our personal power (inner strength) to handle the work that needs to get done.

With that, the 8 can suggest that organization is required (think structuring, re-structuring, and discipline), or that the work involves an organization (and that would bring back in management types).

The 8 is also the number of the entrepreneur, so there may be work needing to be done with regard to a self-employment venture, or making the shift (the 8 can suggest a change in status and movement) from employee to entrepreneur (and possibly, employer).

And if you’re in the position of not having to punch a clock, and you’re not dipping your toes into the entrepreneurial waters, the suit of Clubs can be coming up suggesting doing your work in the business of life this week.

I’m looking at the silhouette on the card, which looks to me like a man staring out into the horizon, his hand forming a visor over his eyes so he can see what’s ahead.

From an emotional outlook, Clubs, as a suit, can suggest frustration and impatience, so that might be what’s being worked on (developing patience), especially if you’re in a position of waiting for something to arrive or show up in your life.

In the lower half of the card, there’s a scene that looks as if someone is communicating with another person. The 8 of Clubs highlights communications, as the suit of Clubs can also represent being social and social activity, so an additional message may be to pay attention to the social interactions we have with others this week—that may be the area where we need to do some work.

The next card can offer more insight, so moving on, we have the 7 of Clubs.

We have the appearance of another card from the suit of Clubs, reinforcing the possibility of working on situations with job and employment.

The first thing that catches my eye is there’s a numerical sequence; we move from 8 to 7, suggesting a decrease of some kind.

If we consider that business is a pun for busy-ness, then the cards could be asking us to find ways to lighten our “work” load and not be so busy, as our lives seem to get busier and busier (interestingly enough, the 8 of Clubs is an internet card for me, signaling the technological times we live in, and how that adds to our sense of busy-ness—and especially if you’re in business).

The 7 is a number of spirituality, and as the center card, the 7 of Clubs can suggest a focus on the work we might need to do to bring us back to our spiritual centers this week.

On a different front, the 7 of Clubs is one of my self-employment cards, reinforcing that possibility. In this particular case, writing and teaching are professions I see with the 7 of Clubs, so there may be teaching work in the public school system that will be significant.

Another possibility is that the 7 of Clubs is encouraging one to step into his or her work as a spiritual (7) teacher. It could be that this person has written a book (the writing aspect of the card) and is now being guided to teach that material to a wider audience (remember the 8 of Clubs is an internet card, one way to reach a wider audience).

Keeping with the social aspect of the Clubs suit (notice the silhouettes of two women facing each other on the card), the 7 of Clubs can suggest a possible need to be assertive and stand up for yourself (again, this would acknowledge the 8 as a number of personal power).

If need be, how can you assert yourself in a way that allows you to be heard (going back to the silhouettes in the bottom half of the 8 of Clubs)?

And, finally, the 7 of Clubs offers this message: If you’ve been finding yourself putting a whole lot of work and effort into a situation, not seeing any changes or results, and thinking of throwing in the towel (notice the silhouette that looks resigned on the lower half of the card?), the 7 of Clubs urges you not to quit; this card offers that you have what it takes to face any challenges and adversities—and come out on top.

Consider if there’s anything you could be taught (the flip side of being the teacher the 7 of Clubs suggests) that could help you advance—and put that teaching to work for you.

Rounding out our reading, the last card for this week is the 2 of Hearts.

All that talk about social interactions and communications with others makes sense with this card, as the 2 of Hearts is about relationships, with the 2 being a number of co-operation and harmony.

Hearts being the suit of feelings and emotions, the 2 of Hearts is about being able to share how we feel with others, as well as taking the feelings of others into account.

I tend to see the 2 of Hearts as a “mirror” card, meaning that when we relate to others, they offer us a reflection of ourselves for us to see. The 2 of Hearts is an intimacy card, meaning that we relate to others in an effort to get to know them better—but they also allow us to get to know ourselves more deeply.

So, as you move through your week, ask yourself what your interactions with others are showing you about them—but, more importantly—what are they showing you about you?

If you’re the writer/teacher I mentioned earlier, the 2 of Hearts can suggest a proposal (see the man on bended knee on the bottom half of the card?), which can suggest the possibility of a written proposal about a book needing to be worked on (Clubs).

If you’re the business person mentioned at the top of the reading, then the 2 of Hearts can point to a business relationship being formed, or that a business proposal will be made for you to consider. Will you say “yes” and accept?

No matter the specific scenario and how it plays out, this week has the potential to be one of action and increased activity (Clubs + Clubs), developing emotionally and spiritually through working on our relationships (Clubs + Hearts), and possibly seeing our efforts (Clubs) result in happy outcomes (Hearts).

And that will wrap up this week’s Outlook.

Have a wonderful week!

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