Oracle Outlook: Lenormand Reading for May 1-7, 2017

Once the current Oracle Outlook is posted to the blog (like this one is now), I start thinking about the next one, specifically the system I want to work with, and what deck.

When I posted last week’s reading with the Fin de Siècle Kipper Cards by Ciro Marchetti, it occurred to me that I’ve never used his Gilded Reverie Lenormand in this space.

When I first got into Lenormand, I purchased two decks at the same time, one being the Gilded Reverie and the other being the Under the Roses Lenormand (which is by Kendra Hurteau and Katrina Hill; both decks are published by U. S. Games Systems, Inc.).

I was so taken with Under the Roses that the Gilded Reverie kind of took a back seat, and I never really used it all that much.

So, I thought, since it seems like I’m on a Ciro Marchetti kick at the moment, why not keep it going and use the Gilded Reverie this week?

Taking the deck in hand, I’m shuffling the cards, asking the question, “What do we need to know about the week ahead?”

The video below reveals the cards in the reading:

If you prefer to read the post, here it is:

The cards for the week are: Lilies, Rider, Tree, Key, and Anchor.

Focus of the Reading

The focus card this week, which is in the middle of the line, is Tree.

Tree is a card of health and healing, an aspect that was also brought up in last week’s Kipper card reading with Bad Health; a possible message here is to notice the growth we’re making in this area, as the healing experience can be of a personal or spiritual (a nod to the Tree of Life diagram on the tree) nature.

Tree can suggest something that’s “taken root,” and developing, and that might pertain to the processes being used; in this regard, Tree can be asking us to remain patient as progress is made (because trees take a long time to grow).

Tree, for me, can also be indicative of extended family, if you consider the idea of a “family tree” (with all its “branches”); taking the health and healing aspect of Tree into account, this can suggest either healing a situation of a familial nature, or a health situation that’s hereditary, something that runs in the family, being passed down from generation to generation.

Looking at the Line

The cards immediately flanking Tree, Rider and Key, form a pair that I read in a line as something more in-depth about the focus (Tree).

Rider is a card that I first read as news and messages coming in; with the rider and carousel horse on the card facing in the direction of Tree, the news or messages coming in can pertain to health and healing directly.

Rider is also about a visit or arrival, so one possibility of Rider + Tree is the arrival (Rider) of healing (Tree). This can take the form of an actual healer (healing practitioner) arriving on the scene.

Another possibility is if we consider Tree to be extended family, then an interpretation of Rider + Tree could be the visit or arrival (Rider) of extended family (Tree).

If perhaps one was looking into his or her family history (Tree being “family tree”), Rider + Tree could suggest the arrival of news and messages (Rider) about family ancestry (Tree).

Whatever the exact nature of Rider, Key, on the other side of Tree, can suggest this is important, as I read Key as something important and vital; Rider + Key would translate to important news or a vital message.

Key is a card of answers and solutions, of discoveries and revelations that become “unlocked” or accessible, as a key opens things up (much like the key having opened the cage on the card); the card says the “answer is key” to the situation and its resolution.

Following Tree, one message (Rider) being presented is that health (Tree) is vital and important (Key), with another message (Rider) being that healing (Tree) is discovered (Key).

If Tree has to do with family and family history, a possibility is that news (Rider) about family history (Tree) is discovered (Key), again with the idea that the revelation (Key) is vital and important (Key).

Key, for me, is a card of the truth, so the news and message Rider brings may be the “key” to the discovery of an important truth.

With Tree as the focus, this truth could help us either begin (roots) or continue to heal and grow, both personally and spiritually.

The outer cards, Lilies and Anchor, can offer information that would sum things up.

On the far left of the line, Lilies, reinforces the idea of ancestry and lineage presented by Tree, as it can represent an elder or senior.

If there’s research into one’s family history taking place, Lilies is a card of the past and for paying tribute to the past and possibly a memorial of sorts.

There’s the possibility of bringing an elder family member into the home, perhaps to better care for the person with regard to health and healing (Lilies + Tree = an elder’s health), which would reinforce the message of an arrival of extended family mentioned earlier.

In this regard, Lilies could suggest someone more mature, and Tree would then suggest someone who’s lived a long time (it’s a card of long life, as trees tend to have a long life span).

And Lilies + Tree could also suggest the past (Lilies) being healed (Tree)—as an offshoot of being rooted in one’s growth and development (Tree in the center suggesting this is “central” to the result).

And that brings us to Anchor, the card on the other side of the line.

Anchor is a card of work; while it could relate to actual work, I’m getting the sense that this could mean the “work” being put into the situation (Tree). When it comes to work, Anchor says the work is both hard and long-term, and requires a serious attitude.

It also requires persistence and perseverance, which are additional keywords I have for Anchor.

As the card at the end of the line, Anchor is a card of stability, so Tree + Anchor can then suggest that health (Tree) becomes stable (Anchor) in the end, after work and effort (Anchor); the work and effort implied can suggest being “hands-on,” as Anchor can indicate physical or manual labor.

Also, Anchor is a card of hope, so whatever the situation, Key + Anchor sends us a reminder of the importance (Key) of being hopeful (Anchor) in the future (Anchor at the end of the line suggests the future).

Wrapping Up

Whatever the specific scenario that develops this week (Tree), expect wisdom to be gained from the experience (Lilies), leading to the arrival (Rider) of important personal growth and healing (Tree + Key), and bringing stability (Anchor) as well as a sense of hope for the future (Anchor).

And, on that note, I’ll wrap up this week’s Outlook.

Hope you have an amazing week!




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Oracle Outlook: Kipper Card Reading for April 24-30, 2017

Keeping with the cartomancy kick I’m currently on, I wanted to do another Kipper card reading for the Oracle Outlook.

So, for this week’s reading, I’ll be working with the Fin de Siècle Kipper Cards by Ciro Marchetti (while there’s now a mass-market edition of the deck by U. S. Games, I’m using my personally monogrammed copy of the first, self-published edition).

Taking the deck in hand, I’m shuffling the cards, asking what we might expect for the week ahead.

The video below reveals the cards in the reading:

If you prefer to read the post, here it is:

Just like I do with Lenormand, I’ll be working with a Line of 5 layout.

The cards I’ve pulled for the week are: Court House, Bad Health, Marriage, Unexpected Income, and Journey.

Focus of the Reading

The focus card this week, which is in the middle of the line, is Marriage.

Marriage is a card of commitment, so we’re being asked to consider the people and things we commit to throughout the week.

Marriage, as a ceremony, consists of the parties involved making pledges, promises, and vows to each other as a way of setting intentions for the relationship going forward.

So, while Marriage could imply an actual wedding ceremony or the married life of a couple, in the more general sense, Marriage sends the message that this is a week to keep our promises and honor commitments—both the ones we make to and for ourselves, as well as those we make to and for others (to the level best of our ability).

Looking at the Line

Looking at the cards immediately flanking Marriage, we have Bad Health and Unexpected Income.

Bad Health is a card that can suggest a time for healing, a time of recuperation, looking at it from a physical well-being perspective. Traditionally known as “Short Illness,” it can suggest the condition is temporary in nature, as “short” is short for “short-term” (I really couldn’t help myself with that).

Bad Health can also appear when it’s time to take a break from things, from your normal routine.

Coming before Marriage in the line, Bad Health can be asking us to be more committed to our physical well-being, or that the commitment to our physical well-being comes as a result of experiencing a temporary ailment.

If we consider Bad Health to be about taking a break (and, as I type these words, I’m hearing “Gimme a break, gimme a break,” the lead-in on those old Kit Kat bar commercials), then with Marriage, a possible message is that we may need to commit to our well-being by taking a temporary break from a long-standing or long-term commitment.

With a bed in the image on the card, I always consider the expression “putting an issue to read or to bed,” so we may need to commit (Marriage) to resolving an issue, even if it’s just a temporary measure at this stage.

Unexpected Income, on the other side of Marriage, is a card of financial transactions (I read it as “money changing hands”). The word “unexpected” can suggest the gain (income) comes as a surprise, possibly in the form of a raise, a bonus, or a tip.

Unexpected Income carries the implication that the person on the receiving end didn’t have to work for the money that’s coming in.

Since Marriage, a card of commitments, is right next to Unexpected Income, the pair can indicate a contractual agreement (and marriage is a contractual agreement), and the agreement requires the signatures of all involved parties.

If that aspect of the reading resonates with you, Bad Health + Marriage + Unexpected Income might suggest taking a break (Bad Health) to review the agreement (Marriage) before putting your signature on the dotted line (Unexpected Income) so you can be sure of an equitable exchange (Unexpected Income).

If we consider the health and recovery aspect of Bad Health, Bad Health + Unexpected Income might suggest one’s financial health and recovery; or that healing comes suddenly and unexpectedly.

Whether it’s our physical well-being or our finances, we’re being asked to make a commitment toward healing and recovery this week. It reminds me of the expression “If you’re healthy, you’re wealthy,” as the cards tell us of the gain we receive from actively engaging in our healing process.

Moving to the outer cards, we have Court House and Journey.

Court House opens the line, being the first card. Court House can represent legal matters and public affairs that may need to be addressed.

With that, there may be the need to make a decision (a court house is where rulings are made). If that’s the case (again, I couldn’t help myself), the decision is made based on the information (facts and “evidence”) being presented. The intention is that it’s right and fair, and in the best and highest good for all involved (the idea of “justice for all”).

I’m looking at the image of Court House, seeing the man holding court papers with red wrapping around them, bringing to mind “red tape.”

This brings in Bad Health, which is right next to Court House. With Bad Health being a card of a temporary or forced break, it might come as a result of a legal matter and legal red tape. It might even suggest a legal matter in connection to a health-related situation.

With the other cards being about agreements (Marriage and Unexpected Income), there may be a situation involving health care and perhaps receiving a tax premium, which makes receiving the care surprisingly affordable.

On the other end of the line, rounding things out, we have Journey, a card that can suggest potential travel in the future.

If you’re no stranger to my readings, you’ll know that I also consider travel cards to be metaphorical, and in that sense, Journey can talk about progress being made and things moving right along.

Again, looking at the image, the train, being on a track can imply being “on the right track,” reinforcing the idea of things moving right along.

So, if Court House and Bad Health suggest a possible pause due to some red tape, Journey coming along suggests the situation begins to progress and things get going again.

The same can be said for Journey coming after Marriage and Unexpected Income, as the terms of the contract have been mutually agreed upon, and things are now on track.

If Bad Health is about physical well-being, Journey could suggest movement after a period of immobility (if you think bed rest).

If Bad Health + Unexpected Income is about possible financial health and recovery, Journey might suggest being “on the road” with that process.

Going with the image on the card, the first step might be “tracking” the money that comes in and goes out, so you can see your financial picture more clearly, and commit (Marriage) toward making some positive changes.

To that end, Unexpected Income + Journey could be a surprise monetary gain that gets things moving.

Over to You

Whatever the scenario, Journey reminds me of this profound pearl of wisdom from Lao-Tzu: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

What will be your single step toward healing this week? Will you make the commitment?

And as you digest on that bit of food for thought, I’ll officially bring my Kipper card reading for the week to a close.

Hope you have a wonderful week!




For personalized readings, please visit my Services page to get all the information about my offerings.

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Oracle Outlook: Lenormand Reading for April 17-23, 2017

I don’t know if you noticed this or not, but it seems like I’ve being buying a lot of card decks this year.

The 1889 Lenormand Oracle by Jennifer Kast.

I became aware of this when I noticed I was starting off the video readings by saying, “This week, I’m working with the latest deck in my collection…” a lot more these days.

And we’re only four months into the year.

I mention this because for this week’s reading, I’m working with yet another new deck in my collection, the 1889 Lenormand Oracle, created by Jennifer Kast of For the Seekers.

Taking the deck in hand, I’m shuffling the cards, asking the question, “What do we need to know about the week ahead?”

The video below reveals the cards in the reading:

If you prefer to read the post, here it is:

The cards for the week are: Stork, Fox, Lilies, Mountain, and Bouquet.

Focus of the Reading

The focus card this week, which is in the middle of the line, is Lilies.

The first thing that immediately comes to mind with Lilies has to do with timing: When I think of Lilies, I think of Easter, and this reading is for the time period that begins the day after Easter Sunday (April 16th), so that’s interesting to notice.

My keyword associations for Lilies are peace and tranquility, so there may be a focus on being—or becoming—more peaceful and tranquil this week.

Lilies, for me, is also a card of maturity, as it has the insert of the King of Spades, which can represent an older (mature) man. If not about a person specifically, I tend to read the card as being “older and wiser,” and having a depth of wisdom gained from life experience.

In this context, Lilies may be asking us to either consider how the past (Lilies can also represent things that are “old,” and that can be the past) has played a part in our becoming mature (wise—or wise beyond our years), or to focus on how we’re gaining wisdom through the experiences we have this week.

Looking at the Line

The cards immediately flanking Lilies, Fox and Mountain, form a pair that I read in a line as more in-depth information about the central issue.

I tend to read Fox first and foremost as a card of job and employment, so Fox + Lilies could be a reference to an employee (Fox) with a great deal of experience (Lilies), or a senior employee on the job.

And going one step further with the senior employee interpretation, it might also be that this senior employee is facing retirement (Fox, the employee, is facing Lilies, which can mean retirement).

Fox also has some not so positive meanings; the card can suggest being taken advantage of, being conned or scammed. So, a possibility here is that a con artist (Fox) may be attempting to scam (Fox) the elderly (Lilies). This reminds me of a news report I recently heard of the latest scam targeting the elderly.

If that becomes apparent, there’s a positive way to look at this pairing: Having a strategy (Fox) to protect (Lilies) the elderly (Lilies).

And this is a nice place to bring in Mountain, a card that can represent blocks, obstacles, and challenges.

If we take into account the possibility of a scam that targets the elderly, Mountain following can suggest running into a roadblock. Or, that protecting the elderly from fraudulent activity is becoming increasingly challenging.

And that may be a part of what Lilies + Mountain can represent: How aging (Lilies) can be challenging (Mountain).

And one of those challenges can be independence (Fox): Fox + Lilies + Mountain could be read as the independence (Fox) of a senior (Lilies) becomes a challenge (Mountain), suggesting an elderly person may need to be looked after more.

Going back to the employee, with Fox + Mountain we have an employee facing a setback, or a challenging job.

If we consider the employee facing possible retirement, Mountain would suggest that will either be challenging to face—or, that retirement might even be delayed or postponed (Mountain), due to a challenge (Mountain) that may require the person keep working a job (Fox).

This might be a matter of survival (Fox).

The outer cards, Stork and Bouquet, can offer information that would sum things up.

In the video of this reading, I mentioned I saw this card in my mind, which led me to pick this deck to work with this week (a phenomena that happens quite often, if you’ve read my accounts for any stretch of time). In that mental “flash,” I was directed to the weather vane, and its directions.

Stork can mean a change or improvement, so the symbology, for me, can suggest a change in direction. One possible change can be a move or relocation, so Stork, as the first card in the line, can suggest the possibility of considering what direction we see ourselves moving in at this stage of our lives (Lilies).

Stork + Fox can suggest a job change, and that might involve a move (like a job transfer). Another possible change would be from being an employee (Fox) to becoming self-employed (also Fox); Lilies would then suggest taking the experience you’ve gained and “employing” those skills (Fox) in your new gig. Make it work for you (Lilies) rather than against you (Mountain).

If we consider making any changes to improve our lives (Stork), Fox, being a card of strategy, is asking, “What’s the plan?” Fox implies being clever, and Lilies says to use the wisdom we’ve gained (acquired) in our efforts—especially when the roadblocks appear (Mountain).

Bouquet, as the last card in the line, can represent a surprise, a gift, or an invitation (my chief keywords for the card). I also read this card as talent and appreciation, or that talent is being appreciated (as a hybrid of the two).

If we consider the employee possibly facing retirement, Bouquet can suggest that person receiving a surprise or gift for his or her years of service (Spades is the suit of service) as a form of appreciation.

Stork + Bouquet can suggest a surprising change is possible as the week starts off, and with Mountain in the line, there might be some setbacks and delays—and even a postponement—as a result.

And that’s why I like seeing Bouquet at the end of the line; Mountain + Bouquet can suggest a challenging surprise—but it can also be read as a challenge (Mountain) that ends beautifully (Bouquet being a card of beauty, and ends the line).

Whatever the specific scenario this week, whatever changes (Stork) we decide to make to improve our lives (Stork), and the strategy (Fox) we put to work, Bouquet lets us knows that there will be a reward for our efforts.

And, on that note, I’ll wrap up this week’s Outlook.

Hope you have a beautiful (Bouquet) week!


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Oracle Outlook: Playing Card Reading for April 10-16, 2017

One of the joys I have with presenting the Oracle Outlook is the different types of decks and systems I get to work and read with.

Origins Playing Cards by Rick Davidson.

This year, I’ve seen myself getting more immersed in cartomancy with Lenormand, Kipper, and now Sibilla (see my previous post).

And those have come from returning to the system that started it all for me: playing cards.

And that led to this week’s deck selection: the Origins playing cards by Rick Davidson.

I got wind of this deck through a cardist on YouTube (David of “Magic Orthodoxy”); the appeal of this deck is that Rick extensively researched the history of the playing card deck, and his artwork (most notably on the face cards) is a reworking of French artist Pierre Marechal, circa 1567.

So, it’s exciting to have a deck that pays homage to the history of playing cards in my collection to read with.

And now, moving into the reading, I’m taking the deck in hand, shuffling the cards, and asking the general question, “What do we need to know about the possibilities for the week ahead?”

This week’s video reveals the cards for our reading:

If you prefer to read the post, here it is:

After shuffling the deck, I pulled three cards for this week’s reading.

The first card, opening the reading up for the week, is the Jack of Diamonds.

The Jack of Diamonds, being a face card, can represent an approach we’re being asked to consider taking this week.

Diamonds is a suit of material possessions, so I read the Jack of Diamonds as financial transactions and how we handle money. Being the first card, a possible message is to monitor our money, and being led and guided as to how to be more responsible with our finances.

Another possibility lies in the Jack of Diamonds being associated with the sign of Virgo (at least for me), and, because of that, it can be connected to health and health-related services. I used to word “monitor” earlier, and it might very well be that we’re being called to be observant as to what we can do to better serve ourselves with regard to our physical well-being.

This Jack, for me, can represent slow and steady progress, so it could mean that it might be time to slow down a tad from the busyness of life.

And since I mentioned progress, the Jack of Diamonds wants us to remember that anything we set our minds to this week will progress gradually. And if you happen to be a tad bit on the impatient side (like yours truly), and want things to happen rightnow, remind yourself of this adage: Slow progress is still progress.

The next card can offer more insight, so moving on, we have the King of Clubs.

With the King of Clubs, we have another face card, so another approach to consider taking as we move through the week.

Clubs is the suit of work and business, so with the Jack of Diamonds, there’s the possibility of financial transactions centering on work and business. The King of Clubs can be an entrepreneur, so it could be that a business person (King) is being paid (Jack of Diamonds) for his or her professional services (Jack of Diamonds + King of Clubs).

One type of service might be spiritually-based; if you notice, the King is holding a sphere with a cross on it, representing the spiritual world, if you will. The King of Clubs can refer to not just a business leader, but also a spiritual leader.

With that in mind, the Jack of Diamonds, for me, can represent a reader, as this is a card of the student. But a reader can also be a pun for a card reader (like yours truly). And, this Jack can represent an angel and angel messages (Jacks being messengers), so the possibility here can be an angel card reader.

So, a person may be embarking on taking classes on business and/or entrepreneurship, so he or she can increase his or her earning potential; or, a person can be taking courses with a spiritual leader/professional on a spiritual type of service (like angel card readings).

Before leaving the King of Clubs, let’s take a moment and note that both he and the Jack of Diamonds are facing each other. This visual can be read one of two ways:

  1. Two people will be seeing “eye to eye” over a matter; or
  2. Two people will be “facing off” over a situation.

This can suggest, in a general sense, to be mindful of how we show up in our interactions with others this week: Will we choose to be co-operative–or combative?

Whichever the case, the combo of Diamonds + Clubs says things can be worked out successfully—perhaps with a little effort on the side of each party.

Rounding out our reading, the last card for this week is the 8 of Clubs.

We have another card from the suit of Clubs, making this what I call “ruling majority.” So the energy of this week will focus on work and business, which could be in the literal sense, or the metaphorical (“business of life”) sense.

This suggests that whatever we put our efforts into working on, we’ll see success gradually.

The 8, in this regard, is a number of organization, so incremental success happens with a sense of structure, order, and self-discipline.

The 8 is a number of abundance, and brings us back to the message the Jack of Diamonds had about money and financial transactions this week; the 8 is associated with the circulatory system, and financial transactions help to circulate money.

The 8 is also a number that represents the entrepreneur, just like the King of Clubs, so there may be some movement for someone this week, on his or her journey from being an employee (Jack of Diamonds) to the head of his or her own company (King of Clubs).

For the (angel) card reader, the 8 of Clubs is a great card to show up, as it can represent messages from the Infinite (8 being the number on infinity, when turned on its side). The 8 is a number of power, so insights received from Spirit may be quite powerful indeed.

And, along those lines, this thought just came to me: No matter what we engage in this week (Jack of Diamonds), if we stay connected to Source, the greatest power there is (King of Clubs holding the sphere with the cross), and take action (Clubs) on the inspired ideas and insights we receive (8 of Clubs), we can produce some powerful results (8 of Clubs at the end of the line).

On that note, I’ll end here and wrap up this week’s Outlook.

Have an awesome week!


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Getting a “Flash” of La Vera Sibilla

At the top of the month, I started a challenge on Instagram called #sibillaprile, in which the participants work on developing a stronger connection with La Vera Sibilla, an Italian deck used for cartomancy.

If you’re no stranger to this space, you know that I’ve shared my personal experiences with Lenormand and Kipper, both of which are systems of cartomancy (Lenormand being French, and Kipper being German).

La Vera Sibilla Italiana (Every Day Oracle), published by Lo Scarabeo.

I had been on the fence about exploring Sibilla, but I decided to go for it, gifting myself the Every Day Oracle (La Vera Sibilla Italiana) deck for my 50th birthday last month (which is very fitting, as the number 5 can represent variety).

As I do with new decks when they arrive, I conduct an initial reading, asking what our relationship will be like (and you can take a look at that first Sibilla reading, as I posted it on Instagram here). And then I work with them daily, pulling three-card draws.

So, I was really excited when Søren (who goes by the handle @norsepagantarotwitch) shared that he was creating a Sibilla challenge for April, because it would help me with my learning curve.

It’s currently Day 3 of the challenge, and after I posted my three-card draw, I began thinking about what I could do to get clear readings with the cards, which would boost my confidence as a reader of Sibilla.

While brushing my teeth, I pondered this as a question to actually put to the cards once I was finished.

And, all of a sudden, in my mind’s eye, I see a flash of one of the cards from the deck: Disperato per gelosia (Consumed with jealousy).

The image has a man holding a gun to his head—not particularly the image you would want to come to mind to boost your confidence.

And then I heard the words, “Don’t force it,” which plays off the idea of “holding a gun to my head.”

And then, another image flash of a card, this one being Letterato (Scholar).

I have a particular fondness for this card, as it was one of the cards that appeared in that initial reading about my relationship with Sibilla. It can be read as a significator card, and I’ve adopted it to represent me ever since.

Scholar can represent study, and someone who’s educated and very knowledgeable.

Without missing a beat, Consumed with jealousy came back into the “picture,” placing itself before Scholar. I then heard, “Don’t let yourself get jealous or envious of those who know more about Sibilla than you do.”

I then considered Scholar to be possibly representing Søren, the young man heading up the challenge, as well as a reader who goes by the name Kapherus, a very accomplished cartomancer (who dazzles me with his playing card readings) who’s also participating in the challenge.

 And that was it.

Once I finished brushing my teeth, I picked up the deck, and sat down to pull cards. I asked, “What can I do to get clear readings with the Sibilla, to boost my confidence as a reader of the cards?” I shuffled the deck, cut the cards, fanned them out facedown, and pulled three.

Still facedown, I turn over the first card: Consumed with jealousy. I gasp.

I turn over the second: Scholar. I gasp again, only louder, and I pull myself back from the cards. “What?!? Are you kidding me?!?” I say aloud, in total awe at what just happened.

As a card reader, it’s moments like these that remind me there’s some magic at work in life. I mean, you just can’t make this kind of stuff up.

I turn over the third: Stanza (Room).

Room, for me, can represent an actual room, but I also see this card as meaning intimacy; this aspect tells me that forming an intimate connection with the cards will bring more clarity to my readings.

And I also read Scholar + Room to suggest making room for studying the cards, and having the physical space to read them.

So, I concluded the line to suggest, “Don’t force things (Consumed with jealousy) in your study of the cards (Scholar being both me and the study of the cards), but rather create the space (Scholar is also known as “Artist,” and Room) to form an intimate connection (Room) with Sibilla.”

And I think that intimate connection is already starting to form. As the final card in the line, the Ace of Diamonds (Room), suggests a connection that will continue to evolve and develop.

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Oracle Outlook: Angel Tarot Reading for April 3-9, 2017

For this week’s reading, I wanted to work with a deck from my angel card collection, and the one I decided would assist me is the Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue, Radleigh Valentine, and Steve A. Roberts, which is published by Hay House.

After an invocation (calling in the energies of the angels), I’m jumping right in, taking the deck in hand, shuffling the cards, and asking Spirit and the angels for the messages pertaining to the week ahead.

The video presentation of this week’s reading is below:

If you prefer to read the text, here it is for you:

After shuffling the deck, I pulled three cards for this reading: the first for the beginning of the week; the second for the middle of the week; and the last to round out the rest of the week.

Cards for the Week

For the beginning of the week, we have The World, bringing with it the message to celebrate—because you’ve reached the successful completion of a phase or chapter in your life!

The World indicates a major triumph, victory, or success in your life. An important goal has been achieved, and all the feelings and experiences that go along with it.

The World can suggest that you’ve been given a glimpse of the big picture, and a great mystery in your life has been solved. The final piece of the puzzle has fallen into place, and with it, you’re able to see the bigger picture, because The World suggests reaching a higher level of awareness.

While this card can suggest traveling and journeys, some of them may be metaphorical. Sometimes, it’s those inner journeys that allow us to see our outer world in ways that a trip or vacation never would.

With that in mind, The World can suggest coming full circle; you’ve arrived back at the point where you started, but you have so much more awareness about things than you did before. In this sense, The World is about reaching a state of wholeness.

So, this week, find some time to enjoy what you’ve worked so hard for—and dream about possibilities for your future. For The World is all about having a vision of what’s to come.

For the middle of the week, we have Knight of Fire, encouraging you to consider how you’re approaching things this week, and about the things you’re focusing on.

With Knight of Fire, this is a time to consider, or possibly re-consider, the direction you want to be moving in. Are your actions in alignment with your intention? What actions do you need to take that will get you where you want to be? Are you willing to do those things?

Knight of Fire suggests that there’s change afoot, and you may be feeling a sense of restlessness and wanderlust. There may be some thoughts of travel or relocation, either for professional or personal reasons.

I see this card come up when people change residences, get a job transfer, or decide to return to university. The change most often involves some form of travel (which also happens to be an aspect of The World, so this possibility is being reinforced).

I’m not one for pinpointing geographical locations with Tarot (I would freeze up when given a blank map of the United States in school, with the instruction of filling in the states—my sense of direction is really challenged), but I do see this Knight as the possibility of traveling west (there’s a Pet Shop Boys cover of “Go West” that I sometimes hear in my head when this card shows up), as he is facing west for me.

And keeping with the whole change thing with this Knight, and the suit of Fire being about image and identity, I sometimes see him as the embodiment of these words, spoken by Gandhi: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

For the end of the week, we have 2 of Fire (another card from the suit of Fire, making this what’s known as ruling majority), and its message is to consider where you’re at in your life right now—and where you’d like to be in the future.

This is a card of planning for the future—and with that, beginning to work up a timetable that puts some action with those intentions (Fire being a suit of intention and action). Having goals with a timeline attached to them allows you to know that you’re making progress, each action bringing you one step closer to that bigger, larger success.

This timeline/timetable aspect of 2 of Fire can suggest certain elements are being brought together, each one coming onto the scene in its right and perfect time (also known as Divine Timing), and may be contingent on other things being brought into the mix.

The same can be said for people (a reference to the two men on the card) who may play a role or have a hand in the situation. The angels remind us that each person has the ability to make free will choices, which can affect and impact our plans; also, there may be things that have to happen in their own worlds that will better prepare them for the parts they will play in your world.

2 of Gabriel is the plan–the bigger picture (remember that aspect of The World?), if you will–that allows you to take those first action steps.

And 2 of Fire, for me, can mean that the path you’re on is the right path.

And that will wrap things up this week—wishing you a Tarot-tastic one, filled with love, light, and many Angel blessings!




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Oracle Outlook: Kipper Card Reading for March 27 – April 2, 2017

Getting immersed in playing cards again has also really gotten me back into the other systems of cartomancy I enjoy.

You saw that last week when I posted a Lenormand reading, which I hadn’t done in a while.

I’m keeping with that, as I feel led to work with Kipper cards for this week’s reading, again not having worked with them in a while (and actually longer than Lenormand).

The deck I’m going to work with this week is the Mystical Kipper by Regula Elizabeth Fiechter, with artwork by Urban Trösch (and it’s published by AGM-Urania).

So, taking the deck in hand, I’m shuffling the cards, asking what we might expect for the week ahead.

The video below reveals the cards in the reading:

If you prefer to read the post, here it is:

Just like I do with Lenormand, I’ll be working with a Line of 5 layout.

The cards I’ve pulled for the week are: Military Person, Living Room, Bereavement, A Journey, and Rich Girl.

Focus of the Reading

The focus card this week, which is in the middle of the line, is Bereavement.

Bereavement can refer to things coming to an end, that something is being completed. I also read Bereavement as closure and something being finalized or becoming final.

Bereavement can also suggest that changes and transitions will be what we focus on this week.

When I first started studying and reading Kipper, I learned from a traditional Kipper reader that Bereavement is a “master card,” and therefore can have a greater significance when it appears in a reading.

Because of that aspect of the card, I’m also feeling inclined to add that the focus of the week will be how we handle changes and transitions, how we handle completing and finalizing things, whether it’s in one specific area, or in a more general sense.

Looking at the Line

Looking at the cards immediately flanking Bereavement, we have Living Room and A Journey, as they can offer more about the focus (Bereavement).

Living Room is a card that can suggest personal space, privacy, and intimacy. Living Room + Bereavement can suggest a limited or restricted space, or that privacy has been limited or restricted.

The pairing can also suggest that intimacy (closeness) has come to an end.

A Journey is a card that denotes travel and transportation. Bereavement + A Journey might suggest the limitation and restriction of travel in the future, or the end of a journey.

Going with the implication earlier about how we handle changes and transitions this week, the pairing might be a form of encouragement, suggesting the possible end (Bereavement) of being in a rut (Bereavement), and being able to move forward (A Journey) in the journey of life (A Journey), as A Journey can also indicate progress, advancement, and moving forward.

Whatever the case may be, Living Room + A Journey can suggest personal travel, meaning that the movement or progress made may very well be a “trip for one.”

Moving to the outer cards, we have Military Person and Rich Girl.

The first thing that I notice with these cards is that they are people/person cards; Kipper is a divination system that makes reference to additional people, aside from the male and female significators or protagonists.

These cards can represent actual people, but I also tend to read them as aspects of ourselves, offering us ways to approach the situations being highlighted by the surrounding cards.

With that in mind, Military Person can actually refer to a person in the military, or someone in law enforcement. Military Person can also refer to a service professional who wears a uniform.

As an approach, I read Military Person as being ordered, disciplined and regimented, following rules and regulations to the letter. As the first card in the line, this approach could be what’s triggering or initiating the change and transition suggested by Bereavement.

Military Person + Bereavement, in that sense, can suggest an official change, as well as offering that being regimented as led to some form of limitation or restriction.

With Living Room between the two, there may be the possibility of closely guarding (Military Person) one’s privacy (Living Room), and in doing so, creating more restriction (Bereavement) than space (Living Room).

And that could be bringing Rich Girl into the mix, as this card can represent someone younger in age; this could be a daughter, a younger sister, a cousin, a niece, keeping with the idea that Living Room can mean someone we’re living with.

And when Military Person and Rich Girl are paired, note the body language: each person is looking away from the other, suggesting a possible disagreement—perhaps over the rules of the home and someone coming down hard as a disciplinarian?

Rich Girl, like Military Person, also offers a possible approach this week, and hers is about being carefree and joyful.

And, is it any wonder that the two aren’t facing each other, with such different approaches to life—and its changes and transitions (Bereavement)?

Perhaps that’s a message about going to extremes in life; in looking at the ways we approach things with such regimentation—and other things with such abandon. Maybe this is a week to find the middle between the two extremes.

With A Journey falling in line next to Rich Girl, a possible meaning could be a creative journey that allows us to find the joy that was once lost (Bereavement), that we emerge from the rut (Bereavement) with a sense or revitalization, being able to see the beauty (Rich Girl) life has to offer.

And, on that note, I’ll officially bring my Kipper card reading for the week to a close.

Here’s hoping you have a beautiful week!




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