Oracle Outlook: Tarot Reading for March 19-25, 2018

This week, I’m honoring a request from a reader of the blog.

Tobi, who shares a mutual love and admiration for Tarot and Lenormand (and pens a wonderful blog, House of Montclairs, sharing her experiences reading cards), noticed that I have a copy of The Housewives Tarot (which sits on one of the ladder shelves in the room I film the video presentation of the weekly readings).

The Housewives Tarot is by Paul Kepple & Jude Buffum, and is published by Quirk Books.

After spying the deck, she asked me if I’d be willing to work with the deck in a future reading.

I thought to myself, “Why wait? Why not use it this coming week?”

And here we are.

As I do every week for these general readings, I’m taking the deck in hand, shuffling the cards, and asking this question: “What do we need to know about the possibilities for the week ahead?”

This week’s video reveals the cards for our reading:

If you prefer to read the post, here it is:

After shuffling the deck, I pulled the card from the bottom of the pile, to represent the focus or intention for the week. Then, I fanned out the remaining cards, pulling three for this reading.

Intention for the Week

The card I pulled from the bottom of the deck is the King of Pentacles, and, as the intention for the week, he’s asking us to consider the value we place on things. Pentacles is the suit which pertains to the value system of money, but also to our inner value system.

We place a certain value on all the things in our lives–whether it be people, things, or events and circumstances. This King, for me, is assigned the astrological sign of Taurus, which is the sign of ownership and possessions. Everything we possess has a value and worth to us, or else we would not have them in our lives. If it was something we purchased, we agreed on the value (cost) of the item when we bought it. If it was something given to us, it holds a sentimental worth and value.

In some cases, the things we hold on to appreciate in value; in other cases, they depreciate.

In this time of the energies of the new moon, we are being encouraged to look at what we have in our lives (from a place of being abundant, with the King of Pentacles) and consider—or re-consider—its value. Does it enrich us—or does it rob from us, which no longer serves and supports us?

The King of Pentacles also encourages us to consider our personal sense of value and worth this week. Are we getting our sense of worth and value externally (based on the people and things we have in our lives), or are we bringing out the richness within ourselves to everything we come in contact with (The King of Pentacles is known as having the “Midas Touch”)?

Looking at the Line

Opening the line up this week, we have Death, one of the most misunderstood cards in the deck.

Many naturally assume, due to its name, that it means someone will die. The Death card doesn’t mean physical death; rather, it suggests you may find yourself going through a major process of change this week.

This is the card of endings, completions, transitions, and transformations. As things progress to their natural conclusions, this card can also signal a new chapter beginning. Death is a “rites of passage” card, as there can be no beginning without an ending.

You’re being encouraged to examine how well you embrace change in your life this week–because there’s one only constant in life, and that’s change.

Death wants you to know that not all change has to be met with fear, although it’s understandable when you consider there’s the unknown element or factor that accompanies all forms of change. I see this as meaning it’s not about the change process itself, but what lies on the other side of that process–for we don’t know.

Consider the changes and transitions you’ve experienced in your past. How have those outer experiences opened the door to your inner transformation? What changes will you make for yourself and your life as a result of that transformation?

Moving on the next card, we have the Ace of Wands.

When the Ace of Wands turns up, it suggests a new cycle, phase, or situation is beginning. Aces suggest the promise and potential for the future, so consider this the starting point for new thought-seeds to be planted now that will develop and manifest at a later time. This is a time of power!

This week, look for anything that comes your way as a source of inspiration, motivation, passion, and sparks your interest.

This source could be the thing that gets you started on a new business or creative endeavor, as the Ace of Wands helps to reveal the creative path or the career path you are on. You may be considering a new job or up for a promotion on your existing job.

The Ace of Wands can also suggest a spark or passion is being re-ignited, so some of us might find ourselves returning to a former project we started that we may have sidelined and allowed to collect dust. Time to blow the dust off!

When the Ace of Wands appears, look at it as a power boost of supercharged energy. As with all the Aces, it’s a gift to do with as you like. If you accept it, be clear of your intent, as the suit of Wands can represent our intentions and the actions that result from those intentions.

Coming to the card at the end of the line this week, we have 3 of Pentacles, and its message is to put your focus and dedication into mastering your craft.

This is one of the “work” cards from the suit of Pentacles, and it’s a notice that success can be attained through focus and hard work.

It’s a positive card that says progress will be gradual—and it urges you to put your creative talents (the number 3 is the number of creativity and self-expression) to good use. The housewife on the card is using her talents wisely and creatively, and is gaining a quiet and solid satisfaction from her work as she advances in her craft.

Being a work card, the 3 of Pentacles can suggest self-employment or work that builds into a long-term career (this is a good card that can indicate promotions and moving up the ladder).

Whatever the profession, the 3 of Pentacles is a solid indication that you have a reputation for the skill, talents, and abilities you possess (this is a card of having your work noticed by others).

It may be time to get into a formalized study program, as the 3 of Pentacles can indicate getting the education and training needed and obtaining a certificate or diploma.

Whatever the plan (this card is about implementing plans), now is the time to perfect your craft.

The 3 of Pentacles can sometimes suggest working on repairing some damage that’s been created in a relationship. In that context, the advice being offered is to come up with a plan to rebuild the relationship; the 3 of Pentacles, in that regard, can suggest that the work could produce results—but gradually.

Signing Off

With that, I’ll bring this week’s reading to a close and sign off. Thanks so much for joining me in this space and I look forward to seeing you here again real soon.

Hope you have a Tarot-tastic week!




These weekly readings are general in nature. If you’re interested in having your own personalized Tarot reading, please visit my Tarot Consultations page for all the details.

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Oracle Outlook: Lenormand Reading for March 12-18, 2018

Before getting into this week’s reading, I want to first thank those of you who wished me a happy birthday last week.

I had mentioned being particularly excited seeing what might be in the cards for me last week because of my birthday, so I thought I’d update you on what happened.

One of the things I mentioned was self-care (The Empress). Well, as it would turn out, I had to put self-care into practice because I’d gotten a cold early in the week and was actually sick on my birthday. Despite the cold, it was still a good day.

But, because of the cold, I had to put things on hold (The High Priestess was about “waiting and seeing”) until I felt better.

And that brings us to this moment, taking a look at what’s in the cards for this week.

I’m going to work with a deck I believe I’ve only used once or twice before in this space, and that’s the Maybe Lenormand by Ryan Edward (and published by U. S. Games Systems, Inc.).

The deck is interesting because it consists of 52 cards (a standard deck of playing cards); 36 of the cards make up the standard Lenormand deck, and the remaining 16 cards come from a couple of cartomancy systems: The Gypsy Witch Cards and the Whitman Fortune Telling Cards.

But for the purposes of this week’s reading, I’m sticking with the traditional 36 cards of the Lenormand.

Now that I’ve shared the deck I’m working with, I’m taking it in hand and shuffling the cards, asking what we might expect for the week ahead.

The video below reveals the cards in the reading:

If you prefer to read the post, here it is:

The cards for the week are: Ring, Garden, Mountain, Bouquet, and Rider.

Looking at the Line

Ring opens the line up this week, suggesting a commitment or engagement as the possible subject matter in the upcoming days ahead. I always offer the advice that Ring is asking us to be mindful of the promises we make to and to do our level best to honor the commitments we make to others.

And it’s funny I should mention others, given that Garden is the next card in the line—which can mean other people. Ring + Garden could be read as “a promise or commitment to other people.”

Garden is also a card that can also mean something social or public, and with that, Ring + Garden could be read as a public or social engagement.

Moving on to Mountain, as the center card this week, we have a possible challenge, as Mountain can indicate a block or obstacle.

If the previous cards talk about a social engagement, then Mountain can present some challenge with the event. Some possibilities could be a setback or delay with the event, or even a postponement.

Then we have Bouquet, which next to Mountain, could describe the nature of the challenge being presented.

One possibility offered by Mountain + Bouquet is that the setback or delay (Mountain) will come as a surprise (Bouquet).

Another possibility is that there may be a setback or delay (Mountain) regarding an invitation (Bouquet), which may affect people attending the event.

And yet another possibility is with the Queen of Spades being the playing card insert on Bouquet, which suggests a woman may be directly involved.

And that brings us to the final card in the line, Rider. Rider is a card of mail, and if Mountain + Bouquet talks about a delay with an invitation, then Rider, at the end of the line, suggests that the invite does indeed arrive (Rider is also a card of arrivals).

Rider is also a card of news and messages, suggesting that the surprising setback, delay, or postponement (also a possibility with Mountain + Bouquet) becomes “news.”

Summing Up

I think the cards wanted to take it easy on me because the line was pretty straightforward and to the point this week: A social engagement will experience some type of setback, delay, or even postponement.

One possible setback might be with an invitation, which does arrive in the mail after some delay.

Whatever the challenge, though, it most likely will come as a surprise, and if the event is rather public, the setback will be sure to make “news,” possibly centering on a woman in particular.

I personally have some social commitments this week, so I’ll be looking to see how this information might apply to me. But I’ll also be keeping an eye on the news reports this week, because the event in question might be on a bigger scale publicly as well.

Take care,




For personalized readings, visit my Lenormand Readings page over at to get all the details.

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Oracle Outlook: Tarot Playing Card Reading for March 5-11, 2018

I’m especially excited to see what’s in the cards this week. Why? Because my birthday is March 7th, and I’ve been reading cards long enough to know this: While the messages are intended for the readers and the viewers, there are always messages pertinent to me as the reader.

And I’m sure this week will be no exception.

With that in mind, I’m being self-indulgent with this week’s deck selection (well maybe a bit more self-indulgent than usual), going with one of my personal favorite decks to read with: The Arcana Tarot Playing Cards by Chris Ovdiyenko (and published by Dead on Paper).

So I’m taking the deck in hand, shuffling the cards, and asking the general question, “What do we need to know about the possibilities for the week ahead?”

This week’s video reveals the cards for our reading:

If you prefer to read the post, here it is:

The cards for the week are: The Empress, 8 of Hearts, The High Priestess, King of Clubs, and 9 of Spades.

Focus of the Reading

The focus card this week, which is in the middle of the line, is The High Priestess.

The High Priestess asks you to trust your intuition. This is a week to listen to the still, small voice that speaks from within. This is a week of inner guidance and wisdom.

If decisions need to be made this week, The High Priestess is a card that suggests waiting (she adopts a “wait and see” approach) for further information. You don’t have all that you need to make a well-informed decision.

And speaking of information, The High Priestess is a card of news and messages. This can be news or information of a “sensitive” nature, information that’s on a “need to know” basis, or that requires some level of confidentiality.

All of that could suggest information coming to you. On the other hand, The High Priestess can suggest that you have information that maybe you should be holding on to, and be selective as to who you share it with. It’s kind of like not giving out unsolicited advice—let people come and actually ask for the information or knowledge you possess, which is a clearer signal to share what you know. In this vein, just because you know something doesn’t mean everyone you know needs to know it.

Not all information is for public consumption.

Also, The High Priestess can represent the deeper study of metaphysics and esoterica. So if you’re a student of the intuitive arts (astrology, numerology, palmistry, dreams, Tarot), how might you be able to deepen your studies this week?

Taking another page from her book, The High Priestess can indicate a state of independence. She is typically stationed between two poles, which can suggest polar opposites. So, if you’re a bit too dependent on others, consider how you might practice being a bit more independent this week. If you find yourself being fiercely independent, how might you allow others to assist and support you a bit more this week?

The High Priestess is a card about finding the balance between two extremes.

Looking at the Line

Starting off the line, we have the The Empress.

The Empress is the archetype of the Mother, the caretaker and the nurturer. The Empress can indicate a time of incubation—the growth and development required before the moment of manifestation.

What are you creatively working on to manifest in your world? The Empress says it’s important to be patient, but continue to nurture your creative side and still do what you can (this is a card of productivity) while things are still in stages of development.

And here’s another aspect of The Empress for you to consider: If you play the role of caretaker in your life, The Empress urges you to make sure you’re also creating the time to take care of yourself. If you find you’ve put yourself last on your list of things to be taken care of, see if you can make yourself more of a priority.

When you care for yourself, it enables you to better take care of those who need you. And sometimes, the best self-care is to allow others to take care of themselves, especially if they’re in a position to do so.

Moving to the next card, we have the 8 of Hearts.

The 8 of Hearts can suggest going on a spiritual quest, a search for meaning in one’s life. This can mean literal travel, but most often, spiritual quests are taken by going within. Either way, this means that you’ll be “going it alone,” that it’s a trek for you and you alone. You may be moving into unfamiliar territory, into spaces and places you have never gone before.

This journey will require you to leave the past behind–and with that, some people, places, circumstances, and conditions that no longer serve and support you–in fact, those very things may now be draining you (the 8 of Hearts warns of “toxic” people, environments, and circumstances that may be having an effect on your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being).

The 8 of Hearts is known as an emotional choice card, sometimes called “a change of heart” card. We sometimes have to get to a point where we think, feel, and say that we’ve had enough and that it’s time to move on—even if we don’t know where we’re going or what lies ahead, because what’s familiar is no longer working for us.

When we can do this for ourselves, we’re taking the steps to reclaim our personal power (the number 8 is a number of power). When we stand in the power of who we are, we’re standing in, what spiritual teacher Gary Zukav calls, our “authentic power.”

In some circles, this card is also known as “the Amethyst Rose.” When the 8 of Hearts crosses your path in this regard, you’re going through a time of “spiritual purification.” To aid in this process, you’re encouraged to either wear or carry on your person a piece of amethyst. Doing this will cleanse your energy, and allow a spiritual awakening or enhancement to possibly occur.

This is a time of release that will help to improve your overall well-being.

Moving over to the cards on the other side of the 7 of Hearts, we first have the King of Clubs.

This is the card of the spiritual leader, the business leader, the politician, and the entrepreneur. No matter the position or title, the King of Clubs brings passion and devotion to his (or her) work.

This card asks us to consider the idea that we are powerful, creative, spiritual beings. As spiritual beings having a human experience, this card urges us to take what we have learned from life (the King is about maturity) and use that as fuel (passion) for our creative self-expression (the suit of Clubs being about our public and private image and identity).

The King of Clubs is a reminder that we’re not “becoming someone.” Rather, we’re allowing the masterpiece that’s within each of us to be revealed–when we choose to get out of our own way.

The suit of Clubs is about intention and action. So, this week, I invite you to consider how you might step more fully into your own power–and take the step.

At the end of the line, we have the 9 of Spades, suggesting that thoughts of worry, stress, and anxiety may be disturbing you, and may be causing restlessness.

This can suggest a pattern of thought (a “mental pattern,” if you will), or thoughts that comes to mind again and again.

I have found, that, for me, worry can be such a waste of time. It doesn’t change the situation, and all I’m doing is giving it more power by focusing my attention on the problem, rather than looking for a solution.

Also, worry is rooted in fear, so a couple of questions to consider, when we find ourselves worried are, “What am I afraid of? What do I fear will happen?”

The 9 of Spades can be about what we fear will happen. As a psychologist, I see this card representing those of us who have a tendency to imagine the worst possible case scenario, to jump to the worst possible conclusion, and to fear and dread the future. More often than not, when we imagine the worst possible thing that could happen, it doesn’t happen at all. Why do we put ourselves through that mental agony?

As a person who works with the Law of Attraction (which we all do, whether we believe in it or not), something to consider: If we’re always thinking the worst and putting feeling with it (in this case, worry), we have a greater chance of creating that experience.

In Christian scripture, Job has been quoted to have said, “My worst fear has come upon me.” In this case, the 9 of Spades becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Lastly, the 9 of Spades can be a message to analyze your dreams, especially if you’ve had any disturbing ones. In my work as a dream analyst, I believe the disturbing ones are grabbing your attention because of the message they have for you–and don’t want you forgetting them.

So, for this week, consider the things that worry you and frighten you–and then ask yourself why that might be. And then see what you might be able to do proactively to alleviate those worries and those fears.

Hope you have a Tarot-tastic week,




This reading is general in nature. If you’re interested in having your own personalized Tarot reading, please visit my Tarot Consultations page for all the details.

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Oracle Outlook: Kadar Fortune Card Reading for February 26-March 4, 2018

I’ve noticed that people seem to be really enjoying my working with the Kadar Fortune Cards (by Christopher J. Gould of Magic Tao), so I thought I’d pull them out again and deal some cards for this week’s reading.

Taking the deck in hand, and shuffling the cards, I’m asking the general question, “What do we need to know about the possibilities for the week ahead?”

This week’s video reveals the cards for our reading:

If you prefer to read the post, here it is:

The cards for the week are: 10 of Clubs, Ace of Clubs, 5 of Clubs, 3 of Clubs, 6 of Spades.

Focus of the Reading

The focus card this week, which is in the middle of the line, is the 5 of Clubs.

With Clubs being the suit of work and business, the 5 of Clubs can suggest changes on those fronts. There may be a change in jobs, or a return to the working world. There could be a change in business activity; with the card in the middle of the line, there could be either an increase or decrease in business (being in the middle of the line, it could go “either way”).

With the 5 being associated with the hand (think five fingers on a hand), the 5 of Clubs can suggest working with one’s hands, and could therefore represent physical and manual labor.

If not in the literal working/business sense, then the 5 of Clubs can point to working out, and therefore physical exercise. There may be a focus on putting effort (work) into physical fitness.

Circling back to a change in work, the 5 of Clubs can also talk about going on a job interview, so there may a focus on one’s interviewing skills this week.

And finally, the 5 of Clubs can suggest that, in the “business of life,” we have be rolling up our sleeves and putting effort into getting (more) organized this week.

Looking at the Line

Starting off the line, we have the 10 of Clubs, repeating the theme of effort being put into work or business, in the literal or metaphorical sense.

With Clubs being business, the 10 of Clubs, in particular, is the “small business” card, suggesting the possibility of going into business for oneself. With the 5 of Clubs being a change in business, this may be where that idea of either an increase or decrease in business was in reference to.

One of two possible scenarios come to mind: Either someone is putting effort into breaking away from the working world by starting a small business (10 of Clubs at the “start” of the line), or there’s the possibility of returning to the working world, after having been in business for oneself (ordering of the cards, with 10 of Clubs coming before the 5 of Clubs, and the 5 of Clubs referencing a job interview).

The 10 of Clubs is also a travel card, so there’s the possibility of a business trip, or that a trip is being made to handle some business (or a personal kind), in an effort to complete or finalize something.

If we consider the idea that the 5 of Clubs is talking about putting effort into getting organized, the 10 of Clubs might suggest having a lot of work to do in that regard.

Between the 10 of Clubs and the 5 of Clubs, we have the Ace of Clubs, making this the third consecutive card from the Clubs suit to appear in the line—again, reinforcing this idea of effort being put into work or business.

With regard to work, the Ace of Clubs suggests the potential and possibility of new work, which would reinforce the job interview aspect of the 5 of Clubs; the ordering of the cards would suggest the possible new job appearing on the scene, leading to a job interview or a job change.

With regard to business, the Ace of Clubs would suggest the start of a business, reinforcing the 10 of Clubs being small business, and going into business for oneself.

With the 10 of Clubs representing a possible business trip, the Ace of Clubs takes on a different meaning: legal paperwork and documentation. This could be as simple as getting a passport (travel documents) or working visa, or as complex as a legal agreement, such as a contract. These aspects would also fit with the 10 of Clubs talking about completing and finalizing something.

Having an Ace follow a 10 of the same suit can suggest moving through a period of transition, as the 10 can represent endings, and the Ace can represent beginnings.

Moving to the other side of the 5 of Clubs, we have the 3 of Clubs, yet another card from the suit of Clubs.

With this card, we get a signal about the possibility of our efforts paying off, as the 3 of Clubs can indicate the beginning stages of success, with the 3 being a number associated with growth and development, and increase and expansion.

For the person going into business, the 3 of Clubs following the 5 of Clubs could suggest an increase in business (remember I talked about business activity either increasing or decreasing); typically the 3 can suggest a small increase—but, hey, an increase, no matter its size, is still an increase.

For the person changing jobs, the 3 of Clubs keeps the storyline going: the Ace of Clubs was the potential for a new job; the 5 of Clubs was the interview for that new job; and the 3 of Clubs can then suggest on-the-job training.

If we consider the business travel aspect of the 10 of Clubs, and the contractual aspect of the Ace of Clubs, the 3 of Clubs can suggest something in writing, as it’s known as the “writer” card. What comes to mind is the idea of “signing on the dotted line.”

And that brings us to the final card in the line, the 6 of Spades, which breaks the streak the suit of Clubs had going this week. I will note, though, that the 6 of Spades seems to have its own pattern going, as it tends to turn up in these playing card readings a lot.

The 6 of Spades can turn up to suggest that a situation is coming to an end once and for all, and with that, it’s time to move on. We had that reflected in the card that mirrors the 6 of Spades, the 10 of Clubs, which is a “journey” card.

A Spades card at the end of a line can suggest a block, and with all the Clubs coming before suggesting working our way into a problem.

The 6 is a number associated with responsibility, making the 6 of Spades potentially an issue of being irresponsible as part of the problem. If other people are a part of the problem, someone may not be accepting responsibility for his or her contribution to either the problem—or the solution.

And that could lead into another meaning I have for the 6 of Spades: a difficult conversation. There may be a need to discuss a problem or difficulty; another possibility would be that the difficult conversation may be about getting rid of “dead wood” and ending a matter once and for all.

Wrapping Up

I ended the video presentation of the reading on a particular note, which I’ll repeat here: At the core of the line, the question to ponder is, “What work or effort would you be willing to put into resolving a situation and bringing it to a close once and for all—and in doing so, allow you to move on?”

And with that, I’ll close the curtains on this week’s reading.

Wishing you the best in all your journeys (in whatever form they may take) this week,


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The Petit Etteilla and I Talk “Black Panther”

Since the time of my last post with the Petit Etteilla, I was able to schedule a private session with Björn Meuris, a teacher and expert who specializes in traditional cartomancy (particularly Lenormand and Petit Etteilla), to help me better understand the system.

I recently asked the Petit Etteilla about going to see the movie “Black Panther.”

In my session, one of the things he encouraged was to continually practice; he suggested pulling cards, allowing them to tell me “the story,” as well as reading with them to answer actual questions.

Earlier this week, my brother and I planned to see the movie “Black Panther.”

Keeping with the advice I was given by Björn, I thought I’d pull some cards before heading out to the theater, asking if I’d enjoy the movie.

The cards I pulled, from right to left (the way the Petit Etteilla is read), were: King ↓, Jack ♣↓, 8♠, 8↓, and Ace .

I was immediately struck by Jack ♣↓, pointing out my brother (one of its meanings is “brother”), making the King ↓ represent me.

Then I noticed 8♠ being “sickness,” and my brother recently had a minor bout of the flu the week before.

With 8↓ being “sorrow” and Ace being “written communication,” my first thought was that he would possibly text me, telling me that he wasn’t feeling well, and was sorry to not being up to seeing the movie.

And then I looked at the line again and saw this: “A man (King ↓) and brother (Jack ♣↓) are careful (8♠ being “prudence”) to end (8↓) in solitude (Ace ).”

Immediately I knew this to mean that my brother and I were to stay through to the very end of the movie, even if it meant we were the only two people left remaining in the theater.

So, what happened?

My brother did make it to the theater. We watched the movie. As the credits rolled, and people were leaving, he asked, “Are you staying?” I replied, “The cards said we’re to stay until the very end.”

The credits stop to play an additional scene. Then they resume. At the very end of the credits, another scene comes onto the screen. And at this point, my brother and I were the only two left in the theater.

I couldn’t wait to get home to update my journal!




P.S. There were also “meeting cards” (King ↓ and 8♠) that mean “abuse.”

I didn’t know it at the time, but when I updated my journal, the line was also telling me a bit about the plot in the movie, with “abuse” being a part of it.

Good thing I didn’t pick up on it; it would have been a possible spoiler alert!

With that in mind, I won’t reveal that additional message right now, so I don’t spoil it for those of you who haven’t seen the movie yet, and are planning to.

Perhaps at a later time—maybe when it comes out on DVD…

For more information about private lessons with Björn Meuris, you can check out his site here.

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Oracle Outlook: Lenormand Reading for February 19-25, 2018

You might have noticed I didn’t post an Oracle Outlook last week. It wasn’t that I didn’t conduct one; I was able to shoot the video, but wasn’t able to transcribe it for the blog.

A family member became ill (the doctor thought he had a minor case of the flu), and he needed my attention early on in the week. By the time we got all his tests done and back, and got him settled at home again, it was the middle of the week, so I let the post go.

My schedule has returned to normal (is there really such a thing as that?), and I’m back in the saddle to post this week’s reading in this space. Assisting me this week is the Piatnik Lenormand (made in Austria and published by Piatnik).

As I do every week, I took the deck in hand, shuffled the cards, and I asked what we might expect in the upcoming days.

The video below reveals the cards in the reading:

If you prefer to read the post, here it is:

The cards for the week are: Snake, Mice, Fish, Moon, and Stars.

Focus of the Reading

The focus card this week, which is in the middle of the line, is Fish.

If you’ve been eagle-eyed, you might have noticed that a number of readings since the top of the year have centered on money, and this week is no exception, as one of the keywords associated with Fish is money.

As the center card, Fish can suggest focusing on cash flow (financial transactions), and how money circulates in our lives through our everyday activities (Fish is a card of circulation).

If not about money in the literal sense, another possibility with Fish is that we “go deeper,” exploring the concept of abundance, and how to tap into the power to create wealth (in all its forms, not just in money).

With the playing card inset of the King of Diamonds, Fish can represent a person; typically I think of an entrepreneur with this card, so there may be a focus on self-employment, and how an entrepreneurial pursuit is generating cash flow and/or a steady stream of revenue.

Looking at the Line

Opening up the line this week, we have Snake, a card of complication.

Snake is a card that suggests entanglements and complexities, and that working through them could be a long and winding process. Paired with Fish, we have the possibility of a financial complication.

Snake is also a card of consequences, and as the opening card in the line, it can imply the consequences of a prior decision of action may be starting to play out.

And just like the King of Diamonds with Fish, here Snake has the Queen of Clubs as its playing card inset. So, we have the possibility of a situation (an entanglement, perhaps?) involving a man and a woman.

Taking into account the directional cues of the King and Queen, it appears that the man is trying to talk to the woman—is she listening to what he has to say or is she ignoring him and his words?

Moving to the next card, we have Mice, a card of stress and worry.

If we consider Snake + Fish to suggest a possible financial complication, Mice could then be saying that the result of that is stress and worry. Mice + Fish could be read as financial stress or worries about money to further reinforce that idea.

Mice is also a card of loss, and suggests the loss is gradual; Snake + Mice + Fish could be read as “the complication/consequence of a gradual loss of money.” And that could potentially be gnawing away at the persons involved (remember the Queen of Clubs and King of Diamonds?), as Mice can suggest things that eat away at people.

Another possibility that comes to mind with Mice + Fish is stress (Mice) that deepens (Fish, which can mean depth and deepening). This might be a message to be aware of the stressors in our environment (Mice can represent pests and nuisances) and consider how we can reduce them (Mice being loss can also imply reduction).

Looking at the playing card inset on Mice, we have the 6 of Clubs. If we go back to the possibility of a conversation happening between the King of Diamonds and Queen of Clubs, the 6 of Clubs would be the topic of conversation.

For me, Clubs is the suit of work and business, so that might be what’s discussed. The problem (Snake) might have to do with someone’s level of responsibility (or irresponsibility) and needing to work the problem out. This would make sense, given that the King of Diamonds can represent an entrepreneur.

Moving to the other side of Fish, we first have Moon, the career card in the deck; seeing this in the line reinforces the entrepreneurial aspect of Fish, and the business communications and responsibilities highlighted by the 6 of Clubs.

Moon is also a card of recognition; given the complication aspect of Snake, Moon could be suggesting it’s time to recognize it—especially if it’s deepening (Fish).

And that bring us to Stars, rounding out the line on a positive note.

Stars is a card of clarity, so with Moon being about recognition, Stars shows the result of that recognition: clearing up the complication mentioned with Snake.

The clarity could be in the form of insight, guidance, and clear direction. For me, Stars is a card of life coaching, so one could be inspired (Stars is inspiration) to work with a coach to move through the complication presented by Snake.

Since I mentioned business, another possibility is that an entrepreneur (King of Diamonds) may be considering a career (Moon) in coaching (Stars), based on his reputation (Moon) for being inspiring (Stars) to others, offering guidance and direction (Stars).

Wrapping Things Up

In closing, the overall feel of the line is that there’s a possible complication that needs to be cleared up (Snake + Stars).

There may be stress with both money (Mice + Fish) and career (Mice + Moon) as a result of the complication.

If other people are involved (Queen of Clubs and King of Diamonds), there may be a need to have a conversation (6 of Clubs) in an effort to work things out (Clubs being effort and work). If that is the case, it’s important to frame the conversation in such a way that the words don’t fall on deaf ears, so everyone can be on the same page, and with a clear sense of direction (Stars). In that way, everyone’s needs are honored and recognized (Moon).

As a result, there’s a good possibility of seeing the light at the end of tunnel (Snake being a long and winding process, and Stars being clarity.

It may just be a matter of learning to go with the flow (Fish), and seeing where it takes you (Stars).

Wishing you the best,




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The Petit Etteilla Wants to Get In On Valentine’s Day

As I’ve been sharing in the last couple of posts, I’ve started studying and working with the Petit Etteilla.

One of the easiest ways for me to develop a bond with a deck or deck system is to conduct a daily draw, seeing “what’s in the cards” for the day. In the case of the Petit Etteilla, I’ve been drawing 3-5 cards, answering the question, “What will happen today?”

Today is Valentine’s Day, and I sat with the Petit Etteilla to pull my daily draw. As I sat with the deck, shuffling the cards, I had a thought of the 7 of Hearts, particularly the word “desire.” I had the thought in connection to Tree from Lenormand, as the 7 of Hearts is attached to that card.

Then, a thought about the 8 of Hearts floated into my mind, and the thought was around one of the interpretations I have for the 8 of Cups in Tarot: a woman with blonde hair.

I finished shuffling the cards. I cut the deck, fan out the cards, and pull three. Keeping them facedown, and arranging them from right to left, I turn them over: 7 of Hearts↓, 8 of Hearts, and 8 of Clubs.

I marveled at the appearance of the two cards I was just thinking about. And the forename of the 7 of Hearts↓ is “desires,” while for the 8 of Hearts it’s “blonde girl.”

And while that was definitely cool to see, it was looking at the possibilities for reading the line that I realized the Petit Etteilla wanted in on Valentine’s Day: “Desires for flowers, either giving or getting, in the art of pleasing.”

So, I thought I’d get creative (8 of Clubs being “art”) and share that the Petit Etteilla is wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day—in the way that it can.

Much love,


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